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Top 3 Cheap Video Editing Software Favored by Beginners

With the increase of online social life, the demand for quality content has increased. Moreover, people largely prefer videos over images and written posts. So naturally the desire for a good quality video is increasing in today's life. Also, a good video is a juxtaposition of shooting (of the video) and editing, for which one needs to have cheap video editing software.

Why Cheap Video Editor?

A natural question: If one wants to make a good video, why not choose professional video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro? Because:

1. A professional NLE system is very costly, and is used by high profile video editors like cinematographers, for editing raw footages into digital files. One, who is a beginner, will not want to invest in such software, at their initial stage.

2. Because of their complexity. One needs to have a profound knowledge, and even have to take classes to learn the software, in order to use it. Beginners will not want opt for that, to edit their basic videos.

3. Because a good cheap video editing software will be enough to satisfy the basic necessities in editing a video. So, why waste money? Go for video editing software cheap in amount, and use it to edit your videos.

In a word, the best is not always the most appropriate, especially when you are beginners, and have just entered the field of video editing. Some cheap and good quality video editing software might be better options. Please see the following examples.

Top 3 cheap video editing softwares

1. VideoProc

One of the best cheap video editing software, VideoProc is comparatively easy-to-use and powerful video editor which comes with downloading and recording functions along with the core function of video editing. The price of this software is around 35 dollars. One can use video and DVD option to collect and modify videos, and the downloader option to download videos from social website. It can also be used to record videos playing on screen or from a webcam. And the most amazing thing is, you can edit all the videos in 4K video quality.

It is the best software which you will find in the market, which is cheap and also has features of about 12 different softwares, alone, which you will not get to see in any other software.

The most notable feature of this software is its top-notch GPU acceleration. Along with that, its features of stabilizing and processing videos are beyond comparison.The best thing is, one can easily edit videos as it is made in a user-friendly manner.


  • Faster real-time processing with GPU hardware acceleration, which increases by up to 47 times.
  • File size reduction, without worrying about the quality of your 4K videos.
  • With level 3 hardware acceleration, the CPU usage is lowered due to even distribution of workload between CPU and GPU.


  • The feature of iOS conversion to other formats is not present.
Cheap video editor - VideoProc

2. Nero Video

Nero video, is the ultimate HD and 4K video editing software, for creating pro looking videos. The price of this software is around 45 dollars. It allows you to collect and manage, edit and create videos, along with play and stream feature. The software comes with solid enhancement and Windows 10 compliance.

The most notable feature of this software is you can use the inbuilt effects to give your video an amazing video effect, like tilt-shift, or a nostalgic film effect. It also provides a high-quality video editing for monitor layout and can edit videos to ultra HD and 4K format.


  • Unique interface and workflow, which is clunky and aounterintutive.
  • Two video editing modes: Express editing and Advanced editing, to build your videos.
  • Powerful and customizable menu builder.


  • The disc's audio cannot be optimized for hoe theatre system with surround sound speakers.
  • You cannot add closed captions to your video content.
  • You cannot switch back to the Express Editing mode, if you have made even a single change in the Advanced Editing mode.
Cheap video editor - Nero

3. Coral VideoStudio

Coral VideoStudio is an amazing video editing software with everything you need to create your own videos and slideshows, or a simple user interface, with professional adjustments and effects. The price of this software is around 51 dollars.

The software provides three core features- Capture, Edit, and Share. You can directly record the videos from your webcam, or videos playing on screen, and can modify the videos with various effects and texts. You can edit videos in Ultra HD quality and 4K video quality.

The most amazing features are the colour grading and audio enhancing features, where you can enhance your videos along with the audio, to give it a profound look.


  • Its multi cam module, which allows to sync and edit footages of the same event from multiple sources and angles.
  • Its motion tracking tool, which can isolate a moving object in your footage.
  • It has a chroma key feature, with which you can apply the same settings and enhancements to all the green screen footages without having to manually adjust each clip.


  • It offers only one main video editing track, which limits and hampers the ability to make complex edits.
Corel video editor


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