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Can You Get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10? Yes, Here's How

Many Windows users' first foray into video production is with Windows Movie Maker. As one of the best showcases of free video editor, it brings us much convenience to create fun and memorable recordings. However, this handy video editing software is no longer prebuilt on Windows 10 anymore. The fact is, Windows Movie Maker was de-supported by Microsoft years ago.

Can You Still Get Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10?

Yes. You can get a Windows Movie Maker after Windows 10 update. There is no access to download this phased-out software from Microsoft official site. However, you can download Windows Live Essential Suite 2012 Installer to get Windows Movie Maker back on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Windows Movie Maker
Windows 10 Windows Movie Maker

Part 1: How to Get Windows Movie Maker Back After Windows 10 Update?

You have to download Windows Live Essential Suite 2012 installer from online archives since the official download link ceased to exist in 2017.

Step 1. Download Windows Live Essential
Go to the online archive. The free installer file pack will be automatically downloaded.

Step 2. Install Windows Movie Maker
Right-click the install package and hit open as administrator. Click Choose the programs you want to install > Photo Gallery and Movie Maker > Install. Now Windows Movie Maker should have been successfully installed on your PC.

Install Windows Movie Maker
Install Windows Movie Maker

Step 3. Launch Windows Movie Maker
From the Start menu of your Windows 10 PC, click the Movie Maker title to start up Windows Movie Maker 2012.

Part 2: How to Fix a Windows Movie Maker Error?

You may encounter many frustrating errors in your workflow while using this abandonware video editor. Thankfully, there are ways out of most problems. Keep reading.

1. Install error and error code 0x800c0006

In most cases, you can ignore these error messages as everything is working. If not find Movie Maker on the task manager list, you can re-run the 2012 Windows live Essentials Suite installer to fix the problem.

2. Error code 0x87160139

Usually, error 0x87160139 comes along with yellow triangles. The possible reason for this case is that Windows Movie Maker can't get many resources from the computer to cope with the editing tasks. So it's better to scroll down the clips slowly to give Movie Maker enough time to handle data.

Every time you encounter this error, close the loaded clips without saving any change, and then close Movie Maker. Later, you relaunch the software. You might have to repeat the process many times, so give it a little patience.

3. Error code 0x80070057

The loaded video/photo file doesn't go compatible with Windows Movie Maker. That's the major cause of Error code 0x80070057. Converting the source media to WMV and other Movie Maker compatible formats will address your issue.

4. Error code 0x887a0005

Error code 0x887a0005 is mainly caused by a missing or moving source media file. You need to make sure there isn't a renamed or repositioned file in your workflow. But there isn't an "off the shelf" solution as some users found the low RAM utilization for Windows Movie Maker may also render this error. The easiest way to fix the problem is zooming in the file icon on the timeline as the smallest you can when exporting files.

5. Movie Maker has stopped working

We have all been there. Movie Maker stops working and sends us an error message "Movie Maker has stopped working". Now what?

  • • Click Settings > type in "compact" in the search bar on the pop-up interface.
  • • Click Run programs made for previous versions of Windows on the Search result.
  • • On the interface of Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, scroll down to find Movie Maker and click it. Hit Try recommended settings. Click Next. Click Try recommended settings.
  • • After clicking on Test the program, Windows Movie Maker will auto run. You can load videos and apply your editing decisions to test if everything works. Click Next > Yes, save these settings for this program if the issue is successfully rectified.
  • Part 3: How to Use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10 (8/7)?

    Click Add videos and photos, and then double click the video and image files you need to add. The source media will be loaded to Windows Movie Maker automatically. Windows Movie Maker can read MP4, WMV videos, and partially support MOV/AVI/FLV clips. Make sure the loaded video and photo files go compatible with Windows Movie Maker.

    Add Video to Windows Movie Maker
    Add Video to Windows Movie Maker

    How to Split/Trim/Cut Video in Windows Movie Maker?

