List of the 3 Best Video Editing Services / Companies in 2021

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If you are searching for the best video editing service to edit videos from trips, the wedding or just home footage, then check out this article. It will help you pick the best company that won't disappoint you with the result. We have selected 3 video editing services that are worth your time and money, described the ordering process, the services provided and the results received.

We sent them the same videos in order to see how long the entire process takes, in what way each company performs color grading and works with the selection of the best frames, as well as how much it all costs approximately. We have done it in order to help you pick the best service for editing videos.

1. FixThePhoto

Video Editing Service - Fixthephoto

Website: the company has an intuitive website that isn’t overloaded with unnecessary details. FixThePhoto video editing services section is available immediately from the main page, so you can see prices and examples of edits. Besides, the company provides drone video editing services, real estate video editing, corporate video editing services, as well as editing wedding, home videos and footage taken with GoPro.

Ordering process: it is quite simple. Clicking on the “Start project” button will take you to a new page with several questions, for instance, the preferred video length, the genre of the video, whether you need music or not. After sending the questionnaire, the manager contacted us within an hour.

Services: Basic Level (Color Correction, Sound Adjustment, Music Adding, Adding Simple Header, etc.) and Additional Services (Every Next 30 Min + 60$, Up to 50 Photos Adding + 50$, Animated Text/Titles Adding +50$).

Pricing: from $80

Availability of discounts: the company offers discounts for regular users with large orders. You will get a 15% discount if the total cost for order exceeds $1500 or a 30% discount if the total cost is more than $3000.

Final result: we ordered the editing of a video taken during the trip for the blog. We had almost 4 hours of footage. At FixThePhoto, all the materials were edited within a week. We really like how the color correction is performed, especially in the evening. The edited video is exciting and dynamic.

They have also added suitable music, which is distributed with free copyrights, and cleaned up the sound of dialogues that were initially distorted by a strong wind. Also, videographers added text inserts with an easy-to-read nice font.

2. Webdew

Video Editing Service - Webdew

Website: the company has a fairly simple and intuitive website. On the main page, you can visit the services section, as well as the portfolio section to view the edited videos. Speaking of drawbacks, there is no information on prices for the company’s services.

Ordering process: the company doesn’t offer the ability to make an order directly. You can just fill out a small questionnaire in order to establish communication with site managers. Fortunately, they responded quickly enough, within 4 hours.

Services: Commercial Ads, Explainer Videos, Educational Videos, Tutorial Videos, Product Demo, Testimonial Videos, Video Series, Social Media Ads.

Pricing: calculated individually for each order.

Availability of discounts: discounts can be obtained for large volumes and are discussed individually.

Final result: this video editor service focuses more on animated videos than on personal vlogs. That’s why we asked them to create an intro for a YouTube channel using our footage taken during the trip.

The work was done quite well, although we didn’t like the font. The color correction was significantly improved. The most interesting frames were selected, which made the intro very dynamic.

But the big disappointment was the time that the company spent on creating the video. It took them almost a month to complete the order, which is very long considering that we didn’t ask to draw and animate the video from scratch.

3. Wow-How Studio

Video Editing Service - Wow-How

Website: the company’s website is quite appealing and interesting. But you can get slightly confused by the navigation buttons. Or rather, by the content of the buttons because the text of pop-ups kind of merges with the background. Also, we didn’t find any lists with prices for video editing service.

Ordering process: the process is carried out by filling in contact details and describing the service you need. During the day, the managers contacted us to accept the order and clarify all the details.

Services: The company offers a vast array of video editing services, as well as creating animated videos from scratch. Video editing includes professional voiceover, sound clearing, color correction, adding subtitles and animation.

Pricing: calculated individually depending on the order.

Availability of discounts: we didn’t find any information about discounts or promotions for services.

Final result: we received the edited video during the second week after placing the order. The company selected quite interesting and decent frames for our video from the trip. But color correction and work with lighting wasn’t performed at the highest level.

In some areas, the video was too bright and washed out, although this may be an artistic idea of the editors. The sound has become cleaner, but the music they picked seemed inappropriate for the final video.

The added animation is exciting and interesting. Undoubtedly, animation is the strong point of Wow-How Studio. For a more eye-catching look, they added not only pop-up bars with text but also extra graphic elements.

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