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Best Real Estate Video Editing Services & Software of 2024

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Real estate video editing is a must if you want your content to attract bigger audiences. 51% of people that are thinking about buying property state that YouTube is their go-to resource for real estate searches. Therefore, according to statistics, by adding videos to your listings, you can ramp up inquiries by 400%.

In order to make your videos look attention-grabbing, you can either order professional editing from credible companies or complete the task yourself by using corresponding tools. The minimum cost of third-party editing assistance is estimated at $80/30 minutes.

1. FixThePhoto

 Best Real Estate Video Editing Service - FixThePhoto

Turnaround time: 24 hours

Price: $80/30 minutes

FixThePhoto has about over 20 years of experience in this field and a long list of satisfied clients. This service is immensely popular among real estate agents, brokers, and other experts seeking reasonably-priced help with property video editing.

In addition to offering real estate video editing services, the team can also assist with photo improvement, virtual staging, and floor plan creation. The ordering process is very easy, as you can get in touch with these guys via an official site and a purpose-made app.

The best thing about the company is that it accepts tasks of any complexity. They aren't afraid of creative edits and can improve all kinds of footage be it drone recordings, mobile videos, etc.

Besides, they can choose matching audio for your content from the collection of copyright-free sounds, stabilize your footage, insert titles and smooth transitions, get rid of distractions, perform color grading, and more.



2. BeCreatives

 Best Real Estate Video Editing Service - BeCreatives

Turnaround time: 2-3 business days

Price: $899/mo

BeCreatives is a big player in the arena of video editing services. You can address the team if you have shaky footage and want to stabilize it, or if you need to merge several pieces or get rid of shot sequencing.

Besides, these guys offer adding animations, tilting, voice-overs, creative transitions, subtitles, audio, and more. Of course, such extras come at an additional fee but they allow attracting more viewers. Trying to keep up with clients' demands, they also offer drone footage editing.

As for pricing, they estimate the cost for each order individually based on the type and length of a recording. Returning customers and those with multiple orders will get nice discounts.



3. Havah Edit

 Best Real Estate Video Editing Service - Havah Edit
Havah Edit

Turnaround time: 24 hours

Price: By request

If you are looking for real estate video editing services that offer overarching assistance starting with basic tasks and ending with more complicated manipulations, Havah Edit is worth trying. The team can apply standard corrections, as well as turn dusk footage into twilight videos, make virtual staging, and enhance images.

Unfortunately, things are less customer-oriented when it comes to pricing policy. There is no fixed price list, so you'll have a hard time trying to make calculations yourself. You have to address the company's representative to clarify your quote.

Another aspect that may cause disappointment is that they use only cut-and-dried video editing techniques. If you are after bold editing approaches, you'll have to look elsewhere.



4. CutPro Media

 Best Real Estate Video Editing Service - CutPro Media
CutPro Media

Turnaround time: 48 hours

Price: $250/5 minutes

CutPro Media professionals can make your videos front and center in a quick way. They mainly specialize in the editing of wedding, real estate, and commercial footage. The company has a flat-rate pricing policy with the lowest fee of $250 for a complete package that includes up to 5 minutes of processed footage and color grading.

The result is available within 48 hours. With the desire to cater to clients' needs, these guys offer them total freedom considering the choice of video editing software, desired style, framerate, and the due date.

They mainly prioritize wedding editing so may refuse to take some orders. Besides, if you need an expert good at virtual staging and photo processing, you should also opt for another service.



5. Luxury Presence

 Best Real Estate Video Editing Service - Luxury Presence
Luxury Presence

Turnaround time: By request

Price: By request

This creative team is all about filming and editing, so they offer all-encompassing help with different stages of video production. You can get in touch with them if you have a bare understanding of what you'd like to get in the end, and they will suggest you viable ideas and concepts, organize the recording, and then edit raw footage. Typically, they prioritize orders that consist of all these phases.

Besides real estate video editing, Luxury Presence has created handy instruments for realtors to make and manage websites, optimize online platforms, and develop marketing content.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to learn how much their services cost as there is no pricing info on the site. Some clients claim it is disheartening.



