VideoProc Summer Deals Kick Off with Coupons and Extra Cash Back Reward

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Digiarty VideoProc's summer deals kick off today with Cash Back Week. The company will give out coupons and return 20% cash to customers additionally before June 7.

Digiarty VideoProc announces official online deals in the summer shopping season that kick off with Cash Back Week. The company will return 20% cash to 15 randomly picked customers who have used "PROMO" coupons on purchases from June 1 to June 7.

It is the first cash back promotion this year. It will have three different price reduction benefits for users:

  1. Discount: User can enjoy about 49% off summer discount from the original price of VideoProc
  2. Coupon: User can take an extra discount off the already reduced-price Lifetime License or Family License version by inputting coupon "BLACKFRIDAY" at checkout page
  3. Money back: 15 lucky customers who have purchased the licenses above using "BLACKFRIDAY" coupons can earn back 20% of the buying prices (tax-exclusive). No strings attached.

The Winners List (Updated on June 10):

Now the first round of Cash Back Week deals has been closed. 15 winners have been picked out and rewarded with a 20% money return from the buying price. The full list of winners is here.

Why Does VideoProc Sponsor the Summertime Deals?

For one thing, the Coronavirus epidemic is still going and having serious impact on economy worldwide. For instance, White House predicts there would be more than 20% unemployment this month. VideoProc team said the deals are to ease customers' burden during the special period.

For another, in the competitive market, the maker has to try to fight with price, which is always the no.1 concern for the shoppers.

For most people, software quality and ease-of-use are other factors to consider. Although there are plenty of affordable video editing and converting applications nowadays, few can keep pace with all up-to-date user demands. For example, some have obsolete user interfaces, while others do not support the latest codes like HEVC, VP9, VP10, ProRes, AV1, CineForm and DNxHR. The developer wants VideoProc to be used more widely.

What Makes VideoProc Stand Out?

"In some people's eyes, VideoProc means better compatibility, faster video conversion and compression; while in others' eyes, it means easier video editing, recording and downloading," said Huston Xu, Product Manager of Digiarty Software.

  • Better compatibility: VideoProc is built in with powerful conversion module and 370+ up-to-date video/audio codecs. It means that is can embrace virtually all types of video, audio and DVD files without the need of installing any plug-ins.
  • Faster speed: VideoProc can invoke hardware and software acceleration intelligently and make full use of GPU and CPU resource on users' computers. Its Auto Copy mode can pass through videos in seconds without transcoding.
  • Easier editing: The beginner-friendly software will let users cut, crop, join, rotate, flip and split videos without a steep learning curve. The toolbar has more features, including Deshake, Denoise, Effect, Watermark, Trim, GIF, Lens Correction, Export Subtitle and so on.

Pricing and Availability

During the Cash Back Week from June 1 to June 7, any shopper can get at least 49% off discount at the official Buy page of VideoProc. 15 buyers who have completed purchases using "PROMO" coupons will be picked and receive extra money back, which is 20% of the buying prices (tax-exclusive), through their original payment channels or PayPal.

About Digiarty Software, Inc.

Digiarty Software, Inc., the developer of VideoProc, is a leading company in multimedia software industry. Founded in 2006, it has involved in various areas and extended its business scope to diversified fields. Video editor, video recorder, video converter, video downloader, DVD ripper, DVD copy and iPhone manager are representing functions of its users-favored products. This customer-oriented company has accumulated vast user base all over the world and evolved to be the prosperous company in the industry. To get more info about the company, please visit its official web page:

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