Top 9 Sony Video Editing Software for Beginners and Pros [Review Tutorials]

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To capture a moment of superfine quality, you need a perfect 4K monster. That's how Sony Camcorders become the go-to option for many of you. It provides you with the best resolution - 4K, which allows you to explore the video world in a very sharp and clear manner. Better yet, you won't miss any distant thing with its up-to 60x optical zoom. But shooting the video with a perfect cam is not the end of making a perfect video recording. It's like you have created a soul without a body, but you should have to create a body to tamp the soul in it. A decent Sony video editing software works as the body creator for the soul recorded by the Sony digital camcorders. Now, the question arrives, how to choose a good Sony video editor to do the task according to you…?

#1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker, which used to be known as Windows Live Movie Maker, is a part of the Windows Essentials software suite given by Microsoft. After dragging the Sony videos to the timeline, you can add subtitles, transitions, voice overlay to the clips in an extremely simple way. It also covers basic editing features like cutting, jointing, and trimming.

Windows Movie Maker Interface
VideoProc AVI Video Editor

Why it's awesome?

  • Easy-designed UI: users can operate the software without putting in any extra effort.
  • Free: built-in program in windows which won't cost you a penny.
  • Online-share: publish the video on One Drive, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Rich editing features: Effects, Trim, Audio, Flip, Playback Speed, and many more.
  • Who is that for?

  • Microsoft discontinued Windows Movie Maker in 2014. It is not pre-built on a recent Windows computer. You can only get it on third party websites, but the security of installing packs is not guaranteed. Therefore, Windows 7 users who want to do some quick and easy edits benefit most from using Windows Movie Maker. Small businesses can also use it to do nice slideshows and presentations. They can polish their Sony camcorder recordings with many built-in transitions, effects, and caption templates of Movie Maker.
  • #2. VideoProc

    VideoProc is the perfect Sony video editing software for beginners who are stepping into the world of video editors. This efficient and novice-friendly Sony video editor provides you with the easiest access to edit any type of Sony recordings. It has a tremendous 4K compatibility feature that would let processing the 4K and other high-resolution Sony videos in a way easy like fall off a log. It comes with a robust editing toolkit, with which you can cut, trim, crop, resize, deshake, denoise, rotate, flip your videos, and do other basic edits effortlessly.

    VideoProc - Easiest and Fastest Sony Video Editing Software for Beginners

    • The complete and robust editing-toolkit enables you to edit Sony digital camcorder recordings by clicking and dragging.
    • Up to 47x real-time faster: take the full benefit of your hardware to process the Sony 4K videos at the highest speed.
    • Goes compatible with almost all popular videos including 1080P/4K HEVC Sony/DJI/GoPro/iPhone videos and more.
    • Edit and convert highly compressed Sony video to your preferred output format without quality loss.

    Anyone can benefit from using VideoProc. Yet, beginners stand to gain a lot in productivity when utilizing VideoProc to edit larger Sony Camcorder recordings on a slow computer. Free download and installed VideoProc on your PC or Mac to find more useful features to spice up your videos

    #3. iMovie

    Just like Windows Maker, iMovie is a prebuilt app on Mac and macOS. That means you don't need to pay a dime to use it. It comes with a clean and nitty interface which supposed to easy to master. However, beginners may miss some nice options offered by iMovie as some of them are hidden from the menu. On aside from basic editing toolkits, iMovie offers plenty of transitions, trailers, and templates to add a funny and professional touch to your Sony camera recordings. What's best about iMovie is the ability to share your outcome instantly and securely on social media like YouTube and Facebook.

    iMovie Interface
    iMovie Interface

    Why it's awesome?

  • Support for editing 4K Ultra high-resolution Sony Camcorder videos.
  • Apply eye-catching themes, movie tailors, transitions to your Sony videos in one click.
  • Enables you to split video and audio track, and display audio waveform.
  • Easy deshake and control the speed of videos captured by Sony digital camcorders.
  • Who is that for?

