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By Nicole Moore | Updated: October 18, 2019

There are just many daily situations where we may need an online video compressor. Taking the freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service - WhatsApp as an example, it needs the video size no bigger than 16MB. If the video file size exceeds 16MB we cannot send the video file to our contacts, and then we need to compress the video file to the smaller size.

video file resizing

But when we search for the best online video reducer in Google, there are just so many options. Which one can we trust? And which one can help us out?

Don't worry. In this tutorial, we will share you with everything about online video reducer, good and bad. More importantly, we have tested dozens of such online tools and collected the best 3 from them for you with detailed reviews. Keep reading and find them in the following content.

Several Facts about Online Video Size Compressor Few People Knew

When we choosing some products, we have to learn about it very well, or there is a high chance for us to choose a bad one. The online video reducer is also included. And in the following, we will show you every aspect of it to get rid of such an issue.

You probably have known that generally, there are two kinds of tools to help us compress a video file size, online and offline. Here in this post, we mainly talk about the online one. And as for the offline one, it means the desktop applications. So to help you learn about the online one well, it is necessary to compare the online with the offline. And here are the details.

1. There is no need for downloading some installation file when we use online video file size reducer, compared to the offline tool. We just need to open the browser, input the website address, and start work. So it is a little easier.

2. Online tools are easy to use. Most online tools mainly require two steps for the job to begin, ie, uploading the video file and start compressing by clicking the Compress button. Then the tool will automatically help users to reduce the video file to the smaller size.

3. Almost all online tools are free when the video size does not exceed their limits.

4. However, since we need browsers to access online tools, there is a demand for the network connection. It means that if there is no network, the tool cannot work. While desktop applications do not have such an issue. Even though there is no network, you can still use it for video editing.

5. Almost all online tools have limits on the original size of the uploading video file. Most of them limit the original video file size to 100MB maximum, some of them 200MB maximum, a few of them 500MB maximum. If the original video size exceeds the limit, you cannot upload it to the tool.

When we selected the best online video size reducer, we have seriously considered this factor. However, we have to point out that the desktop tools do not have limits on the original video file size. You can upload a video file with any size, even the 4K, and 8K ones.

6. We guess there are two possible reasons why online tools have limits on the original video size.

NO. 1, controlling the cost. Different from the desktop ones processing the video file on your computer, online tools do it on the web servers. If there are many files needed for processing, many web servers are needed, and it means more money to buy more servers. So there are many online tools require users to upgrade their free plans to paid if the original size of the video file is over their limits. And the price is quite high.

NO. 2, the uploading time issue. If the original video size is too big, it would take a long period to upload it to the server. And sometimes, if the uploading time is too long, there may occur some uploading failure errors. This would seriously impact the user's experience. Besides, all online tools support one task at one time. So if you have multiple video files for compressing, well, a protracted war is inevitable.

7. As we have mentioned above, that online tools process video files on the webserver, which means the tools will put our files on the network. It possibly leads to data missing, deleting, and leaking. About this, many tools will tell you in the Terms words.

8. Among all online tools which we have tested, about 30 ones, most of them are very easy-to-use. This advantage has been talked about before. However, in some way, we think it as a shortcoming. Why?

Because unlike the desktop ones, there are no detailed video parameter options that we can adjust. So we have no idea how the online tools resize the video file. Do they change the video format? Do they change the video codec? Do they change the video resolution? Etc.

And another important issue which we need to tell you is about the output format. Almost all online tools provide only one output format, MP4. MP4 is a kind of the most popular video format. There is no need to worry about its compatibility. But if you would like to output the compressed video file in some special format, it seems that there is a big problem. On the contrary, desktop applications provide users with many format options.

These words are pretty much all the information that we need to tell you when choosing an online video compressor. If you find the online one is not the perfect option for you, you can ask for help from the offline ones. And among them, VideoProc is a good one, which we sincerely suggest you try. And in the following, it is a guide about how to use VideoProc to compress video files without quality loss.

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trim a video on Mac and Windows
Seeking for An Offline Way to Compress Video with No Limits and Quality Loss?
VideoProc Wins the Top Priority!

Top 3 Online Video Compressors

1. Ps2pdf - Online MP4 Video Compressor

Ps2pdf provides multiple online useful tools, and this MP4 Video Compressor is kind of one of my favorites. This is because it has many outstanding features. I would say it the best online video resizer. In the following, I will show you why through its detailed operation steps.

Ps2pdf online MP4 video compressor

Step 1. Upload Files

Users can add the video files from the computer or other local storage, Google Drive, and Dropbox. One of the features which make it best is that it seems to have no limit on the video file size. I uploaded an over 2GB testing video file, and it works fine for me.

While, the uploading time is still quite long, about 10 minutes.

Step 2. Change Compress Options

This part is kind of the biggest difference from other online tools that we have tested. There, users can adjust the output format, (even though there is only MP4 option, hahaha...), video codec with H.264 and H.265, exact video output size, compressing method where you can choose the low or high output quality, and the resolution.

Step 3. Start Compress Process

After you set all the parameters totally as you want, you just need to click on the Compress Now button. While, the processing time is also quite long, about 30 minutes for my 2GB testing video file. During that period, there are compressing failures for two times.

Additional information about Ps2pdf - Online MP4 Video Compressor,

1. This tool is free. It would charge you no fee, but with ADs. However, you can disable the ads since there is a button at the bottom of the website. It claims that ADs help them keep the service free, so I would never use the button.

This one is about its Terms of Service, especially the fourth one, Limitations. As same as other online tools, there is a possibility that the video file would be damaged.

Ps2pdf online MP4 video compressor limitations

3.There are no operation features for the audio file in the video.

2. Onlineconverter - Video Compressor

Onlineconverter video compressor

Easy-to-use must be the biggest feature of this online tool. As you see from the image above, there you just need to add the video file, and then you can click the Compress button to start to resize it.

You can upload the video file saved on the computer, but also simply input the URL to compress the online video file. Compared to the first one, there is no possibility of adding the file saved in the cloud, like Google Drive and Dropbox. And the maximum original size of the video file is 200MB.

However, if you have an exact number for the output video size, you can directly set it in the Desired Video Size box. But you need to notice that the desired video size is never less than 30% of the original video size, or the mission will fail. The biggest difference from or better feature than the first online tool is that you can choose the audio quality with options of auto, 32kbps, 48kbps, 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, and no sound. If the original audio bitrate is less than 32kbps, you cannot upgrade it to 48kbps or higher. This tool is just for compression, not a quality enhancer. But you can set it to no sound, which means removing the audio file.

Sill, similar to the first tool, what we care about this tool is its Terms of Service.

Onlineconverter video compressor Terms

As you see, in its Terms, it points out that there are possibilities for data deleting, missing, and leaking. Again, we need to watch out for the data security issue of these online video compressors.

3. Clideo - Video Compressor

Clideo video compressor

I love the interface of this tool. Its design is beautiful in its simplicity.

After you upload the video file to it, it will automatically start the job. You can upload files from the computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, and even the URL way. About this feature, it seems a combination of the two tools mentioned above.

The maximum video file size to compress for free is 500MB. If the video file is bigger, you need to upgrade your free account a paid one, $72 for one year, or $99 for a lifetime.

Clideo video compressor upgrade

That must be a little more expensive than the professional desktop applications. While the desktop tools have more features to polish your videos.

Besides, when we were testing it, we found that its uploading speed is very slow, the worst one among these three reviewed tools.

And most importantly, all of these three tools do not support multiple tasks at one time.

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