Ready to Know How to Get Famous on TikTok? Here Are 10 Ways

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TikTok has taken the social media game by storm. With over six billion lifetime downloads on the iOS and Google Play stores, it is clear that the app has become pretty popular for many different age groups.

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Many people have been wondering how to get TikTok famous so they can start making money and gaining millions of followers. They want to follow in the footsteps of their favorite TikTokers and see what doors can open for them too! Yet, everyone has to start somewhere.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the ten simple rules you need to follow to get TikTok famous.

How to Get TikToke Famous

1. Find the Right Lighting

When you're filming a TikTok, one of the first things you should consider is the lighting. You'll notice famous TikTok users all film in bright lighting where you can see their faces and even the background. Make sure that you're conscious of these things when you're setting up to film a video for TikTok.

How can you find the right lighting?

Most famous TikTokers have invested in ring lights that let them film anywhere in their homes. All they need to do is set up the ring light, and they're good to go. Yet, that can get a bit pricey when you're starting to grow your account.

Instead, use natural lighting when filming your TikTok. Either film by an open window or head outside if it's a nice day.

If you have a poor quality TikTok, chances are people are going to continue to scroll by and not give you the view. Having good lighting in your TikTok video is going to help improve the quality of your video.

2. Make Creative Videos

If you're wondering how to get famous on TikTok, one of the best ways is to make sure your videos stand out. You can do that by making creative TikTok videos.

The easiest way to do that is by coming up with funny skits or ideas that you want to share with your followers. Sometimes people will find a new product they enjoy and make a video about that. TikTok is all about finding new things that you care about to share with people.

Be sure to also consider the way you edit your TikTok videos. TikTok has some great editing features within their app, but you can also upload a video that you've edited somewhere else. You can edit on your smartphone and then upload the video to TikTok to make the finishing touches.

Edit TikTok Videos

3. Jump On TikTok Trends

Being the next big TikTok influencer means knowing when it's the right time to jump on TikTok trends. As someone trying to grow on TikTok, you should also be watching TikToks and looking to see if you can make a trending video that people are going to enjoy.

Oftentimes, a trend will go around that tons of people make content for and can even gain lots of followers from. It's your job to jump on these trends as soon as possible. That way, your video can get pushed higher in the algorithm and viewed by more people.

It is also important to come up with an original idea when doing TikTok trends. That way, people will think you're creative and want to follow you for more interesting content. For example, one of the most popular trends was the silhouette challenge, and many people grew their accounts from this challenge.

Silhouette Challenge on TikTok

Following the trends is a huge part of TikTok, and you should make sure that you're always on the lookout for the next big trend no matter what it is.

4. Create a Viral Video

Once you've done all the hard work of creating compelling and unique videos, you need to hope that the TikTok algorithm takes over. Viral videos are one of the keys to achieving TikTok fame and gaining tons of followers overnight.

By having high-quality and interesting videos, you're doing half of the work it takes to make your video go viral. It does take a bit of help from the followers you do have. Sometimes if TikTok sees that your followers are interacting with your content, it will start to send it out to other people that might be interested.

A viral video can also happen if more people share your video.

In the end, to get a viral video, you simply need to cross your fingers and hope. Sometimes the TikTok algorithm can be good to you and start pushing your video out to more people right away. You'll start to see the results from this rather quickly.

5. Use Trending Sounds

Another one of the best TikTok tricks you need to use to gain fame is using trending sounds. These sounds can be funny, sad, or even music. Yet, they add a unique element to your video.

Most people will make an awesome video and forget to add music to TikTok before hitting upload on TikTok. Without adding a trending sound, you're missing out on an entire audience that you could have been targeting.

That's because all the TikTok using a certain sound can all be found in the same place. If someone is looking for a video, they can find it by looking at that sound. You may find that you get tons of new followers by using a specific song, which is why you should always remember to add sounds to your TikTok.

6. Add Hashtags to Your Description

Another way to get people to find your video is by adding hashtags to your description. Like any other social media platform, hashtags are crucial to help you get recognized by potential followers and even the TikTok algorithm.

Yet, you need to make sure you're being selective and not too general when it comes to the hashtags you use on your video. Make sure you choose hashtags that are prominent to what you're doing and something that people will actually search on TikTok.

That's because you should only use about four to five hashtags on each video. Remember, TikTok also limits you to 100 characters in your description, so you need to think wisely about what you want to include.

7. Upload Your Video at the Right Time

Another way to grow your following on TikTok is to be sure that you're uploading at the right time to get the most engagement on your posts. You want to make sure that your followers are active as well as potential followers on TikTok.

The best days to upload your videos are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. You should post on these days between 6 am to 7 am or 7 pm to 11 pm, and specifically, 9 am on Tuesday, 12 pm on Thursday and 5 am on Friday to get the most interaction.

Best Time to Post on TikTok Globally

What it boils down to is staying consistent with your uploads. Creating a schedule for these times can also help you to get more followers and gain TikTok fame.

8. Don't Forget to Engage

Engagement is key to growing and gaining fame on TikTok. It is a social media platform, after all!

What's the best way to engage with your followers on TikTok? Do your best to respond to each of the comments you get on your video. You can even like the comments to show that you read and appreciate each one of them.

There is also the feature of video responding to comments on TikTok. That means, when someone leaves a comment on one of your videos, you can make another video to respond to it. You can do this if you get a lot of the same question and want to make a video addressing it.

Sometimes people only comment back to negative comments they receive on TikTok. Yet, this is what you shouldn't do.

Make sure you're engaging and responding to everyone who takes the time out of their day to comment on your videos. It shows that you're a real person and that you want to build a relationship with your followers.

9. Go Live

Once you hit 1,000 followers on TikTok, you'll be granted the feature to go live. That means you can live stream to all your followers and even gain some new ones along the way.

Live streaming is another great way to connect with the people that follow you and to build a relationship with them. They will be able to see another side of you that you aren't able to show in your videos.

The best part about building a relationship with the people who follow you is they will start to enjoy your content even more. That's because they will feel like they know you personally.

Having followers that support all your content is one of the easiest ways to get famous on TikTok quickly and build a larger following.

10. Be Yourself

One of the biggest tips you need to know when trying to figure out how to get famous on TikTok is that you need to be yourself. There are millions of creators on the app that are always posting new and interesting content, and the best way to stand out is to make sure your personality shows through.

Don't try to imitate any other TikTok influencer because you think that's what you should be doing. Instead, make sure you stay true to yourself and post the type of videos you enjoy.

Learning How to Get TikTok Famous

If you're on a mission to learn how to get TikTok Famous so you can get tons of follows or start making money, we have you covered. Be sure to follow our simple steps and make interesting videos that people are going to want to watch. You'll start to see your follower count getting higher and higher.

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