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Edit Video to Be Uploaded in Tumblr

Summary: Tumblr sets a series of video upload limits for users to adhere to. In this post, we introduce you some practical ways to fine-tune your video to be uploaded to Tumblr successfully.

Today, make short posts tailored with edited video isn't a fresh thing in this multimedia era. See the full review on free video editors in the market. Among all popular social networking platforms, Tumblr is a free micro-blogging platform that provides a vast of options for bloggers to host their post. Tumblr users are able to post a balanced mix file types of videos, audio files, photographs, text, links, etc., and syncing posts to their Facebook or Twitter account simultaneously.

Tumblr offers different plans for different users. For common users, you can share some memorable videos to your blog followers. For people who use Tumblr to develop your business, you can either add a video to your post before sending messages to seek for some business relationships, or you may choose to embed a video on your blog when people visit your Tumblr page, both of which serves as the most effective way to introduce your products and services to the audiences.

While you are allowed to upload videos in Tumblr, it places strict limitations on the video upload at the same time. Continue reading.


Tumblr Video Uploads Regulations

Tumblr carried out some strict regulations for its users to adhere to. Limitations on its video uploads include video length, file size, media format. Next, we will walk you through them one by one.

Video Length

When uploading videos to Tumblr, you are restricted to a 5 minutes of video uploads per day. That is to say, you are allowed to upload several videos to Tumblr several times, but the total length of video you upload should not exceed five minutes in an amount within one day.

File Size

In Tumblr, the video you upload is limited to 100MB in size, which means that you can upload multiple videos within 100MB, without the whole adds up excessive to 5 minutes in length.

File Type

As for file type limits, Tumblr recommends video uploads as an MP4 file with AAC audio for users. If you don't have the right format, check out the best solution.

Video Resolution

The max size of your video resolution should be 500x700 pixels.

If you happen to have videos that are all bigger than 100MB and longer than 5 minutes, or are not contained in MP4 with AAC and exceeds 500 by 700 pixels resolution. Does that mean you have nothing to do but to quit video uploads to Tumblr? That's not the case. In the following, we will share some video editing tips on how to fine-tune video length, file size, file type and video resolution, thus guaranteeing you a successful video uploads to Tumblr.

Best Tumblr Video Editing Software - VideoProc

VideoProc is the most easy-to-use yet super powerful video editing software. With its Level-3 GPU Acceleration Technology, encoding and decoding will be so quick to be finished that you will be amazed by its incredibly rapid processing speed. The compatibility of this software is another stunning feature of it as it allows you to produce videos of over 420 different formats. But most importantly, this video editor can provide you with two most feasible and reasonable methods to cope with your Tumblr video issues: either to compress the video into a smaller size or to cut the video to your desired length.


Free Donwnload VideoProc - Your Best Tumblr Video Editor Now!

How-To Tutorial: Cut Video to Your Desired Length

With VideoProc, you'll be able to cut your video into one or more segments within a few simple clicks and remove the unwanted parts from it so as to keep it under 5 minutes.

First thing first, you need to download and install the latest version of VideoProc. Launch it on your Windows (VideoProc for Windows ) or Mac (VideoProc for Mac ). Click the +Video button to import one or more video files into the program.

Launch VideoProc

Step 1. Add your pending for Tumblr video files by clicking the +Video button on the top Toolbar. If you have several video files packed in a video folder, you can import them by clicking the +Video Folder button and batch process them at one time.

Upload Video

Step 2. Move to the Cut button on the toolbar and drag the green knob to set up the ending and starting position. Click the orange Cut button and your desired segments will then be kept.

Cut Video in VideoProc

Step 3. Click the Edit icon and fine-tune the starting and ending point of the video clip. Then, click Done to finish the cutting process.

Step 4. Click RUN on the bottom right corner in the last interface and start cnversion.

Warm Note: If you want to cut out a different clip, just drag the green knob again to set a new position and repeat step 3-4. And, you can also adjust the sequence of the clips by clicking the up and down arrow of each clip.

How-To Tutorial: Compress Video to Your Desired Size

This light-weighted video compressor supports nearly all common compression of video files and you can compress them under 100 MB. Although there are plenty of ways of compression, some will unnecessarily contribute to undesired results such as quality loss. If you want to present your Tumblr video of its best under different circunmstances, we've selected several practical approaches to fulfil your needs.

Workaround One: Transcode H.264 to HEVC

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of VideoProc to your Windows (VideoProc for Windows ) or Mac (VideoProc for Mac ) > Launch VideoProc > Click +Video to import single video or multiple videos into the center panel.

Step 2. Click the Video tab on the bottom of the interface, select highly compressed HEVC as the output format. If you want to customize your desired resolution, click Codec Option to set it up.

Step 3. Hit RUN in the bottom right to start the conversion.

H.264 to HEVC

Workaround Two: Tweak Video Parameters

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of VideoProc to your Windows (VideoProc for Windows ) or Mac (VideoProc for Mac ) > Launch VideoProc > Click +Video to import single video or multiple videos into the center panel.

Step 2. Click Codec Option to adjust video's bitrate by selecting Manual from the dropdown menu and choose ARB to set up the Target Bit Rate. Reduce the frame rate from its dropdown menu and increase the GOP values.

Step 3. Click Done to save the setup and hit RUN to process.

Bit Rate Manual

Workaround Three: Downscale 4K to 1080p

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of VideoProc to your Windows (VideoProc for Windows ) or Mac (VideoProc for Mac ) > Launch VideoProc > Click +Video to import single video or multiple videos into the center panel.

Step 2. Choose an output format and click Option Codec button. Select 1920x1080 from the dropdown menu of the resolution.

Step 3. Click the RUN button to downscale.

Customize Resolution

Final Words

If you are looking for a tumblr video editor, VideoProc can be your best bet. By fine-tuning your video a bit with VideoProc, you can upload video to Tumblr in a worry-free manner. Better than that, many more prominent editing features such as record, add effects, add watermarks to the refine the video clip, and de-shaking, de-noising footage shot by action camera, just name a few, makes VideoProc stands out of its peer in the market.


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