How to Trim A Video - Slice, Edit and Process An Engaging Clip for YouTube

By Cecilia Hwung Updated: April 29, 2019
How to Download, Trim and Edit a Video on Mac & Windows PC?

When you shoot videos with your camera, some footage is inevitable spoilt by incorrect focusing, poor light, shakiness, or background noise and other problems so that you need to remove all the unusable segments to turn your rough footage into a good-look video clip. When you download a video from the Internet, there is a high chance that it contains an intro and outro. Though it's not a big deal, in most cases it can be uncomfortable to watch those pesky intros and outros every time when you just want to enjoy the actual video contents. Or when you're about to share a video to YouTube, Instagram etc, but you failed because of the great length of video. All these cases yell out you to trim your video. But how to trim a video on Mac or Windows PC?

Trim a Video on Mac and Windows
To Cut, Slice, Trim A Video on Mac and Windows
Nothing Easier Than VideoProc!
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VideoProc - A Flexible Video Editor to Trim Video in Various Ways

VideoProc makes video trimming easy with a great flexibility. It allows you to trim and separate video in various ways. You're able to trim the head and/or the tail of the clip easily, split videos in fragments, cut out the defective footage, or slow and repetitive scene and splice the reset together. The unique auto copy feature and Intel/NVIDIA/AMD hardware acceleration tech enables you to experience an ultra fast speed to trim a video without re-encoding. Certainly, you're able to cut a video after transcoding as well, which will get your video smaller in size but the same high quality. For example, converting HEVC to H.264 MP4 will help you save about 50% bit rate at the same quality of coding, leading to a half size of H.264 video with original quality.

How to Trim A Video on MacOS and Windows with VideoProc

Step 1: Free download VideoProc app on your computer.

At the very beginning, you need to download the video trimmer on your computer, then install and launch it.
Free download VideoProc on Windows 10/8/7
Free download VideoProc on Mac OS X 10.6 or above

Step 2: Import the target video(s) to the program.

Tap on the "Video" on the main panel to navigate to video processing interface. Click "+ Video" button to load the videos to be trimmed.

Import video
Step 3: Cut out the redundant footage in your video.

Click the "Cut" button on the editing bar below video input & output info. In the result window, drag the green knob to set the start and end time of your video clip you want to reserve, then click the orange "Cut" button. You can repeat the same procedure to pick out other clips in this video. And click "Done" button after you've done.

Cut Off Video Clips
Step 4: Export your trimmed video.

Hit "RUN" button on the lower right corner to export a new, shorter video, yet the same high quality. As you haven't set to re-encode your video, the video trimming process will be achieved in a blazing fast speed under auto copy feature. If your computer supports hardware acceleration (Check by clicking the "Option" button. If available, tick the box of Intel/Nvidia/AMD), it could be even faster.

Other Video Trimming Tips:

1. Re-encode video before video trimming. If you're willing to convert video formats before you slice off video, navigate to "Video" option at the bottom panel to choose the target output format before step 4, such as HEVC MP4, H.264 MP4, MKV, MOV etc. Or you can click "Target Format" button to choose from more preset profiles, up to 420+.

Convert H.264 to H.265

2. Split video into clips. There are also cases that your video is delicate, but it's too long for storage or sharing. Thus you can split the long video into fragments by clicking "Toolbox" at the bottom panel to choose "Split" button. Double-click it to decide how many segments you want split it to, or how many seconds to split for every segment.

Split GoPro Video into Segments

3. Crop out video frame size. Usually, video trimming and cropping go hand in hand. If you need to crop the video frame size to adapt different aspect ratio, you can click "Crop" button on the editing bar, and tick the box of "Enable Crop" to set the video frame size and position.

Crop Gopro Video Frame Size

Common YouTube Video Trimming Problems & Solutions

Actually, YouTube videos are more required to be trimmed in everyday life. No matter you'd like to upload a video to YouTube or download a YouTube video, the video trimming is essential. As YouTube allows for 2GB and 15 minutes videos maximally by default (Learn more about YouTube video upload settings), and it's inevitable to download a YouTube video with preamble or end that you don't want. For that, YouTube Video Editor comes the first choice to trim out such videos easily and fast. Yet sometimes problems arise at YouTube video trimming as well.

1. Trimming Feature is Not Working on YouTube Video Editor

Many YouTubers prefer YouTube Video Editor (it's available as Video Manager now) to cut a video, which is quite easy and handy. While some users reported that the trim feature is not working in YouTube video editor as follows.

Q1: "I've been using the YouTube video editor to combine clips, but I've needed the trim feature to slim them down and blend them together. Suddenly today, the trim feature does not work. I can still add the videos to the timeline, but nothing comes up when I click on the scissors icon. It's as if there isn't a link to click. Do I just need to wait?" - YouTube Help Forum

Q2: "Went into "Enhancements" under the video editor to trim off the first hour of my 5 hour livestream, saved the video (as the same video, not as a new video) and it took ages to process, but went back to check it today and it's done processing but the video was not trimmed. Anyone have any idea what's going on? Thanks!" - Reddit

Solution: Obviously, it's really hard for YouTube Video Editor to settle the these two video trimming error, unless YouTube fixed the bug. Thus you're suggested to turn to another easy video editor to cut your video before sharing to YouTube. VideoProc could help you trim YouTube video easily. For one thing, you don't have to wait ages to accomplish the trimming process. For another, you can absolutely ensure to get a trimmed video within seconds.

2. Cannot Download A Specific Part of A YouTube Video

Besides uploading videos to YouTube, some of you are keen to download videos from YouTube. Various ways are available to download YouTube videos offline. But how about downloading a specific part of YouTube videos? It seems in trouble water for most video trimming software. While for Videoproc, it's cakewalk to download and cut the preamble, extra time at the end or any unwanted parts. You just need to go one step further - download YouTube videos on top of cutting videos.  

Here is the in-depth tutorial to download and trim YouTube videos:

Step 1. Launch it on your computer and click "Downloader" to get an access to YouTube video downloading interface.

Step 2. Navigate to the target YouTube video on YouTube official site. Copy its URL and back to VideoProc. Click "Add Video", then "Paste URL & Analyze" button to detect the video information.

Download and Trim TouTube Video

Step 3. Choose the target resolution, format, and file size from a great number of detected info. Click "Done" button after you've done.

Step 4. Hit "Download Now" button to start downloading your target YouTube video.

Step 5. Then go all the same with the video trimming step above to chop a specific part of the YouTube video.

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