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10 Best YouTube Video Makers for Beginners 2019 [Online & Apps]

Video clips are being recognized as the penultimate utility in the arsenal of modern marketers. Videos can garner a greater impression than text or even picture advertising which has led to its massive popularity around the globe. Even amateurs can yield professional-grade results using these utilities most of which feature simple drag-and-drop. The videos created can be uploaded directly over different social media platforms which link it seamlessly with various digital marketing activities. But which one is the best YouTube video editor for beginners? In this post, we have gathered 10 best YouTube video makers which can render a premium look and feel to all your captured footages with less training.

Have a Quick Look to Our Picks of 10 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginner

  • NO 1: VideoProc | A video maker armed with video processing toolbox, file format converter, video recorder, etc.
  • NO 2: VirtualDub | An open-source and classic video processing tool.
  • NO 3: Windows Photos App | Windows 10 built-in and free video creator packs with 3D effects, slow-motion, filters and more.
  • NO 4: Magisto | An online video processing utility powered by AI technology.
  • NO 5: Video Toolbox | A free online editing tool without installing any software.
  • NO 6: iMovie | A native and free video editor for macOS and iOS devices.
  • NO 7: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 | Enjoy all the power of making video and movies.
  • NO 8: Lightworks | High-end and non-linear video editing software.
  • NO 9: Filmora9 Video Editor | User-friendly and feature-rich video creating program.
  • NO 10: OpenShot | A open-source, non-linear video editor for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

NO 1: VideoProc

You search for an easy and super-fast YouTube video maker ends with VideoProc which makes use of Level-3 hardware acceleration. The feature would make it to be one of the best video editing software for YouTube for its fast speed to process videos in bulk. Its well-designed interface can suffice both professionals as well as amateurs exceptionally well. You can find all the basic abilities such as crop, cut, rotate, add subtitles and merge in the main interface itself. So, whether you wish to apply a stunning effect or stabilize shaky footages taken by action cams, the possibility is endless with VideoProc.


NO 2: VirtualDub

Windows users can bank on this classic open-source YouTube video maker which can perform pretty fast in linear editing. It can compress videos without quality loss. You can opt for VirtualDub to merge videos, cut clips, apply different effects and more. Some of its standout features are optimized disk access, noise reduction, fractional frame rates, real-time downsizing, field swapping, integration of volume meter and verbose monitoring. Although it is designed for processing AVI files, it can also handle DivX, MPG, MPEG, JPG, etc. effectively. The fact that it has an easy learning curve makes it ideal for being used by beginners trying to learn the tricks of the trade. But the point is that you have to download some decoders on your own, otherwise, the program won't open videos.


NO 3: Windows Photos App

Windows Photos app, the successor to Windows Movie Maker, stands out of its peers in terms of high user-friendliness and simple controls which makes it a top pick of amateurs around the globe. This built-in software comes for free with Windows OS and packs with all the necessary features and elements like trim, filters, 3D effects and more, which can help you come up with premium-grade results. The videos created using Windows Photos app can be shared over YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr.

How to use Windows 10 video editor built-in [tutorial for beginners]

Windows Photos App

NO 4: Magisto

Editing videos becomes super-easy with this online tool which comes powered to the core by A.I and can thus help you create, distribute as well as optimize your video content. You can bank on this video maker online to create jaw-dropping videos in three simple steps. Although you will not be able to crop, cut, trim your videos or add text, you can surely take your pick amongst the piles of other editing styles such as Fashion, Traveler, Clean or Country. This app is ideal for creating quick Instagram posts carrying professional editing abilities. Content providers can upgrade to the paid version of this portal for creating longer videos.


NO 5: Video Toolbox

This online video utility can process video files ranging up to 1500 MB which opens up greater possibilities for YouTubers trying to hike up the engagement meter. Detailed information pertaining to bitrate, codec, resolution, frame rate and a lot more gets displayed by this online video converter after analyzing your uploaded video file.

You can also convert your file to different video formats such as ASF, VOB, 3GP, WMV, MP4, MOV and a lot more. The video you wish to edit can be trimmed at the start and end point to make it more crisp and entertaining. Some other standout features of this app for beginners are audio extraction, embedding of subtitles, video recording from webcam and similar devices, etc. But the site is hard to navigate and understand, and it asks you to register a account before using it.

Video Toolbox

NO 6: iMovie

It now becomes possible to turn the simple video clips into professional grade frames using this YouTube video maker which is compatible with iOS and macOS devices. Be it stunning 4K movies or Hollywood style trailers, the possibilities are limitless with this versatile software. You can count on this free software to impart basic level editing to your recorded footages such as rotating, cropping, trimming and merging. You can even juggle with the playback speed of different parts of the video to render a more impressive footage.


NO 7: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019

This award-winning platform can come to the rescue of video enthusiasts who are trying to create as well as edit 4K videos with complete precision. It has a simple and clutter-free interface which is adored by video editing beginners around the globe. Users can add objects, texts and effects courtesy its motion-tracking feature. Another of its highly talked about feature is 'Timeline editing' which allows users to access soundtracks and group clips without limit.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019

NO 8: Lightworks

This professional-grade YouTube video maker comes in with all the bells and whistles which are needed to edit your recorded footages with precision. In spite of packing a sonic punch in terms of features that are mostly used by professional users, the easy to understand interface of Lightworks makes it ideal for users having different skill levels. It works equally well with both SD and HD formats. Although the free version can keep you covered with most of its features, upgrading to the premium will allow users to export videos more than 720p.


NO 9: Filmora9 Video Editor

Filmora9 Video Editor is compatible with Mac and Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10. It opens up versatile possibilities for its users in terms of video editing. The fact that it has an easy to understand UI makes it well suited for both entry level video editors as well as the professional lot. Users can cut, split, rotate and reverse a video easily using its 20+ built-in tools. More than 1000 video effects can also be given to enhance the video quality like overlays, titles, filters, animations, etc. The ultimate output can be directly shared over Vimeo and YouTube by taking your pick amongst the 20 plus video formats.

Filmora9 Video Editor

NO 10: OpenShot

This open source video editor is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux systems. The easy to use interface makes it a wise choice of beginners who are trying to learn the art of video editing. You can animate, organize and trim clips apart from applying music effects to the same.


Bottom Line

YouTube can serve as a great place for people trying to create greater engagement by reaching out to new users. The quality of video content can have a great role to play in determining your overall success story and that is exactly where VideoProc comes in to make things easier on the go.


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