Best Video Merger and Editor - One Click Merge Multiple Videos into One

By Reuben Zaback, Updated: April 19, 2019
Best Video Joiner App - How to Merge and Process Videos Effortlessly

When you start to create a video, an essential step is to gather different clips and put them together into one video. For that task, you will need a video joiner app. But which is the best tool for you? You may need to consider many things like ease of use, different file sources, varied video settings, batch merge ability, output size & quality, etc. We have all the factors covered and pick the best video merger app for you.

The One-click Video Merger, Editor & Converter - VideoProc

There are many open source solutions to get the job done, but you may find them too limiting in some cases, which we will discuss in the next part. We will still give you a few other options that you may try. But considering most factors involved in merging a video, we recommend VideoProc. It's an overall video processing toolkit has that a strong feature to combine and merge video files into one.

1. It accepts video clips of different formats, resolutions, sizes, frame rates, and other settings.
2. Merge multiple videos without re-encoding, join videos into a MKV video or combine and convert clips into various different video formats.
3. Options to set output quality for the merged video.
4. Its unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration will use GPU when possible to accelerate the video merging.
5. A wide range of features like transcode, edit, split, compress, cut, crop, stabilize, download, convert DVD, record iPhone & desktop, etc.
6. It's safe and stable. There is no watermark on the final videos.

Watch Video Guide on How to Merge Videos Easily >>

How to Merge Videos into One Easily?

Before we start to process the video, free download the best video joiner editor on your computer:
 Download VideoProc to Windows |  Download VideoProc to Mac

Step 1: Load the video
Run the video merger app and click Video from the main interface. Then click +Video button and load all the video clips you want to combine. The software allows as many clips as you need.

Step 2: Sort the video clips
After all the videos are imported, click ToolBox on the bottom toolbar and click Merge. Now you can adjust the order of the clips. Normally the videos will imported in accordance with the order they are stored in the folder on the computer. But you can check and adjust the order of the clips by clicking the up and down arrows on the rear of the video tab.

how to put videos together into one

Step 3: Adjust the quality (optional)
If the videos are of different resolutions, you can select the quality of the merged video. Click Option button with a gear icon from any of the video tab and click the Resolution. You will see the resolutions of all the videos listed in the drop-down menu. Select the resolution you want for the joined video, or it will automatically select the highest resolution.

Step 4: Combine and merge video files
Click Run to start processing the video merging task. Clips will be combined together smoothly in seconds.

The detailed guide on how to merge videos together

Why is VideoProc the Best Video Merger and Editor?

Basically, many free and paid programs on the market can put video clips together to make one video. But still, we recommend VideoProc as the best video joiner app as it can cover the different requirements of various users. Below are some examples.

1. Merge videos without re-encoding (3 modes)

"I have several MP4 files and I'm looking for a video merger and editor that will allow me to put these clips together to make one video without re-encoding." First of all, to join videos without re-encoding, the source clips should be of the same settings, no matter which video joiner app you're using. In this context, VideoProc offers you options to join videos without re-encoding and combine & process video clips.

a. To combine video clips without losing quality, click the ToolBox on the bottom toolbar and find Merge. By selecting this option, you cannot make any changes to the videos except selecting an output resolution from the Option (video setting buttons are all grayed out). Click Run to merge video files without re-encoding. Please note that if the source videos are of formats other than H.264, it will convert the video format to H.264.

merge video files without re-encoding

b. To merge and convert videos, first select your target output video format from Popular/Video/Device menu on the bottom toolbar. Then check the Merge box on the right part of the interface. With this option, you can go to the Editing toolbar where you can further process the videos like cut videos, trim clips, crop, rotate, add watermarks/effects/subtitles, etc. as well as adjust the video settings in Option. Click Run to merge the video clips together into your target format.

best video combiner and editor

c. To create MKV file with different videos, select MKV from the Popular/Video menu on the bottom toolbar. Then check the Merge box and you will see the "MKV Multi-Track" option, enable it. With this option, you can also edit and adjust the output video. Click Run to merge all the video, audio and subtitles into a single MKV file.

best video joiner app

2. Combine videos of different settings

When a user asking "I'm looking for a program that can join video files avi/wmv/asf/mov/mpg/rm... as I get errors that either doesn't recognize the video file or the two files are different and can't be joined.". Many users say he can't join videos of different formats or fps or other settings because all the characteristics including codec, audio sampling rate, channels, fps... have to match. That means there is another step - convert all the videos into the same settings. There is no such annoyance with VideoProc as it will process videos of any type. You can feel free to add and merge videos from websites, DSLR, mobiles, discs, etc.

3. Merge clips in different quality

"I have two video clips in different quality. Unfortunately on is at high quality... whereas the second one is in low quality. I'm afraid that when I merge the two videos, the quality will be varied. Is there any enhancement that can be made to make the lower quality clip match the other one as much as possible?" Yes, VideoProc can adjust the quality of different clips to the resolution you want.

Click the Option button and you'll see the Resolution option. Click the drop-down menu and all the resolutions of the videos are listed here. You select one from the list and the software will automatically upscale low-quality video to match the high-quality videos.

how to put video clips together to make one video

4. Batch join clips freely

"I have tons of videos that I want to combine together. Personly I use boilsoft video joiner. Great program except for one huge thing: the ability to batch join your files. I can't select videos all at once and for now, I got to select them file by file, join them, delete them and then the next one." That's quite a lot of work. VideoProc allows one-click processing. You can select, add and merge multiple videos at a time. Normally, the videos will be arranged in the orders they are stored on the computer. You can click the right small screen to check if they are the right clip and click the up and down arrow to re-arrange their order.

software to merge video files

5. Fastest video joiner app

"Currently I use FFmpeg to merge two videos together which is too much time and resource consuming. I want a quick way to do it." VideoProc applies a unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech, which will take advantage of Intel QSV, Nvidia Cuda and AMD GPU acceleration via the whole process. According to the internal tests, the program is now approximately 5x faster than other similar apps when merging and processing clips.

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