5 Best Software to Record YouTube Video on PC & Mac [+ How-tos]

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Youtube is the world's largest video and audio sharing platform where everyone can find what he is interested in, from news, politics, economics to sports, music, animations and more. Although scrolling through YouTube isn't rocket science, complications can still arise when there is poor internet.

Downloading YouTube Videos on your device requires YouTube Premium and is limited on the mobile app. You can use download-dl to save YouTube videos as a matter of course, but it could be taken down once again.

To keep YouTube videos playing offline in high quality, the best bet is to record YouTube videos with a screen recorder on your computer. This post has carefully gathered the 5 best screen recorders and yield you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the process with each program.

How to record YouTube Videos
The tricks to record YouTube videos

#1. How to Record YouTube Videos with VideoProc

If you're not tech-savvy and still hunting for a screen recorder to capture YouTube videos, VideoProc is the one that can save you the hassle. It's capable of recording any area on your screen in high quality with internal sound.

This little gem also comes with a hardware encoding feature that allows streams from the computer screencan suffer from less lag. Besides, you can select various recording modes, desired video specifications, annotation tools or others in your recordings. So that not only can you let streaming videos from YouTube be captured, but record gameplay or demonstration videos, and upload to your YouTube channel.

VideoProc - The Best Way to Record YouTube Videos

  • Record standard quality or high quality YouTube Videos.
  • Choose from recording part of a video or full screen.
  • The Chroma Key feature lets you composite two different video layers.
  • Hardware encoding makes the loads on your computer lighter.
  • Built-in video editing kit can convert, cut, trim, crop, merge, rotate, etc. your recordings.
Screen Record YouTube in VideoProc
Screen Record YouTube with VideoProc

Step 1: Download and install VideoProc on your PC or Mac, and you are free to go.

Step 2: Launch VideoProc > head over to Recorder on the main page.

Step 3: Now you can select recording modes and recording area, configure recording settings, and toggle on or off the internal sound and external sound. And don't forget to reset an output directory to store the output video files.

Step 4: When you have all the settings prepared, hit REC to get the screen recorder activated. And hold down shortcuts on the keyboard or click Stop on the lower right corner to stop recording.

#2. How to Record YouTube Videos with OBS

Mid or upper-level users would yield a better result in recording YouTube streams with OBS. It offers even richer recording features, from basic video and video captures to noise suppression, applying LUT, broadcasting, and many other options.

And that's just the beginning. OBS has extra features that can edge out other programs in this list. You can precisely specify your recording settings to get higher quality or to save more storage space. For example, you can create a small recording file by selecting low resolution, bitrate, an aggressive codec, etc. to avoid full memory. The output file all depends on the changes you want to make in OBS.

Screen Record YouTube in OBS
Screen Record YouTube with OBS

Step 1: To have OBS downloaded on your computer at the OBS Project.

Step 2: Open OBS and navigate to File > Settings > Output > Recording to specify the needed video specifications if necessary. Then click OK to have the changes enabled.

Step 3: At the main interface, click the plus icons to add at least one Scene, and add display source and audio source to your recording. Don't forget to maximize the browser window.

Step 4: Once the preparatory work has been done, click Start Recording on the right-hand to get the screen recorder started and minimize the OBS window. And Click Stop Recording when capturing finishes. To find the recorded video clips, go to File > Show Recordings.

#3. How to Record YouTube Videos with QuickTime

QuickTime player is a good choice to screen record YouTube streams on Mac. It's simple to use, highly customizable and doesn't include any extra ad-intrusion. The real benefit of QuickTime is that it can record computer screens and mobile device screens, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. However, due to DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, you may not be able to capture some copyright-protected videos.

Screen Record YouTube in QuickTime
Screen Record YouTube with QuickTime

Step 1: To begin, make sure the version of your machine is Mac OS X Snow Leopard or newer. And upgrade QuickTime player to the latest version on the App Store, either.

Step 2: Fire up QuickTime and move to the top ribbon at the top, File > New Screen Recording.

Step 3: Hit the downward arrow button to select a sound device and video quality.

Step 4: Click the Record button to start recording and choose an area you would like to capture.

Step 5: Once you're done, click the Stop button at the upper right corner and make it either local or in the cloud.

#4. How to Record YouTube Videos with ShareX

Every screen recorder claims to be lightweight, but ShareX is the only one to deliver in this respect. Installation takes seconds and the program file uses just about 8MB of your hard drive. Despite this characteristic, there's no compromise on features at all.

Along with the regional screen recording and full-screen recording, there are snapshot, scrolling screenshot, text scanning, GIF creator, image editor and many more. Furthermore, there's a lot to love about ShareX. It's an open source and cross platform program that doesn't cost anything and has a new release from time to time.

Screen Record YouTube in ShareX
Screen Record YouTube with ShareX

Step 1: Navigate to GetShareX and download it on your machine.

Step 2: After ShareX is opened, go for Capture > Screen recording > select to record the whole screen or a part of your screen. Of course, ShareX's screen recorder can be invoked via the keyboard shortcut. And screen recording will automatically start.

Step 3: To stop regional recording, just simply click the Stop button. To stop the full-screen recording, go to Capture > Screen recording once again.

Note: If your recording is pixelated, do remember to select a less compressed codec in Screen recording options.

#5. How to Record YouTube Videos with Screencastify

Screencastify is a beautifully simple and pleasing fast online screen recorder. You'll be able to make screencasts with barely a website browser, making it easy to record YouTube streams or create your own content.

But it's not just about screen recording. Screencastify offers a suitably broad raft of features, including online storage service, online video editor, high-definition recording, no watermark, and easy-to-use submit features. The downside of it is that you can only capture 5-minute content if you upgrade. And that might be prohibitive to some.

Screen Record YouTube in Screencastify
Screen Record YouTube in Screencastify

Step 1: Go to Screencastify and grab the plug-in on your browser.

Step 2: Click the plug-in to fire up the online recorder > select Browser Tab > and hit the Record button to get started.

Step 3: Click the plug-in to approach recording controls, and you can discard/restart/pause/stop recording in the controls.

Step 4: When the recording is complete, go for Download on the right-hand > Export as MP4 > Export > Download MP4. And the video clip is saved to your hard drive automatically.

FAQs about How to Record YouTube Videos

Is It Illegal to Record Video/Music From YouTube?

Any form of copying YouTube videos is illegal and immoral. To avoid copyright infringement, you would better to save YouTube videos with the help of YouTube Premium and never use them for any commercial purpose and distribute online.

What if I Used a Screen Recorder That Is Unsafe?

If you used a program that is unsafe and not qualified, the situations like quality downgrade, regular interruption might occur. And the worse is that it would carry malware or ransom ware that harms your computer, occupies your bandwidth, and even accesses your information.

Final Words

Saving YouTube videos with a screen recorder can increase your viewing pleasure, because local YouTube video files are AD-free, no buffering and allowed you to watch without the internet. And you don't have to concern about your favorite videos being taken down someday.

Throughout my recording test, VideoProc is the best option for those who are new to recording in this list. QuickTime will do just fine for macOS users. OBS and ShareX are both open source and cross platform. And Screencastify is a browser-based screen recorder that has a trial version and full version.

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