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Best Video Trimming Software: Cut the Video in Your Way

Working on large videos can be pretty challenging at times. This brings us face to face with the versatility of a video trimming software. It is an absolute necessity if you wish to deliver a premium grade video having the main highlights to hike up the engagement meter of your target audience.

Video Trimming
Video Editing - Trim Videos

Compressing a video leads to severe degradation in its quality which is why it is not advised to compress the same multiple times. Trimming video files can serve as a great means of managing large video files without affecting its quality. We are going to base out today’s discussion around VideoProc video trimming software and how it can assist in your editing chores. So, if you are on the lookout for a powerful software having strong 4K editing capabilities, then this premium tool can serve as your ultimate nirvana.

The Best Video Trimming Software - VideoProc

Now that 4K content is spreading like wildfire be it through action cameras or smartphones, video editors are feeling the requirement of a potent tool which can handle Ultra-HD video without compromising quality. VideoProc stands out of its peers coupled with its amazing 4K video editing capabilities. Now we are going to take a look at some of its USPs which makes it a hot favorite of video editing buffs:

  • • Flexible trimming: removing unwanted parts, dividing a video into multiple footages, and merging different videos into a single file.
  • • While most of the other software's support only MP4, VideoProc supports 420+ video formats both in input and output mode.
  • • By means of level-3 GPU hardware acceleration, it speeds up video processing 47x real-time faster, and lowers CPU usage to 40%.
  • • Rich variety of editing features ranging from cutting, cropping, rotating, merging, splitting, deshaking, denoising video files.
  • • User-friendly operation and interface for editing amateurs and professionals.

Free Download VideoProc to Trim Videos Easily in Post Production!

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After downloading and installing VideoProc on your PC or Mac, you can proceed with the rundown of guides and tips for trimming videos:

Method 1: Trim video - simply cut the unwanted start and/or end

Step 1: Import the video into VideoProc.

Launch the easy and basic video editing software and click on Video to get into the editing area. And hit +Video to importe the video.

Step 2: Find the video trimming feature.

Click ToolBox option followed by Trim. You can either double click on the same or proceed with the Codec Option button appearing at the right side of the main interface.

Step 3: Trim the video to the desired length.

You can now either manually specify the start and end time or drag the slider over the entire video length after Trim dashboard popping up.

Step 4: Export the video.

Hit the Done button appearing at the bottom right side of the main window to export the video file to your desired length.

Trim a Video - VideoProc
Trim Video – VideoProc

Note: Trimming is different from cutting. It only allows you to remove the unwanted start / end part, instead of cutting out any parts of a video.

Method 2: Distribute into multiple independent footage

Distribute a lengthy video into multiple independent footages without having to re-record anything, and it can prove to be exceptionally helpful to edit video for YouTube and other websites which have restrictions on the size and length of the video. In such cases, clipping the video into smaller parts can help a lot with fast video processing and uploading.

Note: Splitting is different from trimming, and it won't remove any part of the file, just evenly divides a video into several segements.

Method 3: Single out the highlights and merge them into a new video

After video trimming, this video trimmer can help you go on with more editings. Pick out the main highlights from different videos, and then join them together into a single file. This is ideal for video editing professionals who have creative editing thoughts and combine different frames into a suprising new work. More importantly, it does not degrade the image quality or emboss watermarks on images to render a magnificent final product.


As the best option of making lengthy files more manageable, VideoProc enables you to trim videos on Windows 10 and Mac without any quality loss. And it comes with all the bells and whistles which can be expected out of a potent video trimmer. The fact that it is versatile to cut, merge, split, rotate&flip, deshake, denoise, add 10+ effetcs, etc. It suffices both amateurs and professionals equally no matter you want to fast edit, convert or download videos.

So, just go ahead and download this all-in-all video processing software which is compatible with both Windows (10 or lower) and Mac (Catalina or lower) operating system for experiencing greater possibilities.


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