How to Overlay Videos with 6 Free & Paid Picture in Picture Video Editor

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Video overlay, also known as picture in picture (PiP) effect. In the video editing world, it refers to putting videos, pictures, and other things to a background video, and blending them as one. There are lots of cases you need to add a video overlay, for instance, combine scenes, create interactive chat shows, make news-report-style videos, etc.

What App Can I Use to Overlay Videos?

Basically, any NLE video editing software that supports multiple video tacks are capable of adding a video overlay. Therefore, you may easily feel overwhelmed when you try to pick just one. To help you save time, we've put together the top 6 free and paid overlay video in this post. The detailed tutorials (with pictures and videos) on how to add video overlay by using these tools are also included. Click to jump to the app you like most.

How Do You Overlay a Video on a Video in iMovie?

We don't expect much from a built-in and free editing software, but we must agree iMovie is a nice surprise. It is well organized and easy for any level of users to master. iMovie lets you trim, cut, merge, rotate videos, and make other basic edits. As for advanced editing features, iMovie enables you to add chroma keys, put text overlays, export 4K ultra-high resolution videos.

A major plus is it comes with dozens of templates and transitions for fast creating eye-catching content. Though it supports two video tracks at most, that's enough if all you need is adding one video to another video.

How to Add Video Overlay in iMovie


  • Free of charge.
  • Support to edit 4K ultra high-resolution videos.
  • It's the epitome of simple


  • Not support multiple layers.
  • Lack the support of GIF files.
  • Some important options are hidden in the menu.

Tutorial: How to Overlay a Video in iMovie?

1. Add a picture-in-picture video.

Select a clip or range that you want to use as a picture-in-picture clip, and drag it above a clip in the timeline.

2. Enable picture in picture feature.

Click the Video Overlay Settings button, and choose Picture and Picture.

3. Adjust the overlaid video.

Drag the video in the preview windows to change its position.
Drag one of the clip's 4 corners to scale up or down the video.
Change the length or position of the video on the timeline to adjust its duration or the start/end time.

Where is the video overlay settings button in iMovie?

Many people complain the video overlay button isn't shown in iMovie. To fix up the error, simply place the playhead over the picture-in-picture video.

How Do you Add Video Overlay in Lightworks?

Lightworks is a full-featured yet free video editing software that goes compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. With Lightworks, you have access to make both basic and advanced editing works including primary and secondary color grading, multi-camera editing, generating VFX effects, quickly creating 2D/3D text effects, etc. Thanks to the support of multiple video/audio tracks, it lets you add video and picture overly in an easy manner. What's better? All these features don't cost you a dime.

How to Add Video Overlay in Lightworks?


  • The free version comes with all the bells and wrestles for adding video overlay.
  • Fast rendering speed.


  • The interface is simple but not straightforward enough for beginners to master.
  • It's UI is different from most NLE editing software.
  • The free account can only export video in MPEG4 H.264 formats.
  • Have to upgrade to the paid version to get HD, 1080P or 4K output.

Tutorial: How to Add Video Overlay with Lightworks?

1. Install Lightworks on your computer.

Visit the official download page of Lightworks, choose the needed version, and download the install pack on your local disk.
Follow the instruction guide to install Lightworks on your computer.

2. Create a new project.

Double click the Lightworks icon to open it up. Click on Create a new project, fill in the name, and frame rate information on the pop-up New project details panel. Next, you click on Create.

Add Video Overlay in Lightworks
Add Video Overlay in Lightworks

3. Add videos to Lightworks.

Click on Edit and drag the background video to the media bin. Drag it to the timeline.
Right-click on the clip on the timeline, choose Sequence Commands > Track > Add video to increase a new video track.
Import another video that you'd like to use it as an overlay to Lightworks, drag it to the timeline and place it on the video track that you just created.

4. Create the overlay effect.

Go to the VFX tab, and right-click on the overlay video on the timeline, and select Effects > Add > 2D DVE.
Move the slider of Position X/Y to change the location of the foreground video.
Move the slider of Scale to zoom in/out the picture-in-picture video.
You can also use the Crop button to crop out the unnecessary frame.

