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Freemake Video Converter Review - Is it Still Safe and Free to Use?

Freemake Video Converter, as its name implies, is a powerful and surprisingly versatile video converter that is pretty easy to use. However, this capable converter hasn't been updated since 2017. Thus made me wonder: Is it still the favorite one to transcode videos? To figure out the answer, we are going to make an in-depth review of the Freemake video converter. If you are still hesitating to have Freemake Video Converter or getting tired of wading through a sea of media converters to find the right one, this post is for you.

Freemake Video Converter Review
Freemake Video Converter Review

Part 1: Does Freemake Video Converter Run on Mac? 

No, Freemake Video Converter is only available for Windows. If we Google "Freemake video converter for mac", we can still get lots of websites that claim to be capable of offering Freemake Video Converter for Mac. However, none of them are offering us the real thing. Installer packs from those websites may contain malware and viruses. Ellora Assets Corporation, who made Freemake video converter, only rolled out Freemake video converter that runs on Windows 10/8/7/vista.

Part 2: What Features Freemake Video Converter Have?

The core feature of Freemake Video Converter is converting video from and to different formats. Besides, it allows us to do quick and simple edits for short videos. Let's dive and review its core feature in the first place to figure out:

1. Is it Really Novice-Friendly to Use?

Yes, the interface is very straightforward to get adapt to. After launching, we can add +Video/ +Audio/ +DVD/ +Photo to load one or multiple media to the program. Then the metadata information of the loaded file (video length, video codec, audio codec, bitrate, frame rate) will display next to its thumbnail. There are two icons on the right side of the video bar. We can click the one with the scissor symbol for trimming, rotating, and subtitling videos or click the other one for adding visual effects. If need to merge the imported clips, we can turn on Join files. 

2. What Formats are Supported by Freemake Video Converter?

Freemake Video Converter promised the ability to convert "all to any", but do it really does?

1) Freemake Video Converter Supported Input Formats:

Here is a from its official site for you to take a quick look at all it's supported formats. As it said, it does have a wide range of supported input formats. However, HEVC, VP9, and many popular formats are absent. That's really annoyed since most action cameras, drones and even phones are capturing footages in HEVC.

• Video Formats: avi, mp4, wmv, mkv, dvd, mpg, 3gp, flv, swf, tod, mts, mov, m4v, rm, qt, ts
Video Codec: Amv flh, ogm, avchd, fli, ogv, avs, flm, pva. Blk, flt, r3d, bnk, cavs, cdg, dpg, dv 1394, dxa, ea, ffm, film, film_cpk, flc, flx, gxf, h.264, h.263, h.264, mj2, mjpg, mkm,mtv, mxf, nc,nut,nuv,rax, rms, rmx, rpl,rtsp, sdp,smk,thp,vc1,vfw,vro

• Audio Formats: mp3, aac, ogg, wma, wav, flac, m4a, amr, ape, m4r
Audio Codec: au, aif, aiff, aifc, ac3, adts alaw, apc, caf, dts, gsd, gsm, mka, mlp, mmf, m4r, mp1, mp2, mpeg3, mpc, mp+, m2a, nut, oma, qcp, ra, rmj, shn, tta, voc, w64, wv, xa

• Image Formats: bmp, jpg, gif, png, tif
Image Codec: anm, dpx, pam, pdm, pcx, pgm, sgi, sr, ras, tga, txd

Is that possible Freemake Video Converter supports those advanced codecs, but not written it on the lists? Let's see what will happen if we put an HEVC on it. It won't identify the imported HEVC videos, and we are not allowed to do any editing works for it. 

Load 4K HEVC Video to Freemake
Load 4K HEVC Video to Freemake

2) Freemake Video Converter Supported Output Formats: 

There are very limited formats Freemake Video Converter can generate. We are only allowed to convert videos to H.264, XVID, VC1, MPEG2/4, H.263, FLV, WMV3, H.264PC, VP8, AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, DVD, Blu-ray formats. As for audio, it can create MP3, 3GP, AAC, OGG media.

There are preset for use quick convert videos to MPEG, 3GP, MKV, FLV, Sony, XBOX, Samsung, Android, Apple, Blue-ray, SWF, HTML5, Nokia, BlackBerry. Sounds convenient to use? The disturbing thing is that those presets are for the devices before 2017, not for today. For example, there is no output format preset for iPhone 6/7/8/XR. We have to set the parameters on our own. This is not friendly for beginners who know little about the terminologies of media codecs.

Presets on Freemake Video Converter
Presets on Freemake Video Converter

3. Is Freemake Video Converter Speedy to Convert?

I'm afraid not. From my test, it eats lots of CPU resources while converting. Though the conversion efficiency can vary from the specific type of clips, I do see it's relatively slow response compared to VideoProc, Handbrake, and other similar converters. 

Clip 1: 34 seconds, HEVC MP4, 8192x4320 pixels (resolution), 32.6Mbps (bitrate), 120fps (frame rate)

  • What I did: convert clip 1 to 1080P H.264 MP4 with the default settings
  • It's performance: Freemake got stuck when it finished the process of 53% for hours. I clicked Cancel to exit the conversion, but there was no response. So I restarted the computer and had another try, still couldn't make it through.
  • Under the same case, VideoProc took 10 minutes and Handbrake took 16 minutes to get the job done. 
  • Clip 2: 28 seconds, H.264 MP4, 4096x2160 pixels (resolution), 21940kbps (bitrate), 23.98fps (frame rate)
  • What I Did: convert clip 2 to 1080P H.264 MP4 with the default settings
  • It's performance: it crashed and failed to convert.
  • Under the same case: VideoProc took 20 seconds and Handbrake took 58 seconds to convert.
  • Clip 3: 28 seconds, ProsRes MOV, 1920x1080 pixels (resolution), 99698kbps (bitrate), 30fps(frame rate)
  • What I Did: convert Clip 3 to 1080P, H.264 MP4 video with the default settings
  • It's performance:  it took 30 seconds to go through.
  • Under the same case: VideoProc took 12 seconds and Handbrake took 25 seconds for the whole process
  • 4. Will I Lose Quality After Conversion with Freemake Video Converter? 

