How to Trim a Video on Windows 10/8/7 & Mac in 5 Ways

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Being able to use a video trimmer can serve numerous purposes, from shortening a video and post a teaser to Instagram, TikTok that will encourage people to check your video, removing the credits or commercial parts from the start or end of a video, or to delivering the big moments of a sports highlight video by taking off any unnecessary footage.

In this post, I'm taking an in-depth look at how to trim a video in Windows 10/8/7 and Mac in 4 different ways. Interested in the topic? Then read on the tutorials down below.

How to trim a video

How to Trim a Video on Windows 10 with VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is full-fledged video processing software packed with tons of amazing features making video trimming super easy with great flexibility. It takes great control of a video length by trimming a video between keyframes and allows you to accurately select the trimmed section with the playback controls.

The core benefit with VideoProc Converter is that it makes it possible to trim clips without re-encoding and quality degradation, largely because of the support of high quality compression engine and a large profile library. Less noted but equally significant, VideoProc Converter comes with hardware encoding techniques that can easily handle with computationally-intensive media and formats.

VideoProc main inferface

VideoProc Converter - A Flexible Video Editor to Trim a Video with Ease

  • Trim, cut, split a large/long video to your will.
  • Edit (crop, rotate, add subtitles, effects, etc.) and enhance video quality in one click.
  • Available to any format, say 4K/1080p MP4, AVI, MKV, and HEVC, and more.
  • Free download videos from YouTube and 1000+ sites.

Step 1. Free download VideoProc Converter on your computer.

At the very beginning, you need to download VideoProc Converter on your computer, then install and launch it.

Step 2. Import your video(s) to the program.

Head over to the Video option at the home interface to navigate to video processing interface. Click +Video or +Video Folder to load the videos to be trimmed.

Step 3. Navigate to the video trimmer.

You will move to the Toolbox in the lower area of the interface > select Trim.

Step 4. Remove the unnecessary footage.

Adjust the sliders with playback controls to select the part you would like to remove.

Step 5. Export your trimmed video.

When you have finished trimming, return to the last interface > tick the box of Use High Quality Engine and reset a new directory > Hit Run to start exporting.

Trim a video with VideoProc

How Can I Cut out a Section from the Middle of a Video?

VideoProc Converter allows you to take off a part or more from the middle of a video via the Cut option. It's super helpful when you need to make an edit, especially when you are dealing with a highlight video, J cut & L cut, jump cut, match cut and others.

How to Cut a Video with VideoProc Converter

How Can I Cut a Video into Parts with the Same Duration?

Let's say you need to upload a large/long video to social networks/online storage service, it can take a long time to be sent and easily interrupt for the unstable internet. So why not take a look at VideoProc Converter's Split option to divide a large video into sections with the same duration, which can be easier to chew up for online services.

How to Trim a Video with Windows 10 Photos App

The Windows 10 Photos app was firstly introduced in Windows 8 as a substitute for Windows Photo Viewer to browse, edit your graphics and videos. It also gives you the ability to trim, crop, split, merge, add music, 3D effects, texts, speed alternation, enable hardware acceleration, etc., as well as the ability to organize and photos and video. Let's take a look at how to remove unwanted parts from the start and the end of a video using the Windows 10 Photos app in the following.

Microsoft Phtotos app

Step 1. Right click a video and open with the Photos app.

Step 2. Select Edit & Create at the top left corner > select Trim

Step 3. Now, you will see there's a playback control below.

Step 4. Drag the sliders to trim a video.

Step 5. Go for Save as at the top left corner or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S.

Trim a video with Microsoft Phtotos app

How to Trim Video Windows 10 with VidCutter

Having a free and open source video cutter for trimming a video can be a godsend. And here's VidCutter hosted at Github, which is available to Windows, macOS as well as Linux at no cost. It brings trimming, cutting, merging, hardware decoding together in the same program. More importantly, it's powered by the FFmpeg library that recognizes most popular video and audio formats.

VidCutter icon

Step 1. Free download VidCutter on your computer.

Step 2. Import a video via Open Media or dragging and dropping it from file explorer directly.

Step 3. Make sure the SmartCut is toggled on (at the lower right corner).

Step 4. Move the play head to the place you would like to make it the start point at the playback menu > select Start clip.

Step 5. Move the play head to the position you would like to make it the end > Select End clip.

Step 6. Go for Save Media to export trimmed video.

Trim a video with Microsoft Phtotos app

How to Trim a Video on Mac with Photos App

Photos for macOS can be put in the same league as Windows 10 Photos app. And it does offer similar features as the above-discussed one, such as sorting your photos and videos into different categories, syncing up everything (including iCloud) across your devices, creating a slideshow in a click, editing your media by trimming, cropping, rotating, making color adjustments, applying filters and more.

photos app for macOS

Step 1. Open up Photos for macOS at the Launchpad or at the Application.

Step 2. Head to the category that stores video files in the sidebar.

Step 3. Double click the video you would like to trim and there appears a media player.

Step 4. To enable trimming, select the wheel-shaped icon at the playback menu > go for Trim from the drop-down menu.

Step 5. Adjust the colored box to select the part you would like to save.

Step 6. Click Trim at the leftmost when trimming is done. And your clip will be automatically saved.

Trim a video with Photos for macOS

How to Trim a Video on Mac with iMovie

iMovie is a free and non-linear video editor for macOS integrating an intuitive and modern user interface. The good thing is that iMovie supports up to 4K60FPS as well as video in HD and SD formats. It covers, of course, a large number of basic editing controls, including trimming, splitting, inserting, replacing, zooming, overlaying, etc. More so, there's no Windows or Linux version for iMovie now. It's macOS-exclusive.

iMovie icon

Step 1. Free download or upgrade iMovie at the App Store.

Step 2. Launch iMovie and import your video file to the timeline.

Step 3. Make a selection to the part of the video you would like to trim > right click and select Trim Selection.

Step 4. Optional Step. Right click on the clip > Show Clip Trimmer to make a more precise trimming.

Step 5. Export your trimmed video.

Trim a video with iMovie

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