3 Fast Ways to Compress Video for Instagram Story, IGTV and Feed

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Are you looking for an easy method to compress video for Instagram story, IGTV, or Instagram feed post? If it's a yes from your side, then congratulations you've come to the right place.

Everyone in the 21st century loves Instagram. Herein, you can find plenty of beautiful videos shared from your friends and Instagram influencers day by day. However, when you upload our video, weird things such as the Instagram video can't upload, and the video looked like a pixelated disaster happen frequently. Why?

The large video file size is the major culprit. Instagram will compress every video that comes with a size larger than the requirements. And the poor compression algorithm adopted by Instagram to compress video is a nightmare for 4K UHD and other high definition videos.

Fortunately, we can avoid these issues by compressing the Instagram videos and by ourselves. In this post, we will introduce 3 easy ways to get there. After reading, you may know how to post large videos to Instagram without ruining the quality.

To better show you what happens when you upload a large video to Instagram, I just recorded a video with my iPhone and uploaded it to the Instagram feed. Afterward, I checked the video metadata information before and after the posting, here are what I found:

  • Original video (recorded by iPhone 7) - 00:47 2160x3840 265.3MB H.264
  • After posting to Instagram feed - 00:47 720x720 22.3MB H.264

The resolution was downgraded from 4K to 720P and the file size was shrunk from 265.3MB to 22.3MB. No surprise, the video, once was in excellent quality, now looked as if it was thrown into a meat grinder.

Instagram Video Compression Settings

Compressing video can be an easy task if you have the right Instagram video compression software. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that will do this for you. Some are faster to use, and some have better compression efficiency. But, generally, we can use them to,

  • Convert to H.264: As the most compatible codec of Instagram, H.264 has higher compression efficiency than MPEG-2, Cinepak, and many older codecs.
  • Downgrade the Resolution: A higher resolution equals the bigger file size when the given other parameters are the same. 4K video can bring us more pixels to recreate the scenery we saw, but Instagram doesn't support 4K UHD at all.
  • Decrease the Frame Rate: High frame rate gives a smooth viewing experience, but this is hard to be noticed unless your video has plenty of fast-moving frames. In addition, the frame rate of an Instagram Video feed post should be between 23Fps and 60Fps, and the Instagram story video and IGTV can't come with the frame rate larger than 30Fps.
  • Reduce the Video Bitrate: It's not always necessary to use high bitrate since the maximum bitrate supported by Instagram is 3500kbps bitrate.

How about the best Instagram video compression settings? Well, though the ideal settings depend on your source footage a lot, conducting our experience and the Instagram video spec rule, we advise you to go with the below compression settings.

  • Format: MP4 (H.264+AAC)
  • Resolution: 720P or 1080P
  • Bitrate: 3Mbps-6Mbps
  • Frame rate: 30Fps

Method 1. The Best Method to Compress Video for Instagram

Speaking of the simplest tool to compress videos for Instagram on all recent Windows and macOS computers, VideoProc Converter stands out as the best bet. This flexible video compressor provides you with 8 quality lossless yet fast methods to shrink video for Instagram. With VideoProc Converter, you can customize everything to resize your video file, ranging from format to resolution, bitrate to frame rate and video length, and more. The support of the high entropy codec and the build-in high-quality engine are the things that make VideoProc Converter shine, allowing you to reduce the video size drastically while retaining a high quality with almost no difference visible to the human eyes.

VideoProc Converter – The Fastest and Most Efficient Instagram Video Compression Software

  • Compress Videos (MP4, MKV, MOV...) for Instagram at speed 47X faster than real-time playback.
  • Adjust the video resolution, bitrate, frame rate, and more parameters in one click.
  • Handle videos in all prevalent and rare formats including MP4, MOV, MKV…
  • Compress videos up to 90% of their original size without visible quality loss.

1. Convert Video to H.264 MP4.

Launch up VideoProc Converter on the computer. Press Video, hit +Video, and then you select the original Instagram video to import to the compression software. Afterward, navigate to the Target Format tab to find MP4 (H.264 +AAC).