    • Split: Move the cursor to the position you need to split, and then click Split.
    • Trim: To reset the start and end time of each clip, click Trim and then move the knobs under the preview window. Click Save trim to keep only the duration between the knobs.
    • Cut: Select the unwanted clip and click Cut to remove any unwanted clips.

    Tips: Drag and drop the clips on the timeline of Windows Movie Maker to easily rearrange them

    Trim Video with Windows Movie Maker
    Trim Video with Windows Movie Maker

    How to Add Text/Captions/Credits in Windows Movie Maker?

    Click caption and type your text into the box in the preview window. The Text Tool tab will appear on the ribbon which allows you to easily change text font, color, transparency, alignment, size, start time, duration, and entry effects.

    Windows Movie Maker brings a similar way to add texts and credits to your footage.

    Add Subtitle with Windows Movie Maker
    Add Subtitle with Windows Movie Maker

    How to Add Transitions to Your Videos?

    Click Animations, and select the ideal effect to get 68 transition effects including diagonals, dissolves, patterns, shapes and reveals.
    Add a professional touch to your outcome: add a zoom in/out effect to the selected clips.

    Add Transitions with Movie Maker
    Add Transitions with Movie Maker

    How to Apply Effect to One/All clips in Windows Movie Maker?

    Click Visual effect to go to the effect adjust panel of Windows Movie Maker. Together, here are 26 options for visual effects available to choose from. Select one to apply to your clip.
    • Add multiple effects: click More > Multiple effects, scroll down the available effect lists, select the desired one, and then click Add.
    • Change the brightness of effects: click brightness > moves the tab left or right to decrease or increase the brightness.
    • Click Apply to get all the selected effects applied to the chosen clips.

    Add Effect in Movie Maker
    Add Effect in Movie Maker

    How to Add Voice Overlay/Music to Your Video?

    • Click Add music to insert audio files to your clips. Click Audiomicro/Free Music Archive/Vimeo to get free music resources online, or hit Add music to load the music file from your computer or hard drive.
    • Need to add voice overlay? Click Record narration, then choose Record narration or Add sound file according to your demand.

    How to Save Videos or Share Outcomes Online?

    • Save video to the local disk: After making all editing decisions, click Save Movie, and then choose the needed output formats. Windows Movie Maker provides you rich presets like common settings for high-definition display, computer, and email, as well as phone and device settings for Android, iPhones, iPad, etc.
    • Make customized settings: click Create custom setting, and adjust the value for media settings. Click Save to find the newly added preset.
    • Share the outcome online: Click the icon of OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker, GroupMe, and select the desired resolution in the pop-up confirmation window. Input your social media account and password to log in. Now your video is already successfully shared.

    Part 4: Everything You Should Know About Windows Movie Maker and Photos [It's Replacement]

    Windows Movie Maker 2012 is the only version that can work on Window10. Check it's leading features:

    • Support voice-over, audio mixer, free/paid music services, video stabilization
    • Take advantage of hardware acceleration.
    • Instantly share videos on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
    • Enable the import of 4K clips and generate video in H.264 MP4 format.

    However, for unknown reasons, Microsoft then intends replace Windows Movie Maker with Photos App (Microsoft Story Remix) which offers different sets of features to replace it. But that's no wonder as Windows built-in free video editor appears to be changing with every new Windows update.

    Windows Movie Maker Version 1.1 - In 2000, Microsoft launched the initial version of Windows Movie Maker - Windows Movie Maker Version 1.1. As part of Windows Essentials, it is prebuilt in Windows ME and is utilized to cut videos, add voice overlay, insert title cards, and generate DVD, AVI, and WMV files.

    Windows Movie Maker 2.0/2.1 - In late 2002 and early 2003, Microsoft released Windows Movie Maker 2.0 and 2.1 with more transitions and new features. The interface was also improved to be more nitty and straightforward. The most alluring part is it supports DVD burning.

