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How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status [Solved]

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Summary: How to add music to WhatsApp status? Check out the best 2 ways that you can leverage to add song in WhatsApp status!

Preferred by more than two billion people worldwide regularly to text or make phone calls WhatsApp already serves nearly as many messages each day as the entire global S.M.S. system. WhatsApp Status feature was announced in early 2017, and similar to Snapchat or Instagram Stories, it enables users to share images, GIFs, videos, sketches, and more, all of which remain active for 24 hours. And as users put to use their creativity to explore what they can do with WhatsApp Status, demands come in asking for like how to add music to WhatsApp Status. Thus, in this post, we will zero in on the practice of how to add music in WhatsApp Status, illustrating the top two ways for you to leverage in this thread.

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status:
  • 1. Download and open WhatsApp.
  • 2. Play the desired song on your phone with optimal volume.
  • 3. Return to WhatsApp, go to Status, and start recording a video with the music playing.
  • 4. Once done, tap the Arrow button to add the song to your Status video and share it with friends.
how to add music to whatsapp status

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status Using the Phone Speaker

To put a song on WhatsApp Status, the most direct way is via the Phone Speaker. The secret lies in that WhatsApp allows you to record a sound along with video to update your WhatsApp Status.

Step 1. Download WhatsApp if you haven't yet, and launch it.

Step 2. Open a music app on your phone and play the song you wish to add to your WhatsApp Status. Make sure you set the volume to the optimal so that you can have the best music quality in your Status.

Step 3. Go back to WhatsApp > Status. Then tap the little Plus or the Camera icon and hold the capture button to record a video with the music playing in the background.

how to add music to whatsapp status via whatsapp itself

Step 4. After you finish recording, hit the Arrow button to add song in your Status video, and share to your friends.

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status via a Video Editing App

If you find what's suggested in the first method is not too convincing to put song on WhatsApp status, you can turn to a video editing app for help, with which you can easily add music to videos and photos for WhatsApp Status. The following steps are completed in Inshot Video Editor, an all-in-one photo and video editing app that incorporates a wealth of built-in features to add music to WhatsApp status.

Step 1. Download Inshot to your phone, and open it.

Step 2. Hit the Video in the main interface to load the video or photo you wish to include into your Status, and then head over to the Music tab from the toolbar.

Step 3. Browse through the song and click on the song library, choose the music you want to add to your WhatsApp Status, and click on Use. You can also use the Effects tab to add sound effects to your Status video or picture.

how to add music to whatsapp status via inshot

Step 4. Click Save and export your video on your phone. Then open WhatsApp > Status, hit the plus icon to upload the video, and click on the Send button to update your WhatsApp Status with your friends.

On top of Inshot, there are other video editing apps that you can leverage to add music to WhatsApp status, such as KineMaster, YouCut, etc. The steps are similar to those of using Inshot.

Bottom Line

For those who are after a desktop solution to add music to their WhatsApp status, VideoProc Vlogger could lend you a hand. Designed as a capable video editing software for Windows and macOS, VideoProc Vlogger is open for both beginners and experts. Sided with all-around editing features, you can easily add music to videos and pictures for WhatsApp Status, and further polish your work with a handful of effects. Check the detailed tutorial on how to add background music and sound effects to learn more!

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