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Converting videos doesn't mean just changing file formats to solve the incompatibility issue. It may also relate to recompressing, re-encoding, and changing the parameters like resolutions, bitrates, and fps. The free video converter is the only one that utilizes level-3 hardware acceleration to realize 47x real-time encoding speed, coupled with cutting-edge AI tools to enhance visual quality. It is a solid choice if you're trying to make your video collection playable, editable, or shareable. Learn more about the best video converter in 2024.

  • Video
    1. AVI
    2. AVS
    3. AVCHD
    4. MOV
    5. MKV
    6. MP4
    7. H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
    8. H.265/HEVC
    9. WebM
    10. DivX
    11. DV
    12. FLV
    13. M2TS
  • Audio
    1. AAC
    2. DTS
    3. FLAC
    4. M4A
    5. MP3
    6. OGG
    7. WAV
    8. WMA
    9. And more: A52, AC3, AIF, AIFF, AMR, ANX, AOB, APE, AQT, ASX, AXA, M2A, MKA, MLP, MOD, MP1, MP2, MPA, MPC, OGA, OMA, RA, RAM, SPX, TTA, VOC, VQF, WV, XA, XM, ...
  • DVD
    1. Commercial DVD discs
    2. Homemade DVD discs
    3. VIDEO_TS folders
    4. ISO image files
    5. CDR
  • Online sites
    1. URLs from 1000+ online sites
  • M3U8
    1. M3U8 content folder
    2. M3U8 link
  • Other
    1. 3D SBS
    2. 3D TB
    3. 3D Alternating frames
    4. 360 videos
    5. VR videos
    6. GIF
  • Video
    1. 4K (H.264 MP4, HEVC, MOV, MKV, ProRes, WebM)
    2. 3G2 (Xvid)
    3. 3GP (H.263)
    4. ASF (MPEG4)
    5. AVI (DivX, Xvid)
    6. DV (DV-NTSC)
    7. DivX (DivX)
    8. F4V (H.264)
    9. FLV (H.263)
    10. M4V (H.264)
    11. MKV (H.264; HEVC, MPEG2, Xvid)
    12. MOV (H.264, ProRes)
    13. MP4 (H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG4)
    14. MPEG1 (MPEG1)
    15. MPEG2 (MPEG2)
    16. OGV (OGV)
    17. SWF (FLV)
    18. TS (MPEG2)
    19. VOB (MPEG2)
    20. WebM (VP8)
    21. WMV (WMV2)
    22. And more...
  • Audio
    1. MP3 (MP3)
    2. M4A (AAC)
    3. WAV (PCM)
    4. FLAC (FLAC)
    5. AAC (AAC)
    6. OGG (OGG)
    7. AC3 (AC3)
    8. AIFF (PCM)
    9. CAF (ADPCM)
    10. M4R (AAC)
    11. And more...
  • Image
    1. PNG
    2. JPG
    3. GIF
  • Subtitle
    1. SRT
    2. ASS
  • For devices
    1. For iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV
    2. For Huawei
    3. For Samsung
    4. For HTC
    5. For Amazon
    6. For Google
    7. For Lenovo
    8. For Acer
    9. For Asus
    10. For LG
    11. For Microsoft Surface
    12. For Xbox
    13. For Sony PS4/3/Vita PSP
    14. For General TVs
    15. For General phones, tablets and more...
  • For editing
    1. MP4 for iMovie (H.264, MPEG4)
    2. MP4 for FCP (H.264, MPEG4)
    3. MOV for FCP (ProRes 422HQ)
    4. MOV for FCP (ProRes 422)
    5. MOV for FCP (ProRes 422LT)
    6. MOV for FCP (ProRes Poxy)
    7. MOV forFCP (ProRes 4444)
  • For sharing & streaming
    1. MP4 for YouTube (H.264)
    2. FLV for YouTube (H.264)
    3. MP4 for Facebook (MPEG4)
    4. MOV for Facebook (MPEG4)
    5. AVI for Facebook (DivX)
    6. FLV for Facebook (H.264)
    7. MP4 for Vimeo (H.264)
    8. WMV for Web (WMV2)
    9. AVI for Web (DivX)
    10. MOV for Web (MPEG4)
    11. MP4 for Web (MPEG4)
    12. M3U8 playlist for live streaming
  • Other
    1. MP4 for iDVD (H.264, MPEG4)
    2. MP4 for iTunes (H.264, MPEG4)
    3. ISO image (MPEG2)
    4. VIDEO_TS Folder (MPEG2)
    5. MPG (MPEG2)
    6. And more...

