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How to Convert MOV/AVI/MP4/DVD Video File to Windows Movie Maker?

There will undoubtedly be times when you need to import video to Windows Movie Maker for perfecting your footages, however, failed as the source MP4/MOV/MKV isn't compatible with Movie Maker. Now what? Take it easy. We have a one-click solution to address the issue.

Before getting the ball rolling, you should be aware of what formats are supported by Windows Movie Maker. The original video codec supported by Windows Movie Maker is WMV, ASF, MPG-1, and AVI. As for audio codec, they are WMA, WAV, and MP3. For Windows7/8/10 users, Windows Movie Maker will be able to read MP4/3GP, FLV, MOV files correctly if necessary codecs are installed. However, the method is usually difficult to approach.

Thus, to successfully import your recordings to Movie Maker, converting them to one of the above-listed formats is your go-to option. It could be a fairly easy process with the help of a decent Windows Movie Maker converter. However, among many options you go through, many of them have very limited input options that can't read the source file either. Some can convert videos to Movie Maker. However, the result is pretty noisy with many visible artifacts.

Looking to Convert Any Video Files to Windows Movie Maker? VideoProc is Just the Way to Go.

That's exactly how VideoProc miles other video converters to be the best Windows Movie Maker converter. The range of input formats is excellent, including support for HEVE, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VP8/9, MOV, AVI, and MP4, MKV video in 1080P, 4K and even 8K resolution. Annoyed by quality loss? VideoProc allows you to adjust resolution, bitrate, and many other properties, which gives you full control towards the output quality. The best part is the support of full GPU acceleration, which allows you to convert hours-long videos in minutes.

Free Download VideoProc to Convert Any Video Files to Windows Movie Maker

How to Convert Video Files to Windows Movie Maker?

To convert any video files to Windows Movie Maker easily like falling off a log, you should get this one-click solution by downloading VideoProc for Windows or VideoProc for Mac . This powerful Movie Maker converter enables you to quickly convert MP4/MKV/MPEG/AVI/DVD videos to Windows Movie Maker without visible quality loss on Mac or PC

Step 1: Import Video to VideoProc

Launch VideoProc and then click on Video. There you can click +Video to import video or drag and drop to load the source file to VideoProc.

Tip: If necessary, click on DVD to load the DVD file after launching the best Movie Maker converter.

Import Video to VideoProc
Import Video to VideoProc

Step 2: Select the Movie Maker Friendly Format

In the section of Target format, click Video and then select WMV as the output option.

Convert to WMV Format
Convert to WMV Format

Step 3: Convert your Video

Click Run, VideoProc starts to convert videos. The generated file will pop up once the conversion process is finished.

Bonus Tip:
To have advanced settings, click the gear icon at the top right of WMV. On the pop-up panel, you can move the slider left/right to decrease/increase the generated file size. Usually, the higher output file size refers to higher quality. For pro users, you can adjust values in bitrate, resolution, frame rate and other properties in the section of Audi/Video Codec Option.

Final Thought

VideoProc, a versatile video converter, and editor offer you not only the one-click solution to convert any video to Windows Movie Maker friendly format, but also a powerful editing toolkit to polish video before importing it to Movie Maker. You can utilize it to cut, trim, split, merge, rotate, subtitle, watermark your videos, as well as compress and compress your media files from iPhone, DSLR, DJI drones, GoPro, computer, YouTube, Facebook, etc.


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