How to Save Twitter Videos on Any Device [Step-by-step Tutorial]

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As one of the largest social media platforms around the globe, Twitter has gathered millions of influencers from all walks to tweet their ideas and works every day. When you are amazed at some creative short videos, GIFs, and live videos, you can like, retweet, and comment, but no download button for you to save them directly.

No worries! With the assistance of the tools below, you can download Twitter videos on any device as your wish. And here's how.

1. How to Save Twitter Videos on PC & Mac

To download a video from Twitter on your computer, the most reliable way is still to use a decent desktop downloader. VideoProc is exactly the right tool coming to your rescue. It is a versatile video editor with a powerful download engine baked in. Aside from Twitter videos, GIFs, and lives, it is proven to download Facebook videos, channels and playlists on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. You just need to copy and paste the video URL to VideoProc, then it will take care of the rest and keep the original quality of HD videos.


VideoProc - Full-featured Twitter Video Downloader for PC & Mac

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Step 1. Free download and install VideoProc to your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 2. Copy the Twitter video address by right-clicking on the video playback window.

Copy Twitter Video Link
Copy Twitter Video Link

Additional Tip:

Right-click on your favorite GIF or a live video, copy the link address, and VideoProc can download GIF or live from Twitter as well.

Step 3. Launch VideoProc and open its built-in downloader.

VideoProc Built-in Downloader
VideoProc Built-in Downloader

Step 4. Paste the link to VideoProc and hit "Analyze". When link analysis is completed, choose a resolution, and hit "Download Selected Videos".

Paste Link to VideoProc
Paste Link to VideoProc

Step 5. Browse to select a folder to save your Twitter video. Hit the "Download now" button to start downloading. Finally, you can check open the folder and check your downloaded Twitter video.

Save Twitter Video to Computer - VideoProc
Save Twitter Video to Computer - VideoProc

2. How to Save Videos from Twitter to iPhone

In the next part, we will walk you through 2 methods to download Twitter videos to your iPhone camera roll if you are accustomed to using the Twitter app on iPhone.

#1. Using SaveTweetVid

1. Open Twitter and find the video you want to save.

2. Click the share button under the video. Choose Share Tweet via... and copy its link to the clipboard.

Copy Twitter Video Link on iPhone
Copy Twitter Video Link on iPhone

3. Open Safari, and type to enter this downloading site.

4. Paste the link and tap Download.

SaveTweetVid on iPhone
SaveTweetVid on iPhone

5. Select video resolution. Rename the video file and select a folder to save it.

6. When the Twitter video is downloaded, go to the Photos app, and you'll find the video in the folder you just selected.

Follow the instruction step by step, but no downloading option pops up when you hit Download? That's because iOS places each app in a sandbox for security reasons and doesn't allow sharing data among apps. To solve this problem, you have to install a file managing app first, like say MyMedia.

#2. Using iPhone Shortcuts

1. Add the TVDL v3.1 shortcut to your library and allow untrusted shortcuts in the Settings.

2. Now go to the Twitter app and tap on the share icon under the video. Choose Share Tweet via..., and scroll down the screen until you find TVDL v3.1. Tap to run the shortcut.

Shortcut TVDL v3.1
Shortcut TVDL v3.1

3. Tap OK when it asks any permission.

4. Select the video quality, and then it will begin to download the video.

Save Twitter Video to Camera Roll
Save Twitter Video to Camera Roll

5. When it is done, a Success message windows will pop up. Hit OK, and you'll find the video in the Photos app.


This can solve Twitter video downloading issues once and for all, but it depends on whether you have added the shortcut correctly. Otherwise, no downloader shortcut appears in the Share option. And these shortcuts expire frequently, you have to keep them updated all the time.

To be honest, neither of them are straightforward solutions. You cannot download Twitter videos on iPhone without installing other tools. But if you have downloaded videos to your computer with VideoProc, you can transfer them to your iPhone with just a tap.

3. How to Save a Video from Twitter on Android

For Android users, things are getting much easier than on iPhone. Android OS allows downloading files to local storage directly on the browser. So you can just paste the Twitter video link to an online downloader like the one with a detailed tutorial in the iPhone part. Hit the download button, and then you'll find the video in the Downloads folder of the browser.

Besides, there are various downloading apps in Google Play. Now take Downloader for Twitter as an example. It tops at the app store for its zero of cost and ease of use.

1. Copy the link of a Twitter video by sharing via link.

2. Open the downloader app, and it will auto detect the link in your clipboard. If not, paste the link to the blank tab.

3. Select the video resolution and storage path.

4. When the downloading finished, go to the download folder and find the Twitter video.

Download Twitter video on Android
Download Twitter video on Android


1. How to download videos from a Twitter DM?

DM (Twitter Direct Message) is highly encrypted to guard users' privacy, so it is twisty to download videos from Twitter DMs especially after its recent update.

1. Right-click on the page of a Twitter DM, and then choose Inspect > Network.

2. Find the U3M8 file by type the suffix of .m3u8 in the searching tab. Copy the m3u8 link.

3. Open VLC, and navigate to Media > Convert/Save > Network.

4. Paste the link to it and select MP4 in the Convert/Save drop-down menu.

5. Set an output folder, and hit Start.

2. How to download Twitter videos Online?

Many websites provide Twitter video downloading services. You can save short Twitter clips, GIFs, and videos from other social media platforms. (But it is not perfect for users who mind disturbing ads on the main UI.) Just to name a few:


3. How to download videos from Twitter on Firefox/Chrome?

Different from other utilities, browser add-ons do not require URL copy & paste. They detect videos on Twitter webpages automatically and save the video in the browser downloads folder after you select the video resolution. But they fail to detect videos on occasion, and only provide one video format MP4 to save your Twitter clips.

Firefox Extension:

  • Twitter Video Downloader MP3 MP4
  • Twitter Media Downloader
  • GIF Downloader for Twitter

Chrome Extension:

  • Video Downloader Ultimate
  • Twitter Media Assist
  • TwittaSave

The Bottom Line

If you tried all of these methods, it is unavoidable to be frustrated by the link parsing error, low-res output, or intrusive ads of some tools. But VideoProc, devoted to providing the best UX, saves Twitter videos, GIFs, and lives in a fast, safe, and quality lossless manner. Free download it now, and get more editing and converting features.

Disclaimer: Any copy-protected or authorized videos you download from Twitter are not recommended for commercial use.

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