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Best Video Clipper - More Than Just a Basic Video Cutter


Clipping a video into several small segments is a great way to help upload the images to the social network sharing with others, clip the video for several video projects to post-processing, save the clipped part to your PC/Mac, etc.

Mostly, users may hold that a basic video clipper - free video cutting software with limited features, like the built-in Windows 10 video editor - Photos, can get the job done. Well, it truly does, in some ways. However, in fact, there are some things about the basic video cutters which can hold your back, especially when we are about to deal with the 4K videos and other large-sized videos, considering almost all basic video cutters have limits on the video size. They cannot be your perfect choice for video clipping. Move on to the next part and we will talk about more about this.

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Why the Basic Video Clipper Cannot Be Perfect for Video Clipping?

1. Many basic video editors are online tools. They seem pretty helpful and friendly since users have no need to download some desk applications and install them. While, like we have said in the part above, most of these tools have limits on the video size. If the video size exceeds their upload limit, their services come to a halt.

This is very unfriendly, especially in this era of 4K videos. We must know that 4K format is designed to capture high visual details with crystal clear sound and hence, the 4K videos are mostly very large. If the tool has limits on the video size, the 4K video clipping would not work, and for many other large-sized videos.

2. Besides, they are not the right choice for processing a 4K video because that's beyond their capabilities, too.

3. A basic video cutter can only process common video formats like MP4.

4. While cutting a video you may require several advanced features like crop, merge, adding watermarks, converting video, customizing resolution, video rotating, change audio settings, etc. A basic video cutter may not always provide you such advanced functions.

5. They are very very slow at processing even common video formats. They are not designed to avail the hardware acceleration technologies of your computer.

6. Moreover, such kinds of free software may come with adware which always finds a way to pester you.

So to make the video cutting job done much more easily and without any limits, getting an all-in-one video cutter is necessary.

In this guide, the best video clipper we sincerely recommend is the VideoProc. Keep reading and get the unbiased reasons why it has been chosen.

VideoProc: the Best All-in-One Video Clipper

Compared to the basic video cutter, VideoProc will not show you any limits.

  • You can clip any video with any size, no matter how big it is, and any format.
  • 4K video processing is just what it is good at.
  • Besides the basic features, it also provides you with cropping, merging, watermarks adding, video format converting, resolution customizing, video rotating, and more functions.
  • Then there will be no any adware to interrupt your video editing job.
  • Most importantly, it is super professional. VideoProc comes as the No.1 fastest video processing software that peaks Level-3 Hardware Acceleration fully powered by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, delivering super smooth 4K video editing and transcoding without compromising the video quality.

So with so many outstanding features, why not give it a free downloading, and then follow the detailed steps below about how to use it to clip your video as you want?

How to Clip Videos with VideoProc

This is a step-by-step tutorial which will teach you to clip or cut any video of yours, including the 4K videos. Along with clipping function, you can also check several other advanced video editing tools of VideoProc. So, let's get started.

Cut or Clip a Video:

Step 1. Open VideoProc and click 'Video' on the splash screen.

Step 2. Click the '+Video' button to load your video file for clipping or cutting.

Step 3. When the video gets loaded then click 'Cut'. This will open the VideoProc's video clipper in a separate window. Here you will see two green knobs/markers on the video's timeline.

Click Cut on VideoProc

Step 4. Drag these knobs closer or farther one at a time to set the cut time position. Once you select the cut position simply click '+Cut'.

Select Cut Position on Video Clipper

Step 5. Now drag the green knobs again anywhere on the video timeline and click the '+Cut' button again to add another cut time position. This way you can add multiple cuts in a single video. Click 'Done' when finished.

Step 6. Click 'Run' to start clipping your video. Please note that multiple cuts get merged into a single video file. Go to the output folder to check your cut video.

Video Tutorial: How to Clip Videos Using VideoProc

Crop a Video:

Use this function to crop out unnecessary parts of a video from its current frame. The crop function actually cuts the video frame from all the four sides thereby reducing the frame size. VideoProc provides a very simple approach to crop your videos.

Split a Video:

This is the highly demanded video editing tool for processing your videos. VideoProc's split function is different from other video editing software's split function. It provides two ways of splitting a video. The first one is the 'Segment' based and the second one is the 'Time' based. In the segment based splitting you can set a number of segments and VideoProc will equally split the video into segments.

Secondly, you can enter a time value in seconds say 60 seconds. VideoProc will split the video every 60 seconds then.

Trim a Video:

Trimming is different from cutting. It only allows you to remove the unwanted start/end part, instead of cutting out any parts of a video. Use this tool instead of cutting if you want to remove some part of the start and end of a particular video.

Merge a Video:

The merge tool can be used to merge multiple videos in a single file. This tool is often required to merge multiple video files that have been shot in a series. Merging such videos will have a benefit as you will have all those videos multiplexed into a single file. By using the merge function you are also minimizing the risk of losing those individual video files as they will be there in the merged file.

Final Thoughts

So you can see how useful VideoProc is when it comes to proper video clipping and editing. With this video clipper, you can avail a powerful set of advanced video clipping and editing tools. It is specially designed to process 4K videos with its level-3 GPU acceleration. This video editor is quite intuitive and has a very short learning curve. Just by using the software several times anyone can become its power-user. You can download this video cutter editor from the links given below.


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