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One Click to Convert MP4 Videos into GIF Animations with High Quality
By Reuben Zaback, Updated: Nov. 29, 2018

GIF has become a popular way to share information on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media. In the past, users have to go through a steep learning curve to create GIF via complicated apps like Photoshop. In this post, we will show you how to convert MP4 to GIF with flexible options to make GIF smaller and adjust other settings.

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How to turn MP4 into GIF with 1 click?
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VideoProc - the Fastest MP4 Video to GIF Converter

VideoProc is a very easy and useful video editor that has a convenient option to turn MP4 videos into GIF files. It supports 4K UHD, HD 1080P, 720P and SD videos in MP4, MOV, HEVC, AVI, FLV, MKV, WMV, or any other formats. There is also an option to convert YouTube or online videos into GIF. With simply one click, you can easily convert MP4 videos into GIF. Different to the online MP4 to GIF converters, you will have full control on the exporting GIF: you can select any specific part of the MP4 video without cutting beforehand; you can set the number of times you want to repeat the GIF; you can make the GIF smaller by adjusting the output resolution.

Why select VideoProc:

1. You don't need to upload MP4 videos or download the GIF, which heavily depends on the internet. On the contrary, this converter equips Level-3 hardware acceleration powered by Intel QSV, AMD, Nvidia, Hyper-Threading and Multi-Core technologies, which will process MP4 videos and turn it into GIF in a faster way.

2. Internet speed aside, most MP4 to GIF converting sites online don't support 4K or even HD 1080P videos. By uploading videos for converting, the converter will automatically compress your video to a lower resolution with lower quality.

3. For those who want to keep a GIF of their hilarious friends or families as meme on their mobiles, they may be reluctant to upload their videos to online GIF makers for privacy reasons. The desktop app ensures that the videos can be kept safe on computer.

4. Apps like Premiere CC or AE surely have the ability to export MP4 into GIF, but they are overkill and too complicated for the job. In fact, advanced apps involve some advanced settings that are not friendly to regular users.

In addition to make GIF from MP4 or other videos, VideoProc is also a 4K video editor, DVD converter, online downloader and recorder. Almost all your needs related to videos are convered.

How to Create GIF from MP4 Easily

To begin with the conversion, first get the mp4 to gif converter download on computer. It works with the latest Windows 10 and macOS Mojave.

Step 1. Load the MP4 video.

Run the converter and click Video button on the main interface. Then click the + Video button with a Plus icon to load the MP4 video. You can import videos of any formats and resolutions freely.

Tips: If you want to make GIF from MP4 videos on YouTube or other online sites, click Downloader button on the main interface and download the video first. You can make GIF files from videos on 1000+ sites. You can rest assured that the online downloader is superfast and won't affect the original video quality.

MP4 video to GIF converter download

Step 2. Enter into GIF creating window.

After the MP4 video is loaded, click ToolBox on the bottom bar and you will see the GIF option. Double click the button to start creating GIF files.

create gif from mp4

Step 3. Turn MP4 into GIF.

Choose the part of the MP4 video that you'd like to turn into a GIF file by entering the specific Start Time and End Time. You can do it by moving the headers on the progress bar. On the right there are a few settings you may need to know:

* Loop Time: Set the number of times you want to repeat the output GIF file.

* Image Size: The option helps resize gif files. If your GIF file is too big for Instagram, Facebook, other social media, consider adjusting the image size to a lower resolution. Or just leave it default.

* Duration: the length of the GIF.

* Frame Delay: Higher figure may make the output GIF choppy. So you're suggested to stay with the smallest number.

How to convert MP4 to GIF

Step 4. Export the GIF.

After all the settings, click Done. On the right of the interface, select an output folder to save the GIF animation and then click Run button. The mp4 to GIF converter will run fast to turn MP4 video to GIF file.

More information about GIF

GIF files are firstly popular on Tumblr, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, and Reddit. Now more social media like Facebook and Twitter have added support for the fomrat. People love seeing the animated GIF files and more users are creating GIF from MP4 and other videos. Why?

Benefits of GIF

1. GIF is a small file and can be shared among different social media easily.

2. GIF is more vivid than a picture while much shorter than a video.

3. GIF contains more information than a picture and is widely used to show off a product, give instructions, provide a sneak peak, etc.

4. GIF is usually fun.

5. However, compared to MP4, GIF will result in a bigger file size for the same scene and as GIF uses a palette of 256 colors, the quality of GIF is rather poor compared to MP4 or other video files.

6. Besides, one big drawback of GIF is that GIF contains no sound. It's an image format.

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How to Video Process Convert MP4 to GIF with VideoProc

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