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5 Best Video Compressor Apps for Android and iPhone

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

There are countless video compressor apps for our mobile devices. It's impossible to try them all yourself, so we've made a list of apps that will work best for you.

When picking our list of the top video compressor apps, we considered UI/UX design, compression technology, speed of compression, and file export formats.

Keep reading to see our pick of the top five best video compressor apps that continue pushing ahead of the competition!

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3 Best Android Video Compressor Apps

1. Videos & Movies Compressor (Android)

Videos & Movies Compressor developer Sociosoftware has done a good job packing this mobile app with a powerful compression core for free.

Some main features are the wide array of video file formats it imports and exports. You can choose from a number of preset options for compression or customize your options.

From this screen, you can choose the height and width of the video and change the compression ratio using a slider. There are even options to output the file type. When you're done, hit the play button in the bottom right corner, and off you go.

Pros: Support of all video file formats you're likely to use, fast processing, and an easy and beautiful interface.

Cons: No batch video compression.

This app fulfills everything on our checklist so well, it leaves no question why it's our pick for the best video compressor app on Android.

2. Video Compressor by Sunshine (Android)

With Video Compressor by Sunshine, you can compress entire movies or TV shows with no problem. It has presets for FHD, HD, and SD settings. This makes it easy to choose a pixel size for your output without memorizing them.

You can compress multiple files at once and share them from within the app. If you need a video player but don't want to use Android's built-in player, you can use this app to do it.

The only downside is that you can't compress files made from your device, and it isn't available on the Google Play store. That means you'll have to sideload this app's APK file.

Pros: It compresses large files easily, control file optimization, various presets.

Cons: No batch processing, it isn't easy to find the APK.

3. VidCompact (Android)


VidCompact or "Video to MP3 Converter & Compressor - VidCompact" as it's known on Google Play, is a smaller version of the VideoShow app. Instead of having all of these features that may bloat your phone, this app is all about compression.

That said, it does allow crop, cut, and trim of your video in the app. You can import HTML5 video, WMV, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and FLV file formats.

It has over 10,000,000 installs and is only 26Mb itself, making it one of the smaller compressors for how powerful it is.

The only problem is that it only exports to MP4 file format or from video to MP3 audio.

Pros: Wide file format support for import and compression, wide user base, the editing tools work very quick and smooth, and has a small app size.

Cons: Tons of ads, in-app purchases for upgrading features are expensive, limited free version.

2 Best iPhone Video Compressor Apps

4. Video Compressor - Reduce Size (iPhone)

Video Compressor - Reduce Size from Tran Thi Hong Thanh is a free iOS offering excellent video compression, sharing, and customer compression options.

Its sharing options are the best out of all videos on this list, with FTP upload, Mediafire, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more in the list. This app's creator puts sharing videos you've compressed as one of the highest priorities of the video compressor app.

You can reduce the file size by more than 80% for Full HD video, 720p, and other sizes.

It also writes the compressed files to your camera roll, rather than a special folder. If you prefer otherwise, you can store it in the "Compressed Videos" album instead. Either way, Tran makes it easy to find your videos.

You can trim, slow-mo, add your own music, reverse frames, merge, combine, add static or motion stickers, music effects, and voiceovers. It's the most full-featured app on our list.

There's no watermark, app timelimit, or metadata taken so you can continue to use it without privacy concerns. You can get rid of ads with an in-app purchase, and it's also available in 27 languages and counting.

Pros: Easy sharing, countless editing features, cloud storage support, and more than two dozen languages supported.

Cons: A lack of an engaging UI and a user experience leaves us flat.

Definitely the best offering you'll find on iOS.

5. Video Compress – Shrink Video (iPhone)

Video Compress - Shrink Video has a great user interface that's clean and easy to use. Once you select a video from your library to compress, you'll be presented with the original and target size.

A slider helps you determine the compression ratio for the file. From there you can save, delete the original, start a new task, and more.

It quickly compresses videos and exports to MP4 and QuickTime formats and enables quick sharing. With a 4.5 on the Apple App Store and over 8,100 reviews, it's a solid "no-frills" app that continues to get support and updates.

Negative reviews mostly come from the app's use of in-app ads. You can disable these ads with a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99, although the base app is free-to-use.

Pros: It's easy to use, has no editing tools to confuse you, fast compression, and a small app size.

Cons: It has constant in-app ads; might be too simple.

A good backup to the number two spot if you want a better-looking and lighter alternative.

Video Compressor Apps: Need More Power or More File Types?

Video compressor apps are growing in number every day. It's impossible to try them all.

But what if you need more power than a mobile device can provide? What if you need a different file type?

You don't have to go further than VideoProc Converter. VideoProc Converter can speed your video compression by up to 48 times a CPU alone with hardware acceleration. You'll also have a full-featured suite of tools to modify a video before converting it into any of more than 1000 file formats.

This innovation and pioneering spirit are why we continue to be the world's first choice in video compressor industry. Try it out today with a free trial!

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