How to Send Large Videos on Discord - Bypass the Discord 8MB File Size Limit

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Summary: Wonder how to send large videos on Discord? You've come to the right place. Though Discord limits the file size to 8MB for each video shared, we have an easy way to bypass Discord upload limit.

You create a picture slideshow of your unforgettable trip, a mix-up of your favorite romantic film scene, a gameplay video, or whatever video with a size larger than 8MB. And you'd like to send the crafted video to your friends on Discord. However, when you click on the upload button, Discord won't proceed to upload the video as expected. Instead, it puts up an error message: Your files are too powerful (Max file size is 8.00 MB please).

How to Send Large Videos on Discord

Now what? How to send bigger videos on Discord? The advice from Discord is to subscribe to Nitro at $9.99 per month. Sadly, leaving the high subscription fee, a paid Nitro account is constrained to upload a video no larger than 50MB. The thing is, a 30-second iPhone recording might come with a size larger than 100MB.

Thus, many people wonder is it possible to send videos on Discord that are too big without Nitro. Well, the answer is yes. To pull you out of the fire, this post introduces a far more neat way to bypass the Discord file size limit - utilize VideoProc Converter to compress video to 8MB for Discord before uploading it.

How to Send Large Videos on Discord without Nitro

VideoProc Converter is a feature-rich Discord video compressor, offering useful solutions to reduce video size for Discord. With it, everyone can share large videos on Discord without Nitro. Take a look at its highlight features:

  • Support to change codecs, delete unwanted clips, etc., letting you compress large videos to 8MB or smaller for Discord.
  • No learning curve for green hands. Convert video to Discord within one click, thanks to the self-explained UI.
  • It's blazing fast. Powered by level-3 GPU acceleration tech, VideoProc Converter gets your job done in seconds.

Step 1. Import the Bigger Video

Free download VideoProc Converter on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch it up. Hit Video on the initial panel. Next you choose +Video to feed the original large video that you'd like to send to Discord into the Discord video compressor.

Step 2. Bypass Discord 8MB Size Limit

In VideoProc Converter, you have multiple different ways to bypass Discord 8MB size limit, so that you can easily send large files on Discord without Nitro. Below we listed some efficient ways we used most often.

Method 1. Convert Video

Go to the Target Format panel. Choose MP4 (H.264), MOV (H.264), or WBEM (H.264) as the export format. I have a MPEG 4 MOV video. After converting to H.264 MP4, the file size is shrunk from 43.8MB to 6.8MB.

Convert to Compress Videos for Discord

Method 2. Adjust Properties

Adjusting the video properties is also a good way to bypass the Discord 8MB file size limit. To get there, just click on the Codec Option button, follow one or many ways listed below, and then press Done.

  • Use the Quality Slider. Beginners can fast compress large videos for Discord by moving the slider of Quality left.
  • Reduce Resolution. For example, you have a 4K video that is too powerful to send on Discord. By downscaling the original 4K to 1080P, you can save the file size by half.
  • Decrease the Bitrate. Our example video is 25.2MB. After turning its bitrate from the original 16Mbps to 5Mbps, the original over large video was decreased to 7.2MB.
  • Reduce the Frame Rate. VideoProc Converter provides nine options (ranging from 15fps to 60fps) of frame rate. Usually, decreasing the frame rate to 15fps can help us successfully make files smaller for Discord.
  • More ways. You can also set a high GOP value or change the audio properties to make a video smaller for Discord.
Change Properties to Compress Videos for Discord

Method 3. Trim Video

Sometimes, it's the redundant parts in our video result in an over large file size. Luckily, you can use the editing toolkits like Trim in VideoProc Converter to remove the unnecessary segments from the video for making a video smaller for Discord.

Hit Toolbox on the editing panel. Afterward, choose Trim. Move the sliders with playback controls to choose the part that you want to delete. The duration between the sliders will be left.

Trim to Compress Videos for Discord

Method 4. Crop Video

Cropping the redundant objects, such as unwanted people or the black bars from the video is also a great way to exceed the Discord file limits for sending videos larger than 8MB on Discord. With VideoProc Converter, you can crop video on Windows or Mac easily like cropping a picture.

Hit the Crop button on the editing panel. Tick the option box of Enable Crop. Drag the cropping box on the left project windows to decide the frames you want to keep.

Crop to Compress Videos for Discord

Step 3. Export the Video

Once you're satisfied with all the settings, press Run. VideoProc Converter now starts to compress the video file to smaller than 8MB. In this way, you can bypass the Discord size limit to send videos on Discord that are too big.


How Big of a Video Can You Send on Discord

The largest video a free account can send on Discord is 8MB. If you subscribe to the paid service of Discord, then the max video size you can upload to Discord turns to 20MB.

How Do You Send a Long Video on Discord?

We have 3 methods to send long videos on Discord.

  • Method 1: Purchase the Discord Nitro. Heads up: the price tag of Nitro is high - 9.9 USD/month. And you cannot upload any long video larger than 20MB even you are using a paid Nitro account.
  • Method 2: Upload the video to a cloud service to create a link. Afterward, you share the video link with your friend. This is a complicated process since most cloud services require you to sign up for a new account. Usually, you need to verify the mail before accessing the account. The worst thing is, this method is useless under a slow or unstable network environment.
  • The easiest method: Take advantage of VideoProc Converter to compress the large video before sending it on Discord. It's a beginner-friendly and hassle-less solution, allowing you to fast send long videos or any large videos to Discord without links or Nitro.

How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile (iPhone and Android) 2021

On the Discord app, hit the username of your friend to create a private message. Click on the picture button at the bottom of the message list to launch up your photo gallery. Choose the video that you want to send to your friend.

How Do You Send Video on Discord PC

On the Discord program. Find the username of your friend, and hit it. Press the plus button on the left of the text channel. Select the target video that you want to send on Discord. Add a comment and choose Upload. That's it.

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