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8 Places to Find Free Vlog Music as Background for Video author By Cecilia Hwung

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To create an amazing YouTube vlog video, you'll need to find the right music track and sound effects, which helps show emotions and make your video stand out. To avoid copyright infringement, you can use public domain, creative commons or royalty-free music (What's the difference? Click here to learn more about music licensing).

After all, you should be extremely careful when searching background music for your daily/travel vlogs. YouTube has strict copyright policy and can take your video down if using music improperly.

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Luckily, there are loads of free (royalty-free) background music you can use.

In most cases, you're free to use no copyright and free music under Creative Commons in your vlogs, as long as you give a proper credit. But for royalty-free music, you may need to pay a license fee. So it's best to check the licensing rules carefully before downloading royalty free YouTube vlog music.

How to download music for your vlog?

VideoProc Converter, a multifunctional video toolkit, is built with a download engine that can fetch all the music from online platforms for free. The big plus is that it allows you to choose the audio format and quality for different editing needs.

download music for vlog with VideoProc COnverter

Now download VideoProc Converter here and paste the URL to its downloader to get the background music for free.

Free Download VideoProc Converter for Windows >>
Free Download VideoProc Converter for Mac >>

So where to download free and royalty-free music for vlogs?

Numerous artists release non-copyrighted or royalty-free music for creators to use in online videos. Here we list you 8 fantastic places to download free background music for vlog videos.

8 places to download free background music for vlogs



Soundcloud is a community of musicians constantly uploading their latest music tracks. Most songs on Soundcloud are free to use, as long as you follow the licensing requirements stated by the artists. If they don't, you can send a message to ask permission. This profile has already sorted hundreds of free vlog music you can use in YouTube videos, including background music used by famous vloggers like Casey Neistat. Just don’t forget to specify the track title and artist name in description.

YouTube Audio Library

youtube audio library

In Creator Studio, YouTube offers a variety of free music and sound effects for content creators and filmmakers. You can quickly find and download the tracks you need, based on genre, mood, instrument or duration. This is actually the safest place to find free music to use without getting a Copyright Strike. Not so long ago, YouTube added hundreds of new tracks to the Audio Library. You’ll definitely find the right track for your project.

Motion Array


Motion Array offers a variety of video assets including stock footage, templates, and royalty free music. As a paying member of their site, you can download unlimited amounts of music tracks to use in your videos, but they also have a free plan which gives you access to hundreds of tracks at no cost. All of their music, even free the tracks, are licensed for both personal and business uses and they are adding new royalty free music tracks every day.



Bensound is a great resource of royalty free music with various genres including folk, cinematic, pop, funky, jazz and more. You're able to use their music for free in online videos or animations if you credit Bensound.com. The best part is that you don’t need to register an account to download the free songs.

Free Stock Music

freestock music

In this website, you can download royalty free music files in MP3 or WAV format to accompany your vlogs. Most of those files are free to use even for commercial purpose (the attribution can be found on every song’s page). It also provides stock music that need to pay from other royalty-free music sites like AudioJungle in ads form.



HookSounds provides a huge collection of exclusive royalty free music in slick design. You can search them by categories, temp (BPM) and artists. The website has 4 types of license, one of which allows you free use tracks on online video platforms or social networks with attribution. Registration is not mandatory but you’ll need an email address to download the MP3 file, so if his style fit your vlogs, it would be more convenient to register an account here.

Jamendo Music

jamendo music

The best feature I love from Jamendo is that it builds various kinds of playlists in different theme, such as Cinematic Landscapes, City Stroll and Valentine's Day. So you may quickly find the background music to match your YouTube vlogs. It's also searchable by genres. You'll need to create an account via Facebook, Google or Email to download music for personal use only.



All music on Audionautix is created by Jason Shaw. You’re free to use all those awesome tracks as long as you credit the site, even for commercial purposes. Unlike other resources, you need to select genres, mood or tempo first to find the background music you want. No account is required. After clicking the download button, it launches a media player. Just click it or right-click to save as MP3 file.

If you have any recommendations regarding vlog music, please don't hesitate to reach us below:

YouTube Channels that Have Free Music Source

Some channels in YouTube itself have provided free YouTube Vlog music. Please see the best 6 channels:

1. YouTube - Vlog No Copyright Music Channel

This no copyright music YouTube channel is one of my favorite places to get quality background music for videos. Here you can find tons of nice summer vibes, relaxing and chill out beats especially for travel vlogs. All the music in this channel can be used in any of your YouTube or Twitch video, even monetized content, in the condition that you add producer social links and this channel.

2. Vlog Music No Copyright

Vlog Music No Copyright is one of the best vlog music channels on YouTube. It provides free copyright music that you can download to use in your daily/travel vlogs. The best part is that the channel uploads new songs everyday and sorts music by genres and moods. So you can easily find the perfect fit for drone or GoPro adventure videos. The license info shows in each song's description.

3. Free Vibes - Non Copyrighted Music

Free Vibes - Non Copyrighted Music provides free music that you can download and use in your video (most of them can be used commercially). Especially for vloggers and filmmarkers, you'll find various kinds of background music, such as upbeat, chill, cinematic trap beat instrumental background music from its playlists. With this no copyright music channel, you won't be worried about getting into troubles with copyright infringement anymore

4. Audio Library – No Copyright Music

Audio Library – No copyright music has over 1000 free to use music, sorted by mood, genre and artist. This is probably the best place to get the perfect fit for your vlog, landscape footage and travel video, etc. Sometimes before shooting or editing, I'll check this channel and get inspiration for my next video theme. The license info can be found in each video's description.

5. No Copyright Music - Free Audio Library

No Copyright Music – Free Audio Library is a music channel that promotes great royalty free music and copyright free background music – relaxing chillhop, vlog music, instrumentals, epic music and much more. The channel will request permission from the artists before promoting, so all tracks featured on this channel can be used in your YouTube content. Just don't forget to credit the original artists!

Bonus: How to edit background music for your vlog?

Simply merging the music with your footage could add some artistic touch to it, but not enough for making vlogs like YouTube celebrities.

VideoProc Vlogger, a non-linear video editor by Digiarty Software Inc., comes to help you edit music like a pro. It has a full set of audio editing tools like cut, mute, fade in/out, and equalize, filters, and effects to edit the song as your liking. Notably, it exceeds many peers with a music beat analyzer to assist you to edit to the beat regardless of the music genre.

Edit background music for vlog in VideoProc Vlogger

Now download and try VideoProc Vlogger to take your vlog to the next level with perfect background music.

Free Download VideoProc Vlogger for Windows >>
Free Download VideoProc Vlogger for Mac >>


Here you've learned where to download free background music for your Vlog. It's also important to know how to choose the right music for video. Please take a tour of our website for more great video editing tips!

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