Digiarty VideoProc: Stand With COVID-19 Sufferers, Donate Love to WHO

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VideoProc team of Digiarty Software Inc. commences a charity donation to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to fight Coronavirus pandemic with WHO.

VideoProc team of Digiarty Software Inc. commences a charity donation event to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to support World Health Organization (WHO) in fighting Coronavirus pandemic. From today until May 31, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds, specifically, $1 for every order, of its software product VideoProc, as the contribution directly.

The epidemic continues spreading like wildfire. Today's Coronavirus news shows that the world has already detected and reported 4.17 million confirmed cases, and the United States has 1.38 million.

"We, although a small team of an individual enterprise, want to stand with all Coronavirus sufferers and support WHO and partners," says Angie Tane, Marketing Manager of Digiarty Software.

Indeed, this is the second time VideoProc team helps combat the global outbreak of Coronavirus. The first-round donation was a donation-with-survey that took place in April. It came along with an official survey on nonlinear video editing demands to prepare for the company's forthcoming new product.

In the end, that survey accumulated $185.65 from 3713 participants, 18.51% from the United States, 10.39% from Germany, and others from all over the world. The crew added it to $500 as the final donation that will go to patients, buy supplies (including masks and protection suits) for frontline workers, assist in developing vaccines and test kits, and so on and so forth. The first contribution has already granted to Solidarity Response Fund, with the contribution confirmation ID 61969854.

"We at VideoProc team hope to do more we can do," Angie Tane continues. The participants in the first round were roughly our existing customers, so the activity was small in scale and range. "To support the prevention and control of COVID-19 to a greater extent, we decided to resume the donation in a different way. Now once you buy VideoProc, we'll donate $1 to WHO from our gains. We'll be thankful if you share this news to your families and friends."

How Does a Donation Take Effect?

This is totally a non-profit lifesaving mission. Anyone who is public-minded or needs a straightforward video editing program is welcome to join in the activity:

Go to https://www.videoproc.com/video-converting-software/buy.htm → choose among One Year License, Lifetime License and Family License → click on Buy Now button → input coupon and get a discount → finalize the order

After each order is completed, the company will donate $1 from its side. The price and discount will be not be affected by the donation.

The Result (Updated on June 1):

We have rounded up the value based on the finished orders on the specific page during the activity, and have donated $3000 to Solidarity Response Fund already. The contribution confirmation ID is: 63642311.

About VideoProc

VideoProc is an all-in-one video processing software application designed for editing videos, converting video/audio formats, ripping DVDs, downloading media content from online sites, as well as recording from screen or webcam. It provides an extremely easy way to crop, merge, rotate and cut a video, fix A/V out-of-sync problem, shaky or noisy GoPro/DJI/iPhone footage, etc. It is also a fast solution to compress 4K videos, transcode or remux different video files with full GPU acceleration.

About Digiarty Software, Inc.

Digiarty Software, Inc., the developer of VideoProc, is a leading company in multimedia software industry. Founded in 2006, it has step in various areas and spreads its business to diversified fields. Video editor, video recorder, video converter, video downloader, DVD ripper, DVD copy and iPhone manager are representing functions of its users-favored products. This customer-oriented company has accumulated vast user base all over the world and evolved to be the prosperous company in the industry. To get more info about the company, please visit its official web page: https://www.videoproc.com.

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