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9 Best iPhone Video Editors in 2024

By Cecilia Hwung | Last Update:

Are you searching for the best iPhone video editors for your next YouTube video or home film? You can find and choose the best possible option by browsing our list of the best iPhone video-editing apps!

Best iPhone Video Editor

How To Choose an iPhone Video Editor

There are hundreds of video-making apps for iPhone and iPad devices. As such, selecting the best possible app can be tricky. But when you know what you're looking for from your new iPhone video editor, it's a piece of cake!

When choosing an iPhone video maker, you'll want to consider a few crucial factors and features. For example, you'll need to think about your editing apps:

We've researched the top-rated apps and compared them using the above categories. This way, you can find a practical video editing solution quickly and effectively. 

After all, some iPhone video editors are incredibly simplistic. You might be able to trim a video or apply a filter, but not much else. Others are far more detailed and complex.

If you're editing with an iPhone, it's often better to choose an app with larger icons and a simpler user interface. But if you're working from an iPad, you might want to upgrade to a more feature-rich editing app.

Naturally, the more capable your chosen video editing app is, the more expensive it's likely to be. While this isn't always true, the majority of professional-grade video editing apps require a paid subscription.

We researched dozens of popular options to find the best free video editing apps for iPhone and learn which features are free to use and which are paid. This way, you won't encounter any surprise charges after installation.

Without further ado, let's explore our top picks and discuss why they might be the ideal solution for your on-the-go video editing needs!

9 Best iPhone Video Editors

Do you have a good idea of the type of video-editing app you're looking for? If so, you'll enjoy delving into our top picks for the best iPhone video editors.

No matter what kind of videos you plan to create, edit, and produce, there's an option to fit your needs and budget. The only question is: Which of these video-editing apps speaks to your creative side?

1. iMovie

Best iPhone Video Editor - iMovie

Every iPhone comes with a slew of pre-installed apps. One of the most-used of these Apple apps is the video editor, iMovie. This app's popularity partially stems from the fact that it's on nearly every Apple device.

However, iMovie has sustained a following by providing simple editing features and an easy-to-use interface. If you've struggled with overly complex editing software in the past, iMovie might be a breath of fresh air.

This video editor is free with every new Apple device. It offers zero in-app purchases, which can usher in a certain peace of mind during use. And even better, you can access tons of neat effects and tools with iMovie.

The intuitive design of this app makes it easy to learn and master. Adding an audio track to your video file is often as simple as pressing a plus icon and choosing from your list of saved audio files. 

To edit the positions of your tracks, you need only touch and drag. Truly, iMovie may be the most budget-friendly and capable video-editing app for iPhone and iPad users. Still, it's far from being the only option.

2. KineMaster

Best iPhone Video Editor - KineMaster

One of the most alluring aspects of KineMaster is its simplicity. The icons are large and easy to read and there's only a handful of editing tools and options. This simple style could be limiting for some, but freeing for others.

If you're new to video editing, KineMaster could be a great place to start. But you will need to contend with sudden advertisements. This app also offers in-app purchases, which might annoy some users.

However, you can layer several tracks and effects together with this app. Want to put a sticker on a video of your friend? You can do it with KineMaster. 

That said, this app isn't the best for professional-level video editors, as there aren't a ton of effect, filter, and track layering options. Overall, KineMaster is a solid first step into film editing.

But you may find yourself graduating from it within a few weeks or months. Don't worry, there are lots of high-quality video editing apps for users of all skill levels!

3. Splice

Best iPhone Video Editor - Splice

Video editors that need a no-frills editing app will want to take a second look at Splice. This free-to-download app is a great intermediate option that could help beginners transition to professionals.

Splice allows creators to record voice-over tracks for their video footage, mix audio tracks, and apply video filters/effects. The timeline interface is sized to work well on both an iPhone and an iPad, which is a huge plus.

Even better, you could upload the videos you edit with Splice directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. You could also email your newly editing footage to yourself for safekeeping. 

The worst aspect of Splice is that many of its best features and filters are behind a paywall. But if you're willing to splurge on a subscription, you might find yourself enjoying a little Splice of life.

4. VideoProc Vlogger

Best iPhone Video Editor - VideoProc

Mastering a new free video editing software can take time. But when you've got a handy step-by-step guide, you can leap ahead of the learning curve.

Though there are several notable benefits of using VideoProc Vlogger, we can't help but praise the easy-to-follow tutorial for new users. Additionally, this video editor is designed for editing videos from smartphones, tablets, and cameras.

