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Adjust Audio Speed Without Changing Pitch

Changing the speed of audio without affecting its pitch can be helpful, especially when you want to learn lyrics to a song or a new language from audiobooks.

VideoProc Vlogger allows you to adjust audio speed without changing pitch. Through the steps below, you'll learn how to do it. Let's download, install, and run VideoProc Vlogger.

Watch video tutorial on how to adjust audio speed without changing pitch, or read text instructions below.

Step 0 Create a new project

Lanuch VideoProc Vlogger. When a project panel pops up, complete the general settings to create a new project.

Start a project in VideoProc Vlogger for audio editing

Step 1 Load audio to VideoProc Vlogger

Add an audio file (.mp3, .aac, .m4r, .ogg, etc.) from your computer to the media library, and then drag it to the timeline.

Add audio files to VideoProc Vlogger

Step 2 Open Speed Editor

Click to select the audio track in the timline. Open Speed Editor by clicking Speed in the toolbar.

Open Speed Editor

Step 3 Adjust audio speed without changing pitch

The option, Change Pitch, is disabled by default, so you can keep the original pitch while adjusting audio speed.

Now you can change the audio speed in 3 ways:

Option 1. Adjust audio speed at a constant rate.

Select a preset speed effect among the 16 types of default speed effects without changing pitch.

Constant speed effect: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 2x, 4x and 8x. E.g. 2x will double the speed at a constant rate.

Adjust audio speed constantly

Option 2. Customize the audio speed.

Add points to the postion where you want to apply speed effects in the audio. Then drag the curved lines between each two points to change the speed.

Customize audio speed

Option 3. Adjust audio speed with the preset speed effects.

Select a preset speed effect among the 16 types of default speed effects without changing pitch.

Variable speed effect: Montage, Heartbeat, Hero, Bullet, Jump, Fast In, Fast Out, Speed Up, and Speed Down. They are awesome effects that can achieve a curvilinear change of audio speed.

Besizer curve presets for audio speed changing

Step 4 Appy speed

Hit the blue button Apply to finish changing the audio speed. Then you'll be navigated to the main interface where you can proceed to edit or export the project from VideoProc Vlogger.

Free download VideoProc Vlogger to edit the video and fine-tune the audio to sound professional.

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