5. Export the video.

Right-click on the timeline, hit Export, and choose H.264/MP4. On the open-up new panel, you need to enter the desired resolution, frame rate, folder name. After that, click on create.

How to Overlay Videos in Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is a professional NLE video editing program with a plethora of editing features that you can easily start to feel overwhelmed. It lets you add pictures, audio, text, and video in prevalent formats. Most importantly, it enables you to any number of video and audio tracks, thus you can overlay multiple videos and pictures in premiere pro without hassles.

How to Put a Video on Another Video in Premiere


  • Flexible change the position of one video on another.
  • Multiple video and audio tracks.


  • High cost: $20.99/month.
  • Slow response when running on ordinary computers.
  • A steep learning curve.

Tutorial: How to Overlay Video in Premiere Pro?

1. Download Premiere Pro.

Update your graphics card and computer to the latest version.
Download and install Premiere Pro on your computer.

2. Import videos to Premiere.

Create a new project and you can leave all the properties as default.
You're suggested to create a project bin to hold media in different folders according to themes, types, or data.
Hit Import and choose the existing clips that are needed in this editing job.

Add Video Overlay in Premiere
Add Video Overlay in Premiere

3. Create the video overlay.

Drag the background video to the timeline.
Drag the picture-in-picture video to the timeline and place it on the upper of the first video layer.
Videos that are in a lower video layer now turn to be the background.
This is also the solution of how to overlay multiple videos in Premiere, all you have to do is ensuring the picture-in-picture clips are always on the higher video layer.

4. Export the video with overlay.

Click on File > Export > Media. After you make proper settings on formats, bitrate, and other properties, hit Export to save the finished work.

How to put the video in the corner of the other video?

Click the foreground video on the timeline. Come over to the top menu bar to find Windows, click this, and enable Effect Control. Select Motion, drag one clip handle that shows in the monitor windows to scale up/down the overlay footage. After that, drag the video on the monitor window to the corner.

How to Create a Video Overlay in DaVinci Resolve?

Davinci Resolve is a cross-platform and all-in-on video post-editing software that works on recent Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has a relatively user-friendly interface when considering its wide range of editing options, or comparing to the said Adobe Premiere.

This feature-rich picture in picture video doesn't come with limits in audio or video layers which means you can overlay whatever quantities of videos and images on any positions of videos. One of my favorite things about DaVinci Resolve is the support of motion track. With it, you can put a video overlay into a movie where the frame moves and the size changes.

How to Add PiP video in DaVinci Resolve


  • Free and cross-platform.
  • Robust color grading toolsets.
  • Motion tracks.
  • Add video, image, and text overlay to the video.


  • The steep learning curve for beginners.
  • High CPU and GPU usage.
  • Limited import and output formats.

Tutorial: How to Overlay PiP Video in Davinci Resolve?

1. Download and install DaVinci Resolve.

Visit the official site of DaVinci Resolve, and click on Download. On the new panel, choose DaVinci Resolve and the related operating system.
You will then be lead to a new page. After filling up the blanks, click on Register& Download.
Now you get access to the installation pack. Download it and install Davinci Resolve following the instruction.

2. Import the videos and images.

Launch up DaVinci Resolve, and create a new project.
Come over to the media pool, right click your mouse, and select Import Media. You then select the media that you'd like to use as the background.

3. Drag the media to the timeline.

On the Edit tab, drag the background video to the timeline first.
After that, drag the video you'd like to overlay on top of the existing video on the timeline.

Add Picture in Picture Video in DaVinci Resolve
Add Picture in Picture Video in DaVinci Resolve

4. Make a PiP video.

Choose the video on the second layer, and come over the top right of the interface.
Click on Inspector which is under the transform tab. Decrease the value of Zoom to scale down the video.
Adjust the value of Position to put the picture-in-picture video on the corner, center, or any other places on the frame.

5. Render the overlay video.

Click on Deliver to enter the delivery tab. Choose the needed render settings including codec, format, frame rate, keyframes, and quality.
Next, you hit Add to Render Queue and click on Start Render.

How to Make Picture in Picture Video on Android or iPhone?

