"VideoProc Vlogger" Action Video Editing Contest

Follow the one-stop editing map to perfect your action videos and win GoPro HERO 10!

What is VideoProc Vlogger?

Intuitive and capable vlogging software for all creators. Make impressive video edits for everyday creativity, special moments, or fun. Download now and create content that you'll proudly share.

Download VideoProc Vlogger

To celebrate the release of VideoProc Vlogger, we launch this contest and invite you to try the "New Arrival". Download the software, make a stunning video, and upload it to YouTube.
Incredible prizes are waiting for you!
Contest runs: Sep 24th - Nov 12th

How to Enter

  • 1Step

    Browse the editing map below. Download VideoProc Vlogger and make your content with GoPro/action footage or any shots. Watch video guide

  • 2Step

    Share your video on YouTube and tag with #videoprocvlogger, #videoprocvlogcontest

    Make sure your video is at least 30 sec long.
    Upload it before Nov 12nd, 2021.
    Read detailed rules
  • 3Step

    Fill in your video link and email address below, and click "Submit and Win Prizes" to join our campaign.

"VideoProc Vlogger" Editing Map

import and split videos in VideoProc Vlogger

Edit 4K HEVC with Ease

VideoProc Vlogger natively supports all types of videos, audios and images. Edit 4K/8K/HDR 10bit and any raw footage at the speed of your thoughts.

#edit by frame# #smooth on low specs PCs#


Create Motion Effects


Unable to take motion tracking under 4K mode. Footage shot in a fixed position looks flat.

VideoProc Vlogger

Lets you master camera movement effects in minutes. Zoom, Pan, Dolly, Rotate, Motion Crop, etc. All made easy with presets and keyframe.


Fix Lens Distortion

GoPro VideoProc Vlogger

It's unable to remove fisheye under wide-angle mode (before GoPro HERO9).

No worries! De-fisheye in VideoProc with one click.

correct lens in VideoProc Vlogger

Edit Speed Like a Pro

#GoPro slow-mo# #120fps/240 fps#
VideoProc Vlogger provides visualized speed ramp to help you make non-linear variable speed changes to any video clips. Either choose from 14 presets or manually adjust curve to apply seamless speed transition, create highlight reels, demonstrate skills and more.
edit colors in VideoProc Vlogger

Color Correction & Grading

GoPro VideoProc Vlogger

Underwater/low-light videos need color correction.

In VideoProc Vlogger, you can use built-in Luts and Filters for quick color fixing, or advanced features to make Protuned-videos cinematic.

Denoise and Edit BGM


Bad recording environment leads to unwanted background/wind noise.

VideoProc Vlogger

Provides advanced audio tools to fix noise, improve/change voice, mute original soundtrack, add BGM, edit to the beat and more!

Export 4K Video

From the first step to the last, editing and exporting 4K videos is hassle-free in VideoProc Vlogger. Ready to create? You'll get full videos without watermark.

#High Quality Rendering Engine#

export videos with multiple formats in VideoProc Vlogger
Download VideoProc Vlogger

Prize & Rules

Winners will be chosen based on originality, quality, and likes on YouTube (at least 10 likes).

PRIZES: GoPro HERO10 Black (1-Year GoPro Subscription), GoPro 3-Way 2.0 grip arm tripods, SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXCs, Camera Microphones.

PS: The top 1 winner with the highest likes will have the opportunity to participate in "The $2,000 Rewards Contest".

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prizes for the contest

* The event is irrelevant to any action cameras companies.

User Guide

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