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"GoPro cameras save their video footage in smaller chunks in a process call chaptering. For me, VideoProc Converter has become my go-to app to convert video files or join them."

"If you are having problem with HEVC video files and want to convert it to H.264, you can use VideoProc Converter Software."

"VideoProc Vlogger – a completely free professional-level editing software to edit 4K HDR videos recorded by GoPro Hero series cameras, without ruining the picture quality."

"VideoProc Vlogger - the best editing tool for GoPro and action camera videos. It can be very beneficial for content creators like myself, as it helps you make awesome videos!"

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Why You Need VideoProc Converter?

Most GoPro users are suffering from shaky footage, annoying fisheyes, and glitches in 2.7K/4K video playback. VideoProc Converter is the cure.
It offers several ways to make GoPro footage smaller with the best quality. Share/upload GoPro videos across platforms without size issue.
Stabilize, de-fisheye, denoise, merge, crop, cut, adjust color/speed, etc. VideoProc Converter is the best mate for a rough cut and quick edit.

GoPro Footage Not As Good As You ExpectHere're the Quick Fixes

Videos Are Shaky and Blurry

Shakiness makes your videos look of poor quality, fuzzy, rough, and unpleasant to watch. The stabilization feature is not available in some modes of GoPro. Shakiness is inevitable even if you are holding your breath and trying to stay still during shooting. The more you zoom in, the more noticeable the shake will be.

Solution: De-shake

Stabilize shaky GoPro videos, and improve jerky footage of your favorite moments.

  1. Download VideoProc Converter -> install and open -> click "Video" to load your shaky clips -> click "Toolbox" -> find "De-shake" option.
  2. Drag the sliders of 4 parameters and get a shaky-free video with ease.
Learn how to stabilize a GoPro video in detail >
Watch video stabilization tutorial on YouTube >

GoPro Videos Won't Play

Failed to open or play your GoPro videos on PC, Mac, or iPhone? The 4K video playback is choppy? That's probably because your devices are not HEVC friendly or don't meet the minimum requirement for playing high quality or FPS GoPro videos.

Solution: Convert & Adjust

Fix video not playing: Convert GoPro HEVC to H.264 to get the maximum compatibility, or convert to fit the platforms and devices.

Learn more about the best video converter >


Fix video lagging: Lower the resolution and frame rate of the video to cut the work of your computer for smoother playback, such as downscaling 4K to 1080p.

Watch 4K video conversion tutorial on YouTube >

File Size Is Too Large

4K resolution and high frame rate deliver superb quality, but will always result in huge file size. Large 4K video is not just causing serious storage issues, but making it impossible to upload on social media or share via Messages and Emails.

Solution: Compress Like a Pro

At VideoProc Converter, you will find 6 ways to reduce large GoPro file size.

You can reduce the file size by 90% with the lease quality change, and also custom the output format, resolution, and other options in detail. You can enjoy the full GPU acceleration in encoding, decoding, and processing.

Learn how to compress GoPro videos >
  • The default GoPro fisheye effect is good for creativity, but it may be not suitable in some cases. Getting rid of the GoPro fisheye effect is easy with VideoProc Converter. Simply load your clips to this software and find the "De-fisheye" option in the toolbox. Then drag the slide bar to correct the lens distortion. It will keep your 4K video quality.

  • Do you notice your footage gets some wind or buzzy background noises when shooting outside, like a permanent vibration? In VideoProc Converter's toolbox, you can find the De-noise option to reduce and remove the annoying noise. You can also enhance the video quality and fix the video/audio out-of-sync problems.

  • Once your footage hits the 4GB threshold, the GoPro will break it up. If you want a complete story, you need to join the clips together. VideoProc Converter can help you merge videos easily. You can also cut any segments of the videos before combining them.

Full GPU AcceleratedVideoProc Converter

The GoPro video software has rich and diverse features for action camera users. It offers one-stop solutions to fix the problems, enhance the quality, change the file size, or refine the details of your footage to make your GoPro videos social!

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Get a Tailored GoPro Video Editor. Go from Normal to Cinematic.Free, intuitive and capable video editing software for you to create brilliant videos, vlogs, and mini movies without limits and watermark!
Easy to use, no editing knowledge required to start.

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Simplified. From A to Z.

VideoProc Vlogger lets you create and recreate a video story in 3 steps: import, edit, and export. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you can make edits in a streamlined workflow. You can cut, trim, crop, reverse, rotate, add music, make PiP videos, green-screen, slideshows, etc.

Creativity Starts with Motions

You don't have to know about camera language, because the GoPro video editor will make your footage stand out with the Motion feature. It lets you fake camera movements with 28 motion presets, change motion paths and rotation angles, pan & zoom, to create dynamic and cinematic videos.

Speed Equals Passion

A good GoPro video cannot go without speed changes. The stunning video speed editor in VideoProc Vlogger makes things simpler. It allows you to do a flexible speed ramp with the 14 Bezier Curve presets, change the speed by 1/32 to 32x, or speed up more times with the Time Stretch tool. You can reverse, repeat, and create highlight reels.

Turn GoPro Videos into High-quality Stories

Unfold More Possibilities

Capture Anything Awesome to You. Edit, Share and Inspire

Solid Choices of GoPro Users

VideoProc Converter

One-stop solution to convert, enhance, and fix GoPro footage. Compress, resize, and do a quick edit to make videos shareable.

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VideoProc Vlogger

Free video editing software to turn GoPro shots into action-filled stories, with excellent Speed, Motion, Color, and Audio editors. (No watermark)

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Digiarty Software, established in 2006, pioneers multimedia innovation with AI-powered and GPU-accelerated solutions. With the mission to "Art Up Your Digital Life", Digiarty provides AI video/image enhancement, editing, conversion, and more solutions. VideoProc under Digiarty has attracted 4.6 million users from 180+ countries.

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