How to Download Private Instagram Videos on Your Computer

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Knowing how to download Instagram videos can help you find free and valuable video clips so that you can make a montage or highlight for a specific topic to increase engagement. But have you ever met the situation where the prompt pops up and shows: "This Account is Private. Follow to see their photos and videos"? That means you're accessing a private Instagram account.

If you want to keep private instagram videos on your inspiration folder and make use of them on your creation, then go through this easy-to-follow guide to learn how to download private Instagram videos on your computer.

How to Download Private Instagram Video
How to Download Private Instagram Video

Step 1. Follow Private Instagram Before Downloading

Unlike public Instagram accounts which allow anyone to check their videos and photos by default, private Instagram accounts control their visibility and only allow approved followers to see their posts. If you want to check the videos from private Instagram accounts, you have to log in to your Instagram and send a follow request to the private Instagram account you prefer. Once your follow request is accepted, you can see and download videos from private Instagram with online private instagram downloaders.

It's worth mentioning here: do not use any website to peek into private Instagram accouts. It may contain malware to steal your files, passwords, bandwidth, or even worse.

Step 2. Download Private Instagram Videos (2 Tools to Use)

There are many tips and tricks to download Instagram videos from public accounts, but only a few of them show you how to download private Instagram videos. No worries. This part is going to unveil 2 useful methods to help you download private Instagram videos with a simple click.

Method 1: Howtotechies

Howtotechies is a free online service to download videos, images from private Instagram, public Instagram, and Facebook on your computer. It works across systems and automatically obtains the best Instagram video quality in MP4 format for you. And it works a bit differently from downloading videos public Instagram videos. Howtotechies has to transcode the post link into a specific link and make the use of the text from that link to download private Instagram videos.

  1. Open a browser on your computer and log into your Instagram account.
  2. Copy the URL of a video from private Instagram.
  3. Navigate to the Howtotechies online service, paste the video URL to the first field, and click Generate.
  4. Open the generated link in a new tab of the browser and copy all the text using shortcuts Ctrl+A (Command-C on Mac).
  5. Paste the copied text (Ctrl+V on Windows, Command-V on Mac) from the browser to the final field and hit the Download button.
Download Private Instagram Video With Howtotechies
Download Private Instagram Video With Howtotechies

Method 2: Aloinstagram

If you're looking for a private Instagram downloader that you don't have to fiddle with downloading options, Aloinstagram could be your tool. It doesn't ask you to part with your email address before you start downloading private Instagram videos. Most importantly, it saves the downloaded video in MP4@H.264@AAC format on your computer, which is used internationally.

  1. Fire up a web browser and sign in to your Instagram account.
  2. Open a video from a private page and copy the link of the web page.
  3. Go to Aloinstagram and paste the link to the NO.1 field.
  4. You will see a derived link in the NO. 2 field, copy the link and open it in a new tab of the browser.
  5. Copy all HTML code on this page and go back to the Aloinstagram page.
  6. Throw the HTML code to the No. 3 field and Click Download.
  7. When the video viewer appears, click the three dots icon and select Download.
Download Private Instagram Video With Aloinstagram
Download Private Instagram Video With Aloinstagram

Final Words

My team and I have tested most of the Instagram private video downloaders you can find on Google, but only two of them, Howtotechies and Aloinstagram, can fetch Instagram private videos and download them on your PC stably and reliably. The rest of the online downloader frequently fail to extract videos from private Instagram accounts.

What should you do if all Instagram private video downloaders aren't working? Take a look at VideoProc's screen recorder that can help you to directly record priviate Instagram videos on the web.

Do remember to send a follow request and be an approved follower before using the online downloading tools. Otherwise, all videos and photos on private Instagram will not be visible.

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