    One thing we should bear in mind is that any conversion that comes with the change in codec will bring loss in quality more or less. A decent video converter will minimum that loss as much as possible. I take a comparison of the video quality of clip2 before and after convert, you can check the below picture for better reference. The picture generated by Freemake falls short of expectations as it is visibly noisier than those come from VideoProc. 

    Freemake Video Converter Output Quality
    Freemake Video Converter Output Quality

    Part 3 Is Freemake Video Converter Safe?

    Many users complain that Freemake Video Converter is a scam. Do it really come with the virus?

    Though downloading Freemake Video Converter from its official site, I still receive the notice of malware from my anti-virus program when installing the converter. The malware scanner reminds me that an unknown and unessential windows process may be possible a Trojan as it is going to configure itself to automatically start whenever I log in to the computer

    To put it plainly, Freemake Video Converter will run in the background and connect to sites on the Internet without my permission. The culprit is the extension of freemakeUtilsService and ProductUpdater, they are found in
    C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Freemake Shared\ProductUpdater on my computer.

    So what freemakeUtilsService and ProductUpdater is, will they set my computer under security risks?

    FreemakeUtilsService is a process that used for updating, collecting and sending crash reports to the Freemake server, but it can also collect our personal information, for instance, passwords, IP, and etc. ProductUpdater is the automatic updater for Freemake Video Converter, Freemake Video Downloader, Freemake Audio Converter, and other Freemake Software. Basically, there isn't much needed to be worried as Freemake Video Converter claim to won't collect any of our personal information.

    There are also many users who blame Freemake Video Converter as spam as it charges without amortization. However, that's perhaps unfair because Freemake Video Converter does have informed us the subscription will renew automatically after the initial one-week or one-month term. To better understand what I'm saying and, keep reading:

    Part 4: Is Freemake Video Converter Free to Use?

    The core function of Freemake Video Converter is free, but features like removing the Freemake logo, converting YouTube to MP3 audios and many others need to be purchased in subtitling mode or one-time payment mode. 

    About Renewals:

    We can pay the subscription fee by credit card or Paypal like most sites but do remember to read words on the right side of the payment panel carefully. For example, when we are making the payment for the weekly service of Gold Pack, we should notice two lines of small words that tell us USD29.95 will be charged from our credit cards or Paypal from the next week automatically. If we forget to cancel the subscription before next week/month, we will be charged at the one-time payment fee for that pack.

    Subcription of Freemake Service
    Subcription of Freemake Service

    There are 4 Packs available for you to choose to have:

    1. Super Speed Pack
    USD0.95/week, USD1.95/month, USD59.95 for unlimited usage

    2. Gold Pack
    Price tag: USD0.95/week USD1.95/month USD59.95/unlimited usage
    Unlock features: faster video conversion, video projects auto-save, black bars, and Freemake branding removal

    3. Subtitles Pack
    PPrice tag: USD0.95/week, USD1.95/month, USD59.95/unlimited usage
    Unlock features: subtitle movies, edit subtitle size, change subtitles font and remove the Freemake branding

    4. Mega Packs
    USD29.95/week USD11.66/month USD169.95/onetime payment 
    Unlock features: 4X conversion Speed, HD Videos Support, No Freemake logo, YouTube to MP3 songs, Video Editors, TV & DVD presets, DVD Burner, and Subtitles Editor

    Super Speed Pack will be just about at the bottom of my list among all the available suits. If we'd like to remove brandings as well as adding subtitles, we are more suggested to buy Mega Packs rather than Gold pack and subtitles Pack.

    Part 5 Freemake Video Converter VS Handbrake VS Zamzar

    That's a big investment if we want to unlock all the conversion features of Freemake Video Converter. Therefore here I also test some decent alternative of Freemake that you can get at a more reasonable price. The top 2 Freemake Video Converter replacement should be VideoProc and Handbrake, both have been mentioned earlier. For occasional users, we can also use the online converter like Zamzar. Let's see the comparison among those 4 converters.






    Operation System


    Windows, Mac

    Windows, Mac, Linux

    Online Tool

    Easy to Use





    Fast, Low CPU Usage, Support of 4K Output





    Enable GPU acceleration


    Yes, Level-3



    Input Video Formats

    2017 Popular Codec: AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, DVD, H.263, MPEG2, MPEG3...

    Almost All Popular Formats: MP4, AVI, AVI, MOV, VP8, VP9, H.264, H.265...

    FFmeg Supported Codecs: MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, MKV, WMV, VP9, XAVC...


    Input Audio Formats

    MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC, M4A...

    MP3 ,M4A, AAC, WAV, PCM,FLAC, OGG, AC3...

    FLAC, MP3, AAC, AC3, M4V,Vorbis, Opus...

    AAC, FLAC, M4R, MP3, RAM, WMA, WAV...

    Rip & Copy DVD, Customized Settings





    Preset Output

    Yes, Limited




    Editing Tookits

    Merge, Trim, Rotate, Subtitle

    Cut, Trim, Merge, Split, Subtitle, Watermark, Rotate, Flip, Crop, Filter, Denoise, Deshake...

    Cut, Merge, Crop, Rotate, Subtitle...


    Free Download the Best Alternative of Freemake Video Converter - VideoProc


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