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Best Portable Video Editor for Windows 11/10/8/7

  • Free, intuitive, and lightweight for all editing needs
  • Rich presets of filters, transitions, motion effects…
  • Creative features: speed ramp, PiP, blend mode, color grading
  • Full GPU acceleration for 4K/8K, HDR, high FPS, and large videos
  • Safe, clean, no watermark, no limits on output quality or file size
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5 Best Portable Video Editors for Windows PC

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Video now makes up about 82% of internet traffic, changing how we express ourselves online. More people are now recording their own vlogs and expanding their audience. This also presents a great opportunity for startups, small businesses, and video marketers.

Good video editing has many advantages for marketing. Well-edited videos are better at capturing attention and sending your message. Professional-looking videos can also show your expertise and add to your authority.

All this starts with the right video editing software. Portable video editors are some of the best and most practical software to use. This is true whether you're a beginner or a pro.

There are plenty of free programs available. If you're new to video editing, you might be wondering which one can best suit your needs. Read on because here are the 5 Best Portable Video Editors for Windows.

Choose Among the 5 Best Portable Video Editors

With a portable video editor, you can start using it immediately after download. You don't need to go through the hassle of a complicated installation.

Portable Video Editor

The main advantage is they allow you to move between computers. You can keep them on a USB flash drive or external hard drive. The settings you use are also preserved even when you use the program on a different PC.

Portable video editors are lightweight and leave smaller footprints on your computers. You can expect some of the more advanced features to be absent. Yet the fundamentals are enough to meet video editing needs for efficiency and mobility.

When choosing among portable video editors, you must consider the interface and supported formats. Beginners can benefit most from a user-friendly UI to save time on the learning curve. It's also important to look for video editors that support the most common video formats.

1. VideoProc Vlogger

Installer File Size: 148 MB for Windows, 123 MB for Mac

VideoProc Vlogger is a lightweight and multifunctional video editor available on both Windows and Mac. It's specially designed for 4K HEVC/H264 and higher-quality videos.

It offers the best 4k video editing performance through Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology. This enables you to use full GPU acceleration from NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel in parallel and possible to keep the average CPU usage to be 40%. It also allows VideoProc Vlogger to have 47x real-time faster video processing. This is 5x faster than other software.

The user interface of VideoProc Vlogger is also simple and instinctive. Regardless of a user's level of experience, it's easy to cut, split, crop, trim, merge and enhance any videos. It's excellent for processing 4k media content from GoPro footage, DJI drones, DSLR cameras, or smartphones.

Best Portable Video Editor - VideoProc Vlogger


  • Runs under both Windows and Mac.
  • Processes 2K, 4K, 8K video super fast via GPU hardware acceleration.
  • Supports importing and exporting 4K resolution without quality loss.
  • Offers both basic and advanced tools for audio and video editing.


  • Lacks enough templates and effects for now.

VideoProc Vlogger is the go-to choice among similar video editors. It's easy enough to get started while powerful enough with advanced features. Whether you are a hobbyist videographer or social media influencer, VideoProc Vlogger got you covered.

2. VSDC Free Video Editor

Installer File Size: 89.4 MB

This video editor is a multifunctional video editing suite and has intuitive controls. It's also conducive for novice video editors to learn the skills of video editing. VSDC gives users a comprehensive library of visual and audio effects.

Video effects include color correction features, special effects, filters, and transformation effects. The audio effects it offers include volume correction, filters, reverb, and more.

VSDC is a free portable video editor that supports a wide range of popular file types and formats. Despite being free, VSDC is capable of non-linear video editing.

Using VSDC, users will be able to make quick conversions of video and audio files from one format to another. This tool also offers disk burning for DVDs as a built-in feature.

Portable Video Editor - VSDC Free Video Editor


  • Offers the fundamental tools for video editing
  • Plenty of blending modes
  • Custom color correction
  • Efficient text processing
  • Wide range of import and output formats


  • Lacks video stabilization tool
  • Voiceover and masking tools are standard
  • No audio waveform and hardware acceleration features

With VSDC, you can create video content for marketing or instructional purposes. Since it supports the most common formats, you'll be able to share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Vimeo.

3. OpenShot

Installer File Size: 500 MB

OpenShot has a variety of features that it offers for free. This makes it popular as one of the most reliable free video editing programs. It's also available on different platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This portable video editor also supports a wide array of video, audio, and image formats. The handy features include custom watermarks, time mapping, and speed up/slow down.

Video editors also love OpenShot because of its intuitive features. It offers keyframe animations, a large number of layers, 3D tiles, as well as drag-and-drop for image and audio. There are also more than 400 scene transitions and a myriad of effects.

As a portable video editor, it's of course good at the basic stuff as well. Scaling, rotating, clipping, and scrolling are accessible and easy to use for both beginners and pros.

Portable Video Editor - Openshot


  • Easy to use user interface
  • Features are intuitive
  • A large catalog of tools
  • Non-linear editing
  • Curve-based time mapping


  • Lacks some pro editing functions
  • Reduced timeline zoom
  • Hardware acceleration is less powerful

This is one of the best portable PC video editors for small businesses because of its ease and quick edits.

4. Shotcut

Installer File Size: 79.4 MB for Windows 64, 79.9 MB for Windows 32 bit

This portable video editor is one of the oldest in the market. It offers an array of pro features for free. This makes Shotcut a great alternative to paid video editing programs.

Shotcut supports an impressive range of formats that can meet any video editing need. It supports web camera recording as well as audio capture. Other significant tools include real-time previews, time mapping, and audio mixing.

It also offers a robust set of video and audio filters that allows making quick edits on the go easy. Shotcut also caters to video editors who prefer a more manual experience. This is thanks to its advanced features and an interface that allows for high customizability.

Portable Video Editor - Shotcut


  • High-quality input and export support
  • No features locked by a paywall
  • Great for both beginners and professionals
  • Advanced and useful filters


  • The interface is not intuitive when you first start
  • No available export presets for devices

If you delve into Shotcut's many tools, you'll get a rich video editing experience. The official website also offers a variety of video tutorials that make it easy to learn.

5. Avidemux

Installer File Size: 37.3 MB for Windows 64-bit, 30.7 MB for Mac, 23.2 MB for Linux

Avidemux is a completely free portable video editor. It's available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Avidemux's user interface is simple, yet it also looks a bit dated.

Despite the dated interface, it's a powerful video editor that offers excellent features for basic video editing. Avidemux supports a variety of video formats including MP4, AVI, MPEG, and ASF.

Avidemux is also capable of converting and compressing multiple video formats. It can save portions of a large video file thanks to its selecting and cutting tools. You can crop, resize, and color profile videos using Avidemux's tools.

It also features tools to edit and sync audio tracks with the video frame rate. Avidemux automates many processes, so you can edit shorter videos faster. It also offers filtering, encoding, and various overlays.

Portable Video Editor - Avidemux


  • Easy to use and requires limited technical knowledge
  • Excellent for beginners


  • Lacks advanced editing features

Avidemux is a portable video editor free download that's perfect as a gentle introduction to video editing.

Download One of These Portable Video Editors Now

The prevalence of video content makes video editing tools crucial for marketers. Portable video editors are the best choice for beginners and pros looking for efficiency and mobility.

The highly recommended VideoProc Vlogger is lightweight and easy to use, yet still versatile and powerful to meet most of your video editing needs.

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