Hardcode or Softcode SRT to MP4? VideoProc can Merge .srt with MP4 in Two Ways

By A.J. McCann Updated: April 19, 2019
How to Add SRT to MP4 Video on Computer? Embed or Softcode, Choose Anyone You Prefer with VideoProc

Subtitles do make it easier for viewers to understand the video. So in most cases, we prefer to watch blockbuster movies, TV series/shows and music videos, native or foreign, with subtitles enabled. If you happen to be a vlogger, you will also know about the indispensability of subtitles, because it can make the audiences more engaged and increase your social reaches.

We the ordinary people are keen on video with subs, not to mention those special ones like the elderly or the deaf who are hard of hearing...

So how to add subtitles into MP4 video easily, fixing it on video permanently or making it adjustable? Here we recommend an all-sided program to help add SRT (SubRip), the most commonly used captioning file format, into MP4 video on Windows and Mac platforms at will.

Best Software for Adding to MP4 - VideoProc
Best Video Processing Software for Adding .srt to MP4
VideoProc is your go-to pick!

With VideoProc, the feature-laden video processing software, you can get an overall control of your video & subtitles by:

Note: Compared with other popular tools, VideoProc offers a more flexible way to caption text .srt to MP4
video. Moreover, it can digitize DVD to MP4 and insert .srt subtitles into the MP4 at one go.
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What's the Most Popular Subtitle / Video Format?

Why do many people choose to add SRT to MP4?

- There are a bunch of subtitle formats written in different types - text, XML, HTML and Image, to name just a few. Among those subs, Text-formatted subtitles are easier to create. Therefore, the most basic SRT is welcomed by most (home) video players, video/subtitle editing tools and many online sites including YouTube. Moreover, there are so many SRT sources online that movie buffs can get SRT file of any popular films for free to add to movie video.

- MP4 and MKV are container formats that can hold video, audio, subtitles and images in a single file. Although they two are widely used to spread media content online and offline, MP4 still outshines MKV due to its perfect compatibility with smart devices and streaming services.

Subtitling Methods & Top Subtitling Tools for Computer

Attaching SRT to MP4 is nothing difficult, so many hot video players and converters have built this feature in. Any difference here? Well, before that, let's firstly take a look at two subtitling methods, with both pros and cons detailed as well.

1. Hardcode/Burn-in

In this way, the subtitles are encoded directly onto the video. By integrating subtitle with video to one file permanently, you will have no chance to turn the hard subtitle off. Usually many subtitling programs empower users to change the position and style of hard subs.

2. Softcode

After softcoding a subtitle file into a video, you are free to select, turn on or turn off the soft subs as you require. Since (soft) subtitle and video are two independent tracks here, it will have no effect on video quality when adding SRT to MP4. The only drawback of soft subs is that it may be synced incorrectly or partially cut off for some unknown reasons.

Knowing the two ways to subtitle video, let's do a general comparison on some popular subtitling tools for computer. Hopefully, you can choose the right one according to your actual needs.

Brief Comparison on Hot Tools That Features Adding SRT to MP4

software to add srt to mp4 - VideoProc

software to add srt to mp4 - handbrake

software to add srt to mp4 - wondershare video converter
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
software to add srt to mp4 - movavi video converter
Movavi Video Converter Premium
software to add srt to mp4 - VLC

VLC Media Player
software to add srt to mp4 - WMP

Windows Media Player
Hardcode SRT to MP4 (Burn in) Y Y Y Y Y Y
Softcode SRT to MP4 Y Y ( by making SRT "Default") N N Y N
Adjust Hardcoded SRT Y N Y N N N
Download SRT Online Y N N N N N
Supported OS Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac

Drawn from the comparison table, VideoProc offers more options for putting SRT on MP4 at will and open-sourced HandBrake is also good bet to choose. Now we will set adding SRT to MP4 on Windows 10 with VideoProc as the demonstration.

To begin with, you need to download and install VideoProc on your desktop. Please make sure your machine is among the supported OS of VideoProc:

● 32- & 64-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

● Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan and macOS Sierra/High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina

After the installation, please open VideoProc up and follow the steps below to add SRT to MP4 smoothly.

Guide 1 - How to Hardcode SRT to MP4 with VideoProc

Step One - Load MP4

Click the leftmost "Video" icon to enter into a video processing control, where you should click "+ Video" button to open local MP4 video with VideoProc. Plus, drag-and-drop is also available for MP4 inputting.

Add Hardcoded SRT to MP4 with VideoProc
Step Two - Add SRT File and Choose "Burn-In"

After loading MP4 movie successfully, click "Subtitle" button located in the right bottom of the video information bar to pop up a subtitle panel. Time to add subtitle now!

- If you have a ready-made SRT file, please click "Add Subtitle File..." to open it from the hard drive directly.

- If you have no proper subtitles, click "Search Subtitle File..." to search and download an SRT file at any language you need, and then go ahead to continue the operation.

Make sure you've ticked "Enabled" and "Burn-In" options under subtitle.

Step Three - Set SRT Position & Font Style

The embedded subtitle is usually colored in white and seated at the bottom of MP4 video. You are allowed to preview subtitles on video. If it's not your favored style, you can adjust the position and change font (color & size included) as you like. When you finish the subtitle settings, click "Done" to proceed.

Step Four - Output MP4 with Hard Subs

Returning to the main UI, hit "RUN" to start the work. Do remember to check whether the target format is OK. VideoProc defines MP4 H.264 (the most compatible one) as the one when you use VideoProc for the first time. If you have no willing to do any transcoding job, you must pick the same media format with same video/audio codecs from the output format list.

Guide 2 - How to Softcode SRT to MP4 with VideoProc

Step One - Load MP4

Enter into video processing control and input MP4 video from your computer to VideoProc by clicking "Add Video" or dragging the file here.

Add Softcoded SRT to MP4 with VideoProc
Step Two - Add and Enable SRT File in "Softcode"

Click "Subtitle" button from the menu bar shown on video information box to pop up a "Edit Video" dialog. And under the subtitle panel, you are free to add SRT subtitles.

- If you have the SRT you'd like to add to video on computer, click "Add Subtitle File..." to browse and load it straightforward.

- If you don't have the one, just click "Search Subtitle File..." to load related (movie/TV episode) sub sources from (Subscene and more) online sites, all of which are listed with title, language and download count information for your reference. Choose the right one to download and add to video file.

Make sure you've ticked "Enabled" and "Softcode" options under subtitle. If the .srt contains multi-language translation, you can choose anyone you need most. When the subtitle settings complete , click "Done" to continue.

Step Three - Output MP4 with Soft Subs

Going back to the main interface, tap "RUN" to export MP4 with subs at hardware accelerated speed. You're suggested to check whether the target format is defined as MP4, or specifically as the source MP4. VideoProc allows you to view original (MP4) media information and output MP4 encoded with H.264, HEVC or MPEG4 video codec as you like.

- If you maintain the same media parameters, VideoProc will output MP4 with subs in a flash by "Auto Copy";

- If you change some video or audio parameters, VideoProc will do the related video processing jobs, a little bit slower than the "Auto Copy".

When your MP4 video is decorated with self-explaining soft or hard subtitles, you or the other spectators will gain a bang-up watching experience to a large degree.

VideoProc also supports adding SRT to MP4 episodes at one time and merging them into an MP4 file.

Enjoy more video processing features from VideoProc, with full hardware acceleration power brought by Intel QSV, Nvidia and AMD!

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How to Video Process Add SRT to MP4

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