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Top Photo Video Makers That Turn Still Images into a Video

Making a video to record the events that we have been in charge of has turned into an ideal approach to share the fun in the modern community. Yet the valuable moments would not be always filmed in the way of videos. They would be more likely to be saved in the form of a photograph.

Therefore, it is encouraged to transfer images to a photo video/slideshow/home movie, etc. with music and nice visuals. Wait, you know nothing about making photo videos?

Well, we have carefully gathered several awesome and browser-based photo video makers with my insights in this post. Please keep reading!

If browser-based tool is not your cup of tea, you might need free desktop video editors in 2020.

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#NO 1: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark, the part of Creative Cloud, is a creation application running on website, desktop, and mobile phone for creating social posts, web pages, and photo videos.

Spark has a strong link to social media platforms, allowing users to create Instagram stories and posts, Facebook covers with tons of adorable templates provided.

Of course, it has the ability to turn images into a photo movie. In the following, you will walk through a few steps that will help you how to use website-based Spark to make photo video properly.

You need to create an account when you first open the Adobe Spark and choose to create a slideshow in the main screen. Next, you will set up a title and template for your photo video in the process of loading.

When you get in the editing screen, you should pick a material layout out of four and upload photos you are going to use from your computer, Spark's free photo library, clouds, Adobe family applications.

Note that there is a 30-second limit to video clips and you can decide what part you will use by dragging the white box in the timeline panel.

You will next choose a theme that has particular transitions, color, font and more. If you want to make a slideshow with various aspect video, move to the Resize tab.

At last, you should not miss the core of a photo video – music. You are allowed to add background music to the clip from the hard drive or copyright-free music library.

Adobe Spark online
Adobe Spark


  • • No time-limit to the creations.
  • • Free templates provided.
  • • You can add music as well as a voice-over.
  • • You can invite your others on your photo video edits.
  • • Free download video clips.


  • • Videos will be watermarked without upgrading to the premium plan.

#NO 2: Kizoa

Kizoa is a browser-based and online tool that has the features toward making a photo-video/slideshow. It is available to anyplace as long as there is the internet.

If you are new to Kizoa, you have to get its membership by creating a Kizoa account to enable the 1GB cloud service for free. After that, you can import images, videos from your computer or Facebook account. Or you can search the copyright-free photo from its build-in material library.

Once finished editing, the photo video will be saved to the cloud automatically, and you can upload the slideshow to the social platforms, burn or modify the slideshow as you wish.

When it comes to editing photo videos with Kioza, you are allowed to join multiple photos using the template with various themes provided, from wedding, travel, kid to business, etc. Moreover, you can add various backgrounds, intros/outros, transitions, music, titles or customize slideshow duration, aspect ratio, resolution and more.

Note that if you want to save photo videos with high resolution, particular codec, and no watermark, you have to upgrade to premium membership.

Kizoa photo video maker


  • • You can edit photo videos anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.
  • • 1 GB cloud service for free
  • • Theme based templates provided
  • • Tons of editing materials available, covering music, transitions, titles, animations, etc.
  • • Support popular video profiles like MP4, MOV, HEVC, DVD, etc.


  • • It has a time limit and watermark to the general membership.

#NO 3: Animoto

Animoto, running on Apple's iOS and website, supports creating photo videos through combing photos and video clips with titles, watermarks, music and the other features, which can turn your videos to the next level.

Here's a quick rundown of how Animoto works (the website application). First, you will pick one pre-made template for your clip. Do choose the template to fit your purpose, because they are designed for various subjects.

Next, you will replace the photos/video clips already in the template. You are allowed to use the files on your computer or on the stock library (tons of materials are free to use).

And you will select the features like video styles, fonts, background color, text, logo, music that you want to add to the clip. Note that you can change the features of all blocks in the sidebar on the left, or double-click any block and customize voice-over, duration, title in the toolbar on the right.

In the top-right corner, there is a button called ADD A BLOCK. You can see more engaging features there helping you create impressive video clips.

Once you finish creating, you need to move to My Videos where you can update the detailed information of the clips for sharing, downloading, replaying.



  • • Download 1080p video clips for free.
  • • A collection of free photos, videos, and music available.
  • • Videos are automatically saved to your account.


  • • Video will be watermarked without upgrading the license.
  • • Fail to access cloud files.

#NO 4: Smilebox

If you finding an ever-simple photo video maker, Smilebox may be your choice of excellence!

Like other online applications, you should sign in to the website with an account for picking templates, adding music, animations, text, and other engaging features.

The editing tab is carefully split into three parts. On the left is the photo library where you can store materials and import files. You are allowed to use photos imported from your computer, mobile phone, Facebook and Instagram. Once you’ve finished uploading, click on Auto-fill on the top right corner. Smilebox will automatically fill the photos for you.

Move to the editing panel in the middle of the screen and dress up your videos by adding a filter, scaling, rotating and flipping. Less noted but equally significant, you can custom texts and pick your favorite font, color here.

On the right hand, there is another panel. If you are putting a brand, logo or something on video, then you should take a try to make your own logo with Smilebox.

You can only use two audio tracks until you upgrade your subscription plan. Last but not least, you can hold and drag the black dot on the right to adjust the playback speed of every photo.



  • • Post your videos to Facebook and Twitter for free.
  • • Create your own photo video simply


  • • Only images can be added.
  • • Videos will not be saved without upgrading the license.

#NO 5: Magisto

Adopting the cutting-edge A.I. and supporting the access to Web, iOS, and Android, Magisto is a smart photo video maker, helping you create engaging video clips with ease.

You are allowed to import materials through your hard drive, Google Drive, Google Photos, and even its built-in library that possesses over 25 million video clips and photos.

Next, pick a video template for your video and switch it to the orientation you want, ranging from 16:9, 9:16, and 4:3 aspect ratio.

At last, you should couple your video clip with background music. Besides, you can add an audio narration to videos by enabling B-roll.



  • • Artificial intelligence-powered and browser-based photo video maker.
  • • A stock library with videos and photos over 25 million.


  • • Only one audio track available.
  • • Lot of features are locked without an upgraded license.


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