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In today's digital world, videos have taken up people's lives to a great extent. As statistics show, people spend on average of 6 hours a day watching videos. Owing to the fact that visuals are more easily to get processed by our brain than texts do, and people who watch visual contents remain ascending in popularity. Many companies are now using onboarding videos to be part of their employee training process, and the value added to that process can't be underestimated.

Onboarding Video
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What Is an Onboarding Video

Onboarding is a strategy designed to decrease staff turnover by increasing staff engagement to the company or organization. Almost every company and organization have onboarding programs, considering that there are new employees coming in. You can present the new workforce with information regarding the company/organization's purpose of a bigger picture, the description on his coworkers, making them like your company or organization initially. On the contrary, if a company or organization doesn't have resources on onboarding properly, there are chances that employees get disengaged.

That's where the onboarding video comes in.

An illustrative onboarding video is an important thing for the company or organization. It is a good way to communicate with new hires in the first place. A good onboarding video doesn't need to be made into hours-long. On average, the sweet duration for an onboarding video can be made less than 3 minutes. You can make an onboarding video by yourself, or you can buy services from a professional company to produce an impressive one.

In the following, we introduce you with successful onboarding video examples that you may get inspirations from them.

Different Types of Onboarding Videos [with Examples]

In this section, we are going to walk around different types of onboarding video strategies that can work for your company or organization too.

1. The New Employee Welcome Onboarding Video

This type of onboarding video can include welcoming remarks from the company's CEO, manager, team leader, staff members, etc. Normally speaking, newcomers are nervous and anxious on day one. The welcome onboarding video breaks the ice and lends a helping hand to the new hires to get engaged in the team on the very first day. Before newcomers arrive, they can get acquainted with the office and the staff they are going to work with, which helps relieve their stress of stepping into the new environment. Impress your new hires with a good welcome onboarding video!

2. Onboarding Video to Highlight the Company Culture

This type of employee onboarding video shares the culture or value of the company, which helps the new hires to establish a connection with the company. Many employees from the daughter company don't get the chance to communicate with the parent company. An onboarding video from the captain of the ship is the foundation to express the core value of the company culture, which helps to establish a warm relationship with subsidiaries.

This really matters, especially for big firms from different regions.

When new recruits come into the workforce and leave in a short period of time, it isn't the one thing that makes them leave the company or organization. In fact, it's the disengagement they feel that makes them go. They don't know who is the boss, the person to talk to when they are in trouble. Then they feel like they totally can't get attached to the company or organization. See, you lose them in a gradual way. Don't do that, try to create an onboarding video making them feel engaged.

3. Employee Orientation Onboarding Video

In this type of onboarding video, present new joiners information like these: the history of your company, what kind of company you are, what kind of company/organization you want to be, what's your priority. Impress them with the purposes of the company is at the best when collecting on time, and it can be best if both sides can see the best in each other. Like what has been mentioned in the following orientation onboarding video example from a cab company, "We are counting on you for taking us to the next level."

4. Employee Recruiting Onboarding Video

This is an onboarding strategy for people working in human resources. When you are recruiting new staff, an employee recruiting onboarding video helps get employees to know your company/organization better. Make them familiar with company policies including attendance, working hours, non-attendance, leave of absence, meal periods, breaks, time-offs. Make them clearly understand rules like dress code, office equipment use (eg. telephone, computer, printer, fax machine, etc.) Highlight some must-dos and don't-dos if needed.

5. Personal Onboarding Video for the Employment

Besides what you have learned from several company onboarding video strategies in the previous section, here's an extra personal onboarding video strategy for you. If you are hunting for a job, you can turn these skillful resume examples into an onboarding video, as well. Create an impressive onboarding video explaining about yourself, and show the employer what makes you unique. By producing compelling visual contents to show your competence in working, you will easily get impressed by the employer, which can surely benefit yourself from getting employed.

After you have captured several video clips, you need to make edits before sharing or sending the video with your resume. Here, we recommend you a piece of versatile video editing and processing software - VideoProc. It is intuitive to use and is available on cross-platform OS (Window and Mac). VideoProc exceeds its peers on the marketplace on the back of its rich video editing features. Cut, crop, merge, add filters, add subtitles, deshake, denoise, etc. breaks you no sweat in VideoProc. Better than that, it can freely convert between a wide variety of video formats. You are allowed to import several videos from different devices like camrecorder, mobile phone, GoPro, DJI, etc., and use VideoProc to convert the source video format to the most compatible one that suits your device.

See how to process your onboarding video for employment with this video tutorial.

An Illustrative Onboarding Video Should Include

I read from a good Tweet before, thinking it might be the high-performing strategy for a company or an organization - "You take care of people, people take care of the service, the service takes care of the profit. Reinvest and bingo." (from Tom Peters Twitter) First and foremost, try to impress your recruits with a compelling onboarding video.

So, how to make a successful onboarding video? Here are some tips for you.

Informative messages. Think about what are priorities for employees to know about your company or organization, and create an onboarding video including those important things. Try to make your employees understand things that they concern, for instance, the company policies, the company goal, etc. Impress them with your company cultures if you think that's a crucial part of your company.

Create it in an entertaining way. You can create an onboarding video with animation. By using animated figures, you can excite the new hires with fun and leave an impression on them. Otherwise, you can create contents like what people say about your company and why they like working here, always try to inspire your new employees with this onboarding video.

Make it unique. No matter what type of onboarding video you are going to create, always remember to make it full of your styles and incomparable to others. Keep one thing in mind: the onboarding video tells something about your company, just try to make it stand out.

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