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How to Compress Video for WhatsApp in 5 Online or Free Ways

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Summary: We've brought you 5 of the best free & online ways to help you compress video for WhatsApp with the maximum picture quality on different platforms (iPhone, Mac, Windows…)

For anyone that has tried sending a video on WhatsApp, you've probably run across the "The media file that you've selected is larger than 100MB. Unable to send file" error message. Similar errors also happen when sending a video over 16MB (16 megabytes) in size. Why?

In WhatsApp, the video file you send to friends should be under 100MB. If you're sharing a video recorded with the built-in camera of WhatsApp, then its size shouldn't be over 16MB. However, what if you really need to send a large video on WhatsApp? The easiest solution is compressing videos for WhatsApp.

Compress Video for WhatsApp

Best Way to Compress Video for WhatsApp

If you want to compress a large video to about 16MB or smaller in one click while remaining the best picture quality, then your best bet is VideoProc Converter. The best video compressor has an easy to navigate interface and adopts the latest high-entropy encoding algorithm, allowing beginners compress video from GBs to MBs without hassles or visible quality loss.

Best Pick to Compress Video for WhatsApp - VideoProc Converter

  • Directly specify the desired size (16MB, 100MB, etc.) and compress
  • Variety of options to customize the compression settings for WhatsApp
  • Prevent any visible quality loss while maximizing the size reduction
  • Also a capable video compressor for Discord, Instagram, Facebook…
  • Blazing fast compression, powered by level-3 GPU acceleration tech
  • Loads of extra features: convert, edit, download, and record videos

How to Compress Video for WhatsApp via VideoProc Converter

Step 1. Open up VideoProc Converter. Hit Video and drag the original video file onto the program.

Import Video to VideoProc Converter

Step 2. Come over to the bottom of this video compressor for Discord, click Toolbox, and then select Compress.

Step 3. Enter 16MB or 100MB directly in the File Size menu. Click Done.

Compress Video for WhatsApp via VideoProc Converter

Step 4. Check Use High Quality Engine. Hit Browse and select an output folder. Hit RUN.

Video Tutorial: How to compress your video for WhatsApp

4 Ways to Compress Video for WhatsApp Online

If you prefer to compress video for WhatsApp online, you can try some online video compressors. Such web-based tools let you compress WhatsApp videos on all major browsers including Safari, Chroma, and Edges without the limit of the operating systems. In other words, we can easily make a video file smaller for WhatsApp on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. Unfortunately, on the other hand, these online video compressors for WhatsApp arise a few problems, some of which are listed below.

Reasons to avoid online video compressor for WhatsApp
  • You're required to upload the original files to their server before the compression. It's not guaranteed that they won't hold or back up your videos on their servers.
  • Slow uploading and compression process. If your network connection isn't good or stable enough, compressing videos for WhatsApp online is bound to be a slow process.
  • Limit in size and format. Most online video compressors for WhatsApp don't let you compress a video beyond 200MB. As for the formats, they only accept the popular ones, such as MP4 and MOV.

Thus, we recommend you to use the said VideoProc Converter or other desktop-based software to shrink videos for WhatsApp. But, if you still want to compress video for WhatsApp with browser-based applications, the 4 online video compressors for WhatsApp we listed below can help you out.

1. How to Compress Video for WhatsApp Online via 8MB. Video

8MB.Video is too basic for most of us who want to compress video for WhatsApp as it doesn't offer additional options to fine-tune video codec, resolutions, frame rate, or other video properties. Basically, you can only rely on 3 output file options (8MB, 50MB, and 100MB) to make the WhatsApp video smaller.

Step 1. Navigate to the official home page of 8mb.Video on your browser.

Step 2. Hit Browser and choose the video file that you want to shrink its size for sending on WhatsApp.

compress video for whatsapp via 8mb video

2. How to Compress Video for WhatsApp Online via Freeconvert

Freeconvert is one of the most powerful online media processing applications. It can handle the compression and conversion of video, audio, images, and a few other types of media files. It lets you compress WhatsApp videos under 1GB in easy clicks without registering or costing a dime.

Step 1. Open Freeconvert on your browser. Click on Choose Files and select the original video that you want to shrink its size for sending on WhatsApp.

Step 2. Hit the gear button and select the wanted compression method. You can also choose Target a file size (MB or Percentage), Target a video quality, Target a video resolution, or Target the maximum bitrate.

Step 3. I selected Target a file size (MB) as the Compression Method, so here I need to enter the target output file size. As WhatsApp doesn't let us send videos beyond 16MB, here we should enter a value under 16MB.

Step 4. Hit Compress Now to enable Freeconvert compress video for WhatsApp online.

compress video for whatsapp via freeconvert

3. How to Compress Video for WhatsApp Online via Zamzar

Zamzar allows you to compress not just WhatsApp videos, but audio, documents, and images as well. Sounds like a powerful and all-in-one option? Unfortunately, it can only compress MOV, MP4, and AVI files. And it doesn't allow any custom settings. You cannot set the compression ratio, the target file size/bitrate/resolution, or anything others that would affect video size and quality.

At Zamzar, the maximum upload limit for the video files is 50MB, which is smaller than the file size of a regular video recorded by iPhones or other popular devices. Some things about this online video compressor for WhatsApp are that there aren't pop-up ads, and it won't add any watermarks to the final result.

Step 1. Navigate to the official page of the Zamzar video compressor.

Step 2. Hit Choose Files and select the video that you failed to send on WhatsApp due to the large file size.

Step 3. Zamzar starts to upload and compress the WhatsApp video.

compress video for whatsapp via zamzar

4. How to Compress Video for WhatsApp Online via Online Converter

Online Converter is another excellent pick for compressing WhatsApp videos. It's completely free of charge, so it's the ideal option for beginners who are looking for an affordable solution. The UI of Online Converter needs to be polished. It looks bulky, but the truth is it gives no additional compression options except for Desired Video Size. The maximum size for a file to be uploaded and compressed via Online Converter is 200 MB. Thus, if you get some large 4K or 1080P videos, Online Converter is bound to be useless.

Step 1. Come over to the official site of Online Converter. Hit Choose File and select the original video file that you want to compress its size for sharing on WhatsApp.

Step 2. Go to the setting box of Desired Video Size and input a value under 16.

Step 3. Hit Compress. Online Converter starts to upload the source WhatsApp video files.

Step 4. Hit Download Now to save the WhatsApp video after compression on your smartphone or computer.

compress video for whatsapp via online converter

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