New: Add 3 AI tools to enhance old, SD, shaky and low-quality videos/images quality magically

AI tools are currently exclusive to Windows, with Mac AI features coming soon.
Get VideoProc Converter Full version today, enjoy unlimited features, and benefit from free AI updates when available.

370+ Input Codecs, 420+ Output FormatsAnswer All Your Concerns about Compatibility

Support footage from anywhere, like GoPro, DJI, 4K camcorders, CCTVs, car DVRs, DVDs, and so on. Make videos playable on any players and platforms. Just drag the files in the software, select an output format, and your problem will be solved within clicks!

  • Video to Video/Audio/Image

    Embrace diverse formats – HEVC, H264, VP9, MOV, TS, MKV to MP4, 3D to 2D, MP4 to MP3, video to JPG, and more. See the full list of supported formats
    New! Using AI to convert videos from 30/60 FPS to 120/240/480 FPS, get smoother results with less artifacts

  • DVD to Video/Audio

    Effortlessly back up homemade/99-title/new DVDs to your hard drive. Convert DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, iPhone, Android, PS4, Xbox, and make a copy in 5 minutes!
    New! Using AI-powered Super Resolution to convert low-quality DVDs by 2X, 3X, 4X, reviving their vitality.

  • Audio to Audio

    Built-in audio converter for music lovers. Extract audio from video, convert between MP3, ARF, M4A, WAV, Flac, AC3, OGG, WMA, AIFF, and the like, or make a bit-for-bit copy to enjoy the Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound.

Get Ideal Formats, Sizes, and QualityConvert, Compress, and Enhance with AI. For More...

Solve video format, size issues, enhance quality with AI. Meet needs of movie buffs, music fans, photographers, videographers, and creators repurposing videos.

  • Playable

    Struggling with GoPro, DJI, camera, or DVD playback? Our free video converter ensures universal compatibility for your 4K, HEVC, MOV, MP4, MKV, and other videos, and makes them more steadier, smoother, and higher-resolution with AI algorithms.

  • Editable

    Video editing tools don't open to all types of media files. The software can turn the bugbears such as 4K, HDR, VR 360 into something more compatible. It can also convert regular videos to some intra-frame, uncompressed formats that are good for editing, such as ProRes, DV and x264.

  • Shareable

    Some social media platforms don't support HEVC, some have limits on the uploaded video size and length, while some will reduce your video quality. The tool helps you convert and compress videos in a smart way to meet the requirements of YouTube, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc.

The No.1 Fastest Video Converter EverLevel-3 Hardware Acceleration, 47X Extreme Efficiency

Our exclusive Level-3 Hardware Acceleration, paired with the industry-lending Intel, AMD, NVIDIA GPUs, and Apple M1/M2/M3 (Pro/Max/Ultra), delivers Up to 47x real-time faster video processing and encoding (at up to 500fps). Don't just take our words for it. Test it yourself!

Learn more about the Level-3 Hardware Acceleration >

Cutting-edge Technologies

Free Add-on FeaturesBeyond Ultimate Media Conversion

It's integrated with AI-powered Stabilization, Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation to boost visual quality to next-level. Make changes happen magically!

Edit Videos
Cut, crop, split, merge, rotate, subtitle, watermark, reduce noise, make GIFs, take snapshots. Utilize AI-driven Stabilization, Super Resolution, Frame Interpolation to enhance visual quality significantly.
Download Videos
Download video and audio online, supporting 1000+ websites. Save or convert to any formats and 4K/HD resolutions you like. Support batch download and schedule for live video recording.
Record Screen & Webcam
Record your screen, webcam, or both in PiP mode. Allow green screen recording for changing the background. Utility tools to highlight your gameplay, webinars, and instruction recording.
Free Download

How to Convert Videos with VideoProc Converter AI?

  1. Step1
    Add your video files

    Open the video converter, click the Video icon, and click the "+ Video" button or drag the file(s) to the interface. You can also add video folders or music files.