Convert Video to MP4 for IG
Convert Video to MP4 for IG

2. Optimize the Instagram Video Compression Settings.

Select Codec option on the top to enter the Format setting panel. On this new page, you have 6 easy to master options to compress videos for Instagram. You can adjust the value for one or multiple options.

  • Move the quality slider to the left.
  • Decrease the frame rate to 24Fps to 30Fps.
  • Select a lower resolution (but do not let it go lower than 600P).
  • Decrease the bitrate value if it exceeds 3500KPS.
  • Enlarge the GOP value.
  • Remove the audio if the background audio is unnecessary.
  • Tips: VideoProc Converter also provides you a full set of video editing toolkits, allowing you to cut, trim, split, and crop to reduce the Instagram File size.
Change Video Properties to Compress Video for IG
Change Video Properties to Compress Video for IG

3. Start the Compression of the Instagram Video.

Press Done to confirm the changes that are made for the Instagram video. Press RUN to start to compress video for Instagram.

Method 2. How to Compress Video for Instagram Online

What if compressing a video for Instagram is something that you do once in a blue moon? The most convenient manner is reducing the video size for Instagram on your browser. Luckily, Freeconvert, OnlineConverter, MP4Compress, and many online applications are made with this sole purpose. Those tools don't require you to download or register. All you need to do is uploading your video, applying a few parameter adjustments, and pressing the generate button.

However, they have many limitations. Pop-up ads and redirects to unknown sites are already biggies. The very few options for adjusting parameters making customizing the end file size a pipe dream. The worst point is the constriction of the uploaded file size. Most of them don't allow you to compress video with the size larger than 200MB. Surely, if you stick with compressing the Instagram video via your browser, we suggest you go with Freeconvert. It is a generous online Instagram video compression software with the capability to compress the video as large as 1GB. In addition, it doesn't put constrain on the input and output format. With it, you can compress Instagram video from or to MOV, FLV, and another 60 formats.

1. Press Choose Files button to select the original Instagram video file for uploading to the online tool.

2. Choose MP4 as the result video file format.

Import Video to Freeconvert
Import Video to Freeconvert

3. Hit the tool button to enter the Advanced Options page.

4. Select the video codec as H264.

5. Choose the Compression Method. For instance, you need to choose Target a file size, and then move the cursor on the below Select Target Size bar left or right to decrease or increase the size.

Compress Video for Instagram Online
Compress Video in Freeconvert

6. Press Apply Setting. Hit Compress Now to compress Instagram video online.

Method 3. How to Compress Video for Instagram on Premiere Pro

The high price tag (20.99USD per month), industry level layout, bewildering export options, and the high system requirement make Premiere Pro foredoomed to fall short of a beginner's expectation to handle the daily Instagram video compression task. But if you are a premium user or you just created and edited your Instagram video on Premiere and now want to export it, then you might want to know how to compress Instagram Video on Premier Pro and what are the best Instagram compression settings in Premiere Pro.

1. Install the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer.

Note: Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements of Premiere Pro. Otherwise, you may encounter horrible stutters and a plethora of other errors.

2. Press File, select New, and choose Sequence to open up a New Sequence panel.

3. Hit Digital SLR and select DSLR 1080p30 under 1080P.

Create a New Sequence in Premiere
Create a New Sequence in Premiere

4. Choose Settings on the top menu bar of the New Sequence tab. Adjust the frame size so the aspect ratio will fit the Instagram requirements. Let's assume you want to compress video for an Instagram story, then you should enter 1080 for the horizontal and 1920 for the vertical resolution.

5. Hit Save Preset, enter the name and description, press OK. Premiere Pro will load the newly created sequence. Select the customized preset and choose OK.

Compress Video for Instagram in Premiere Pro
Compress Video for Instagram in Premiere Pro

6. Right-click on the media pool tab, select Import to feed into the source Instagram video. Drag the clip to the timeline. Select Keep existing settings on the pop-up error message window. Here you can use the position, scale, and rotation feature to determine the portion you want your audiences to see.

7. Press File again, select Export, and choose Media. Scroll down to find Basic video settings. Move the cursors on Target Bitrate [Mbps] and Maximum Bitrate [Mbps] left to decrease the bitrate. Setting 3bps as the target bitrate and 6bps as the maximum bitrate is the most propriety for most common Instagram videos.

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