    Windows Movie Maker 6.60600
    Windows Movie Maker 6.60600

    Windows Movie Maker 6.60600 - This update sees improvements in processing speed with the support of hardware acceleration, along with some strong additions like screen capture, HD outcome, and the playback on Xbox 360. The major downfall of Windows Movie Maker Version 6.0600 is that it doesn't support many computers like Windows XP.

    Windows Movie Maker 2.6 - It looks identical to Windows Movie Maker 6.0600 but covers advanced functions like supporting the DVD burning format. Most importantly, it has better compatibility and runs on Windows XP/7/8.

    Windows Live Movie Maker 2009 - Released in 2009, it boasts a revamped interface that allows users to have creations shared online. However, this is a disappointing update as it missed lots of important features like frame stabilization, voice overlay, and many transition effects. It has extremely weak compatibility that you can't open an old project made by earlier versions. Since then, Windows Movie Maker is no longer prebuilt on systems. Users have to install Windows Live Essential Suite to have Windows (Live) Movie Maker.

    Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 - 2 years later, Microsoft rolled out Windows Live Movie Maker 2011. But the difference between it and the previous version from a viewing standpoint isn't all that drastic as expected. It doesn't come with many nifty new features besides the comeback of webcam capture and more sites available for online sharing.

    Part 5: Can Microsoft Photos Replace Windows Movie Maker? - Personally Views

    The choice totally depends on your demand. Photos enables you to quickly make photo slideshows or nice clips with a soundtrack to share on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. If you need to generate videos or photo slideshows fast without too much editing work like cutting, trimming, or adding titles in customized length and font, you can, of course, use Photos - the free and easy Windows 10 video editor. If you intend to add voice overlay, trim videos, and add nice transitions, and effect, Windows Movie Maker is still your thing.

    For an even better sense of the difference between Photos and Windows Movie Maker and their common features, take a look at the chart below. It's worth noting that we add the information of VideoProc, an entry-level video editor favored by novice and occasional users, for taking a reference of the sort of capability that a basic editor should have.


    Windows Movie Maker
    Windows Movie Maker

    Photos app
    Photos App


    Cut, Trim, Split, Merge, Split, Filter, Text, Rotate


    Yes (can't cut from the middle)


    Deshake, Change Speed




    Denoise, Watermark, Flip




    Crop Video




    Music, Onlie Share








    Drawing Tool, 3D Effect







    Super Fast

    Warm Note: Some users can't find New Video in Photos. To fix the problem, you need to update Windows 10 Photos in Microsoft Store to its latest version. If still find editing features nowhere, go to check the edition information of your window 10. You have to get Media Feature Pack installed on your PC to use video editing features of Microsoft Photos App on a window 10 N PC.

    Part 6: FAQ on Windows Movie Maker Windows 10

    1. What can I use instead of Movie Maker?

    Many basic video editors can be the replacement of Movie Maker, for instance, Photos app, Openshot, iMovie, and VideoProc.

    2. Where is Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10?

    It's not an already-existed editing tool on Windows 10 computer, therefore you can't find it on the start menu like what you do on Windows 7 or other earlier version of Window OS. You have to download and install this free video editor manually. But Microsoft doesn't provide the download link for Movie Maker anymore. To install Movie Maker, download Windows Live Essentials 2012 installer from the online archive first.

    3. How do I open a WLMP file?

    WLMP refers to Windows Live Movie Project. Therefore, you need to installed and open Windows Movie Maker on your PC. And then drag and drop the WLMP file to the app. Alternatively, you can click File > Open Project to open the WLMP file.

    4. Do you have to pay for Windows Movie Maker?

    No, Windows Movie Maker is a completely free program that won't ask you a penny to edit videos.

    5. What formats are supported by Windows Movie Maker?

    There are no formats specified on its load file list. But based on the tests, Windows Movie Maker friendly video formats are MP4, WMV/ASF, MPEG-1, and AVI, along with audio files WMA, WAV and MP3. As for the picture, they are better in JPG or BMP formats.

    6. Does Windows 10 have video editing software?

    Yes, the build-in windows 10 video editor is Microsoft Photos. It's free and very basic. With it, you can make quick photo movies.

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