Video Editing Services Alternatives: Top 3 Beginner Software to Try

If you have enough time and desire to edit videos on your own, there is no need to delegate the task to third parties. There are lots of intuitive programs that you can master and use for video editing.

Many modern software are packed with tools for creating slideshows and property listings, merging customer testimonials, and producing marketing clips.

1. VideoProc Vlogger

Best Real Estate Video Editing Software - VideoProc Vlogger
Best Real Estate Video Editor - VideoProc Vlogger

Price: Free

This is a user-friendly program that can meet the needs of beginners and experts alike. Whether you want to edit a commercial clip, tutorial, or home recording – you can fully rely on the software. Besides features for standard real estate video editing, it contains instruments for motion tweaking, speed ramping, adding audio, and color grading.

Correcting colors in VideoProc Vlogger is a no-brainer task thanks to a slew of 3D LUTs and filters. Therefore, you can achieve the desired look in virtually no time.

Moreover, you get complete control over HSL color values and can easily alter the original settings. If your footage looks poor due to excessive noise, fixing this defect will take a little time here.




Best Real Estate Video Editing Software -

Price: Free or from $29/mo

Motionbox is a real find for people interested in video editing and looking for a program with real-time collaboration functions. The interface is beginner-friendly and the overall editing process boils down to dragging and dropping the needed elements. Here, it is very easy to share ideas and access all files remotely.

The collection of pre-made templates will particularly come in handy if you want to speed up major processes such as adding subtitles. If you aspire to create a video that will cause a wow effect, it is worth experimenting with subtitles, voice-overs, creative tilting, and animation.



3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Best Real Estate Video Editing Software - Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro

Price: Free trial or $20.99/mo

Few programs can stay on par with Adobe Premiere Pro when it comes to a collection of tools for real estate video editing. This program is full of the newest instruments and features for making basic and advanced corrections, adding audio, effects, transitions, etc.

Moreover, there is an array of fantastic filters that you can apply to your clips for a particular vibe. The auto color correction functions, level effect, and details contrast and brightness settings deserve many complimentary words. The same can be said about detailed text and graphic customizations.



Real Estate Video Editing Ideas & Tips

Before you start filming anything, it is obligatory to have a clear plan of how things will evolve. Of course, you can't plan everything in detail and there may appear unexpected issues in the process, but having a roadmap to stick to is always a great decision.

1. Prefer Simple Transitions

There are lots of cool transitions in video editors and you may feel the urge to use the most mind-blowing of them in your videos. However, this is the wrong way to go.

Experts recommend sticking to simpler transitions because they make videos look professional and don't divert viewers' attention from the key elements.

Add simple transitions to real estate video in VideoProc Vlogger
Add simple transitions to real estate video in VideoProc Vlogger

2. Add Some Interviews

Building a rapport with potential clients is much easier if you show how content your former clients are. Doing that is possible by recording brief testimonials and then adding these pieces to your video.

3. Be Mindful of Texts

Sometimes it is necessary to support verbal information that people learn from a video with some texts. For instance, you can indicate the measurements of a room or some other technical details in the video, so people will better memorize them.

However, don't get too carried away with texts. Add them to simplify data comprehension and not vice versa.

Add texts to real estate video in VideoProc Vlogger
Add texts to real estate video in VideoProc Vlogger

4. Play with Motion Effects

Creative effects work wonders if you want to highlight specific frames and set up the mood of a whole recording. Using any program listed above, you can quickly spruce up your videos with beautiful effects.

5. Insert Audio

Why not complement your story with a melody? It is a very good idea, especially if you use songs as transitions from one part of a video to the other.

Add audio to real estate video in VideoProc Vlogger
Add audio to real estate video in VideoProc Vlogger

The Bottom Line

An edited video can get several times more views and likes than raw footage shared with an audience. If you want to get videos of impeccable quality and proper settings, you should order real estate video editing services.

All companies described above deserve trust. When selecting your perfect service, make sure to consider the list of services, their cost, turnaround time, revision policy, customer support, and reviews.

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