There isn't a built-in picture in picture video editor that can be found on either Android or iPhone. Therefore you have to rely on third-party apps to get the job done. No like on a computer where you can find lots of free video editing software, the options given by mobile phones are much fewer.

No worry, however, as we have found an easy yet powerful PiP video editor application – KineMaster. This multi-functional video editor goes compatible with both iPhone and Android, allowing beginners to put a video on the center, corner, or any positions on another video.

How to Add PiP video in DaVinci Resolve


  • Allows you to create 6GB videos for free.
  • Instantly share on social media.
  • Online stock sound and stickers.


  • Only allows you to create 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1 video.
  • The free account can't export video in HD or UHD 4K resolution.
  • Consume a lot of power.

Tutorial: How Do You Overlay Videos with Your Phone?

1. Install KineMaster on your phone.

Go to the app store, and enter KineMaster on the search box.
Click on Install that is next to the search result to install this PiP video editor on your phone.
After that, click on Open to launch up KineMaster.

2. Add the background video.

Click on Media > Video to import the background video. Tap on Layer, and click on Media to import a photo or video. The chosen media will be the overlay of the background video.

3. Fine-tune the overlay video.

On the previous windows, you can find a dotted box with zoom in/out and rotate knobs, you can use them to reposition and resize the overlay video.
You can choose the overlay clip on the timeline, and stretch it to the right or left to increase or decrease the duration.

Add Picture in Picture Video in DaVinci Resolve
Add Picture in Picture Video in DaVinci Resolve

4. Add multiple video overlays or images.

Click on the check icon after you get the desired result. Again, you click on Layer > Media to import the second (third, or more) layer. The process is completely the same as step 3.

5. Export the video.

Click on the share icon on the top-right corner.
Select the ideal resolution and frame rate, and click on Export to save the picture in picture video.

How to Add Overlay Video for Free Online?

If you are looking to put a video on top of another short clip, there are a few free online PiP video editors that you can utilize. There I want to introduce my favorite web-based application – Kapwing. It is nitty-designed, easy-to-use while still boasts basic editing features. With it, you can add text, image, and video overlays on both videos and static pictures in a few moves of your mouse.

How to Overlay Videos for Free Online


  • Can add a video by pasting the URL link.
  • The interface is very straightforward.
  • Watermark-free.


  • High reliance on the network.
  • The maximum size you can export is 1920px.
  • Can't generate video in MKV, MOV, and many popular formats.

Tutorial: How Do I Overlay One Video Over Another Online?

1. Import the video.

Hit Click to upload to import a video as the background.

2. Change the aspect ratio.

After the video loading up to the app successfully, you click on the blank area to get the OUTPUT SIZE option.
Choose the desired aspect ratio. In my case, I choose 16:9.
Click on the video, reposition, and scale it up so it fills up the canvas.

3. Put another video as the overlay.

Click on Upload. Drag and drop another video to the PiP video editor. You're allowed to upload a picture file to add image overlay on the video.
Drag one of the four handles that appear on the preview windows to change its position and dimension.

Insert One Video into Another with KineMaster
Insert One Video into Another with KineMaster

4. Export the outcome.

Hit Publish, and you'll be asked to sign in with Google or Facebook account to get rid of the watermark. Then, you can click on Download to get the video with the picture in picture effect.

Free Overlay Stock Video Footage

What are some of the better video embed overlay resources you can get?

1. Videvo stock - Free Stock Video Footage


It covers over 100 copyright-free video overlays. And the majority of them are 1080P video with snowfall, smokes, or other particle elements.

2. Videezy - Free HD Overlay Video Stock


If you need to add some light neon laser videos to your footage, check out the vast range of for free video overlay assets on Videezy. You can free download and use these picture-in-picture layers for commercial use with attribution.


Can you overlay videos in Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker doesn't come with the utility to add one video to another natively. The absence of a video overlay feature is caused by the over-simple timeline. It only lets you add 1 video layer and 1 audio track.

Can iPhone do picture in picture?

The built-in iPhone Photo app and iOS iMovie can't do picture in picture video. However, you can take advantage of the additional apps from the App Store to add video overlay to your footages.

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