After more than a decade in business, Digiarty Software has gotten customer care down to a science, and it shows. VideoProc Vlogger is a crowning achievement of a video editing program.

Need to edit iPhone HD/4K, 60fps, HDR, HEVC videos? No problem! VideoProc Vlogger can help you with that. 

Even better, thanks to the unique design of the VideoProc software, users can upload and edit HD videos far faster than ever before. Why spend a full day editing a 30-minute video when you can get it done in a few minutes?

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Best iPhone Video Editor - Adobe Premiere Rush

When you're serious about producing the highest-quality footage and content, you'll want to consider Adobe Premiere Rush. This video editing app incurs a monthly subscription fee, but the features are more than worth it.

Adobe Premiere Rush works on iPhones, iPads, Windows, and macOS systems. When you subscribe to this service via your phone, you're also granting yourself access to all available desktop and laptop editions.

As such, users can film footage with their iPhone. They can then edit that footage via their Apple device, then continue working on it using their home computer.

This kind of multi-platform compatibility could work wonders for your editing schedule. Still, you will need to commit to monthly payments to enjoy this app. And if you're new to editing, this option could be an overwhelming one.

6. LumaFusion

Best iPhone Video Editor - LumaFusion

This video-editing app might not be free, but it is popular. And compared to subscription-based apps like Adobe Premiere Rush, the initial cost of LumaFusion is relatively affordable.

The main features that seem to draw people into using LumaFusion are easily accessible video and audio libraries, multi-track and layering options, and a wealth of filter options and video effects. 

If you're familiar with Windows MovieMaker, you might find a new friend in LumaFusion. Its interface and features are reminiscent of this older software. You can add titles, add audio effects, and much more!

7. Quik

Best iPhone Video Editor - Quik

If you're capturing the majority of your footage via a GoPro camera, then you might want to use Quik to edit. It's designed to handle GoPro footage, though you can also use it to edit iPhone and Android videos.

This app is free to use, though it does offer some in-app purchases and a paid subscription service. Still, the free version comes with all the basic editing tools you need, plus 20+ filters and nearly a dozen themes.

However, if you're hoping to add background music or additional audio tracks, you'll need to upgrade to the paid options. The same is true of several other higher-level features, including slow-motion effects.

For this reason, we recommend Quik for beginner-level editors. But if you're fine with subscribing to the GoPro Quik app, you can enjoy unlimited editing and a wealth of fun effects.

That said, Quik's editing interface isn't complex, even with the paid version. Filmmakers hoping to produce professional-level content may want to opt for an editor that allows for track layering and other advanced effects.

8. VideoLeap

Best iPhone Video Editor - VideoLeap

Choosing a new video editor app often requires a small leap of faith. Sometimes, that brief belief is rewarded. Those that choose VideoLeap may feel as though they've picked one of the better apps, and they'd be right!

VideoLeap Editor is free, but with some in-app purchases. In many ways, it's similar to KineMaster. It's simple, has large colorful icons, and a handful of notable filters and effects. But this lack of complexity can be beneficial.

Content creators that typically produce short films or videos might enjoy using VideoLeap because of its straightforward design. Still, you cannot layer several audio and video tracks with VideoLeap, which is disappointing.

That said, some video effects in this app are fun to play with and explore. VideoLeap isn't the most professional option, but it does offer some room for creativity.

9. Filmmaker Pro

Best iPhone Video Editor - Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is a free-to-download video editing app that offers in-app purchases. It also happens to be one of the best options for content creators.

That's because Filmmaker Pro is one of the most feature-rich editors. It's compatible with a Chroma Key, allowing you to play with green screen effects. You can also utilize the picture-in-a-picture effect for commentary.

Unfortunately, the audio tracks don't come with the free version of Filmmaker Pro. Additionally, special fonts and animations are restricted to paid users. However, the bulk of this app's features are entirely free.

With more than 30 filters and dozens of distinct effects from which to choose, you might spend a decent amount of time exploring Filmmaker Pro. But once you've familiarized yourself with your new tools, the sky's the limit.

Due to Filmmaker Pro's in-depth features and detailed user interface, it tends to be one of the better video editing apps for iPad users. Trying to read and interact with the small icons can be challenging on an iPhone.

Use the Best Video-Making Apps for iPhone

Each of our top picks brings something unique and worthwhile to the table. But which of these iPhone video editors will make your life (and video uploading schedule) easier? Only you can decide!

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