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How to Correct Wide Angle Distortion on Photos and Videos

Google has developed an algorithm together with MIT to correct the wide angle distortion issue occurring on photos. Unlike AI technology devotes to repair grainy parts of a photo to reach its restoration purpose, Google's new technology runs differently: in a simple word, the algorithm detects the distortion parts of a photograph, locates and rectifies them. Then to some extent the rectified picture will look like as good as the normal one.

The whole correction process can be fulfilled by adding one magic filter. You don't hear me wrong, just one filter. That's all needed to correct your distorted wide angle images. Therefore, if you have some distorted pictures on hand and do not want to delete them for some memorable reasons, this post will be the guider of your picture-rescue-operation. Keep reading.

If you yearn for a fix recommendation on distorted video-recording, jump to the wide angle correction workaround for video section.

Google's Wide angle Distortion Correction Technology

Google's new algorithm is developed from one of its previous researching projects. In its previous program, the operation processes this way: the user may send images in a low-resolution from one mobile phone to the server, then the server will send user back with a 'converting method' on those images, and users are allowed to convert those images to the high-resolution ones in their mobile phones manually. This project is designed for emitting on bandwidth consumption in the first place.

How Google's previous program acquires information on color pixels:

Step #1. To endow the system with the ability to detect the output results through a set of formulas, apply for correcting pixel colors of images, rather than pure images that are learned by the computer.

Step #2. The system will automatically output a 16*16*8 three-dimensional grid, in order to apply these formulas in high-resolution images. In the 16*16 grids, each rectification formula is included by every single grid.

As is developed from such a good project, Google's new technology has little possibility to be a joy-killer. And looking from its official news release, it surely is not disappointing.

Comparisons between the previous photo and its corrected result:

Filter Effect Comparison on One Person
Filter Effect Comparison on Several People

Each coin has its two sides. Although this technology has everything positive for photographers, for the time being, it has its dark sides as well. The problem is, according to tech geeks, whether it will perform well in the streaming occasions too, for example, in live streaming or video meeting and they list their worries about the incompatibility of speed between correction streaming and live streaming:

-"I am a photographer, and I record as well rather than solely taking pictures. This technology has everything I want for fixing my distorted pictures, however, it cannot do the same thing to rescue my distorted videos, which is quite disappointing for me."

-"Google's technology will be awesome for me if it can work for correcting barrel distortion of my video clips."

If you have an issue on fixing your distorted wide angle videos, VideoProc, easy to use and basic video editing software, is right on the way to help you out!

Fix for Wide Angle Distortion Videos - VideoProc

VideoProc is a user-friendly software in processing your videos. It has the clean and clear user interface that both the professionals and the beginners find it easy to manipulate. Recording, downloading, re-sizing, and converting your videos to various formats are all supported in this one-stop video editor. Having Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology building inside, VideoProc bullets at running and editing the large HD/4K video with perfect speed without quality being compromised at the same time.

Before you go through this video-targeted fisheye distortion removing method, make sure that you already have VideoProc installed on your device. Go download and install.

It is quite easy to deal with your wide angle distorted video clips within 4 steps demonstrating with operating process as follows:

Step 1: Add the distorted wide angle video to the board. You can add it either by clicking the video button or dragging the file to the board in the center area.

Add Video File to List

Step 2: Double clicking Fisheye column under Toolbox. After doing that, you will be guided to the editing phase.

Lens Correction User Interface

Step 3: Correct the lens parameters by dragging the white knob. Click the Done button when you finish.

Lens Correction Control Board

Step 4: Export your edited video after setting output destination.

Set Output Destination and Export the Edited Video

Warm tip : If you have a problem playing your edited videos on other devices, video format conversion is supported by VideoProc. You can convert your edited video clips to any format you like, from.MP4 up to 4K are available for your choice! This one-stop video editing master can help you out of many problematic situations not only dealing with wide angle distortion video clips.

Bottom line

Photo restoration has no longer been a problematic issue that bothers photograph enthusiasts nowadays. We now enjoy a much more convenient digital life than ever before thanks to various technologies developed. On the one hand, with the development of AI photo restoration and Google's wide angle distortion correction algorithm, photographers are rescued from image correction. On the other hand, having video distortion correction software developed to handle barrel distortion pincushion distortion and mustache distortion, more video filming lovers can benefit from video correction as well.



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