  2. Step2
    Select an output format

    Go to the "Target Format", and select any format or profile you need for output: MP4 H.264, HEVC, 4K, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, PS4, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

  3. Step3
    Start conversion

    Click on the "RUN" button to start the super-fast video/audio conversion.

Convert Videos in VideoProc Converter


What is the best video converter?

For a video converter to be the best among its peers, the critical criteria to look for are:

  • Range of codecs and formats supported
  • Conversion quality and speed
  • Ease of use and batch task support
  • Degree of customizability for advanced codec settings
  • Video decoding and encoding efficiency
  • Good customer support and regular updates to include the latest tech in video processing
  • Free without watermark or competitively priced for the features offered

The high-quality video converter, as demonstrated by VideoProc Converter AI, will help you to convert and compress videos on a case-by-case basis, that is, the conversion decisions are made by advanced algorithms based on the analysis of each frame, the complexity of the image, and the motion in between, thus achieving the indented balance between image quality, file size, and speed.

What are the must-have and nice-to-have features of a video converter?

More often overlooked, these are the core features that make the best video converter stands out:

  1. Robust support for mainstream and rare formats, no defects after conversion
  2. Option to remux and swap container, no re-encoding and thus guarantee 100% original image quality
  3. Toggle 2-pass encoding to better allocate bitrate for complex scenes
  4. Keep audio/video in sync, no frame drops or freezes, no audio defects after conversion

Depending on the use case and your goals, here are some nice-to-have features:

  1. Quick editing features to streamline the workflow
  2. Video enhancing features such as video stabilization, denoise, filters, black bar removal, wrong orientation fixer, lens correction, and color LUTs
  3. Toolbox to record screen, convert DVD, extract audio, handle subtitles, convert video to GIF, image sequences, split video by duration or time, merge spanned clips, create ISO, make MKV, etc.
  4. Video editing-friendly codecs such as ProRes for the post-production crowds

VideoProc Converter is high on the list to include all these core features and add-ons, and it is the only one that supports level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech, which is the key to enhancing conversion speed without compromising image quality.

What influences the speed of video conversion?

There are three dimensions at stake: the specs of the source video, your computer hardware configuration, and the efficiency of the video converter. On the video side, factors such as source file size, resolution, encoding methods are the main concerns. Better GPU CPU, larger RAM, etc normally deliver better performance.

But don't worry, a well-designed video converter will influence the speed of video conversion and may surprise you even on old computers. The key is: hardware acceleration, efficient encoder/decoder and flexible options that allow you to tweak codec settings.

VideoProc Converter support full-level hardware acceleration, with a massive 47x performance boost. It can significantly relieve the burden from CPU (to 2% for instance). Better yet, this converter support remux, so that user can pass through the media when transcoding is not necessary, thus maintaining 1:1 quality and speeding up the processing.

Some converters deliver a faster result by compromising video quality, that's not the case with VideoProc Converter. Users can always choose high-quality engine, and use efficient codecs to achieve a balance between conversion speed, file size and image quality.

Why does the size of a video file increase drastically after conversion in some converters?

Poorly programmed video converter may struggle to keep the quality by increasing the bitrate (and thus a larger file size), or it doesn't support the latest efficient codecs that achieve better compression rate at the same image quality.

A well-designed video converter supports variable bitrate (VBR) and 2-pass encoding to better distribute bitrate for complex scenes, while maintaining the overall bitrate level. Plus, a high-efficiency codec such as H265 reduces file size by 50% at the same quality. These are at the cores for VideoProc Converter to deliver results better and faster.

How to convert video without losing quality?

1. When the target format and source video support the same codecs, then you don't need to transcode but only swap the container. In this way, the video and audio stream stays the same – known as remux in the industry. With VideoProc Converter, you don't need to check about the details, simply enable Auto-Copy and the converter will remux the video for you.

2. When transcoding is a must, you can enable 2-pass encoding for VideoProc Converter to better analyze the video frame by frame, and calculate the best way to distribute the bitrate, allowing more data for complex scenes, and less data for simple, still scenes.

VideoProc is a primary branch of Digiarty Software that is a leading multimedia software company founded in 2006. It endeavors to provide easier hardware-accelerated video audio editing and conversion solutions. The installed base of the VideoProc product has reached 4.6 million units from 180 countries since its release 3 years ago.

Any third-party product names and trademarks used on this website, including but not limited to Apple, are property of their respective owners.

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