Best 3 Ways to Compress QuickTime Videos (Mac and Online Ways are Included)

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Summary: This post introduces 3 perfect ways to compress QuickTime video. After reading, you may know how to reduce the QuickTime video file size on Mac, Windows and browsers.

We've all been there: lacking free storage space to keep a terabyte of QuickTime movie stored, cannot send a 1GB of QuickTime video recording to our clients via email, failing to share or post a large QuickTime video on Social Media like Facebook… Luckily, we can easily get rid of these pesky issues by compressing QuickTime videos. But, how do you go about this? Keep reading to learn the 3 simplest recipes.

How to Compress QuickTime Video on Computer

To compress QuickTime video files on Mac or PC, we need a decent QuickTime video compressor. However, among tons of video compressor tools in the market that come with the capability to compress QuickTime movie, which should be your best pick? Well, to minimize your choices, we test 20+ QuickTime video compressors and find out the best one is VideoProc Converter. See it's killer features:

  • It's easy. One click to reduce QuickTime video file size over 90% smaller than the original.
  • It's fast. Powered by full GPU acceleration tech, it compresses a QuickTime video from GBs to MBs in seconds.
  • It adopts the latest x265 encoding scheme: keep the quality intact while reducing the video size drastically.
  • It's flexible. Refine the video size and picture quality by changing codecs, bitrate, resolution, and more.

Warm Note: The steps to compress QuickTime movie on Mac and Windows by using VideoProc Converter is almost the same. Thus, there I just demonstrate you how to reduce QuickTime file size on Mac.

Step 1. Import the Large QuickTime Video

Free download and install VideoProc Converter on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch it up. Next, you hit Video on the initial screen and then click on +Video to import the source QuickTime video file to the program.

Step 2. Compress QuickTime Video File

You can adopt one or multiple methods simultaneously to compress QuickTime video on Mac or PC via VideoProc Converter.

A. The One-Click Method to Compress QuickTime Video

Choose advanced codecs like MP4 HEVC, MP4 H.264, or MOV H.264. Hit Run.

Compress QuickTime Video on Mac
Choose HEVC MP4 or H.264 MOV

QuickTime format is compatible with over 50+ video codecs. 1 minute of ProRes (less compression codec) QuickTime video might be larger than 2GBs, and 1 hour of H.264 or HEVC (high compression codec) QuickTime video might be smaller than 50MBs.

Thus, we can easily compress the QuickTime movie file by converting the codec to H.264 or HEVC. In my case, I choose MP4 HEVC for the output format, and the example video file size is shrunk from 9.22GBs to 651.4MBs.

B. Go Further to Compress QuickTime Video

Suppose you already have an HEVC or H.264 QuickTime video, then you can hit Codec option after selecting the H.264 or HEVC as the output format. Next, move the quality slider left or adjust the below video properties to compress the QuickTime video file as you like.

Compress HEVC QuickTime Video on Mac
Adjust QuickTime Video Properties on Mac
  • Decrease frame rate. I shrink the QuickTime video size from 84.6MB to 15.1MB by simply changing the frame rate from 30fps to 23.37fps.
  • Decrease resolution. I have a 326MB 4K HEVC QuickTime video recorded by iPhone. After I downgrade its resolution to 1080P with VideoProc Converter, the size turns to be 32.8MB.
  • Decrease the bitrate. Usually, we can set the bitrate as 8000Kbps for HD video and 5000kps for 720P video.
  • Increase the GOP. I don't often use this feature, but it's very useful for compressing those QuickTime videos with few motion changes.

Once you are satisfied with the adjustments, hit Done to go back to the primary panel. And then hit Run to enable VideoProc Converter to start to compress QuickTime video.

C. You Might Also Want to Compress QuickTime Video by Editing

After importing the original QuickTime video to VideoProc Converter, hit the favored video codec. Afterwards, you can hit Cut or Crop to remove the redundant clips or frames to compress QuickTime video. Next, hit Run.

Crop to Compress QuickTime Video on Mac
Use Crop or Cut Tool to Compress QuickTime Video

How to Compress QuickTime Video Online

PS2PDF is a great piece of browser-based application that lets you compress QuickTime video online without downloading additional software to the computer or mastering any difficult terminologies.

Step 1. Open up PS2PDF on your browser.

Step 2. Hit Add Files and then you can choose Select From Local Disk, Select From Dropbox, or Select From Google Drive to import the QuickTime video file your local drive, Dropbox, or google drive to the app. Depending on the network condition and the file size, PS2PDF might need minutes to hours to load up the file.

Step 3. Come over to the section of Output Quality And File Size. Move the slider left or right to adjust the compression ratio. In my case, I moved the slider to 50 to reduce my file (45.88MB) to half of its original size.

Compress QuickTime Video Online
Use the Slider to Reduce the QuickTime Video Size

Step 4. Hit Compress Now to compress QuickTime video online with P2SPDF.

However, we'd steer you to VideoProc Converter as the online P2SPDF is for the conversion of small videos only. It doesn't let you compress a QuickTime video with size exceeds 200MB. Ads on the compression page are also quite annoying.

To give a better reference, I make a comparison between the features of the online PSDPDF and the desktop VideoProc QuickTime video compressor and put the result in the below figure.

Compress QuickTime Video Online and Mac

How to Compress QuickTime Video with QuickTime Player

QuickTime player is pre-loaded on macOS computers which could be found in the Application folder. It’s not like the most other professional QuickTime video compressors in the market that enables you to fiddle with codec, bitrate, and a few more options to shrink the QuickTime video file size while retaining optimal picture quality. On QuickTime player, you can only compress the QuickTime video by exporting the original file in a lower resolution which will cause horrible quality loss unavoidably.

Step 1. Locate QuickTime player in the Application folder. Click it to open it up on your Mac machine.

Step 2. Come over to the top menu bar. Hit File to find the Import button. Click this to feed the original large QuickTime video file to QuickTime Player.

Step 3. Navigate to the menu bar and choose File again. Choose Export As from the drop-down menu of File.

Step 4. QuickTime player now offers 5 options (4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, and audio only) for the export resolution. Select the one that is lower than the original resolution to start to compress QuickTime video for free.

Let's say my original QuickTime is in 1080P, then there I can select 720P and 480P as the export resolution.

Compress QuickTime Video with QuickTime player
Choose a Lower Resolution

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