  • iMovie is for any mac users looking to edit/share their Sony videos publicly. Many effects, transitions, are preset. Therefore, it's also a good option for beginners who don't want to browse a ton of options and menus to polish their Sony videos.
  • #4. Openshot

    Openshot is a free and Open Source video editor to edit the videos effectively. It is easy to use free video editor software with many powerful features. You can quickly trim and slice your videos to get the best moments from your video.

    Openshot Sony Video Editing Software
    Openshot Sony Video Editing Software

    Why it's awesome?

  • Cross-platform app: It comes for different platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Work as commercial editors: add standard/animation subtitles, slide, bounce and other complicated effects to your videos.
  • Unlimited layers: adjust the effects and add many audio tracks.
  • The only downside of Openshot is that it crashes every time you use it.
  • Who is that for?

  • Openshot is buggy as hell. However, if you're looking for a quick Sony video editing freeware, this app will work just fine. It has a straightforward interface and everything you need to make the Sony video montages.
  • #5. VSDC Free Video Editor

    VSDC Free Video Editor is the free version of VSDC Video Editor. Currently, there is only a Windows version available. So if you are editing Sony videos on other OS, skip up to the next utility. The layout of VSDC Free Video Editor is quite different most NLE editing software, it is designed with many icons with the intends to let beginner find the needed tool without efforts. However, many pro users complain that the plethora of icons hinder the editing time.

    VSDC Free Video Editing Software
    VSDC Free Video Editing Software

    Why it's awesome?

  • Let you to edit and export 4K UHD videos captured from Sony digital Cameras smoothly.
  • Covers many advanced toolkits, for example, chrome key, Luts, lens distortion, picture-in-picture, and animation texts, etc.
  • Built-in video and audio capture allows to you easily make tutorial videos.
  • Who is that for?

  • Beginners and occasional users who want some quick-apply effects to spice up the Sony videos will benefit a lot from VSDC Free Video Editor.
  • #6. DaVinci Resolve 16

    DaVinci Resolve 16, offered by Blackmagic, is a professional editing program that best for correcting colors of your Sony recordings. It offers you 7 separate windows (Media, Cut, Edit, Fusion, Color, Fairlight, Deliver) to target the specific editing decisions. Therefore, it looks identical to Premiere and other consumer-level editors, but easier to master. Aside from the full range of editing utilities, the thing that most worthy to mention is its beefy color-grading feature. DaVinci Resolve 16 provides you with a node-based color grading tools. That means you can use adjust the color of every single frame of your video with DaVinci Resolve in the similar way of editing images on Photoshop.

    Davinci Resolve Video Editing Software
    DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Software

    Why it's awesome?

  • Enables you to do all basic and advanced editing tasks.
  • Fast rendering and editing speed when coping with high-resolution Sony RAW video files.
  • Come with Fairlight feature optimizing and adjusting audios.
  • Enables you to create a proxy file and optimized media to speed up the video editing process.
  • Who is that for?

  • Need to precisely apply color correction effects on your videos? Intend to revamp the speed of Sony digital Camcorder videos, and easily stabilize your footages? Give DaVinci Resolve 16 a try!
  • Warm not: DaVinci goes compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. However, there is only a 64-bit version for Windows10.
  • #7. Sony Vegas Pro

    Sony Vegas Pro has been generally used for years to create commercial clips for sites, broadcast stations, and advertisements, etc. It allows you to do almost anything you like to polish the recordings. Meanwhile, it has an easy-to-adapt UI which makes the workflow of both basic and advanced editing go smooth without complications.

    Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Software
    Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Software

    Why it's awesome?

  • It supports the import and output videos in HD and 4K definitions.
  • The rendering speed is impressively fast and doesn't reply high on your system built like other serious video editing programs.
  • Advanced toolkit: come with Chroma key, stereoscopic 3D editing, image stabilization, Multi-cam editing, and many infinite features.
  • Who is that for?

  • The available special effects are much less than Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, but it wins on simplicity and efficiency when cutting and organizing multiple Sony videos. That is to say, if you are coping with many Sony videos, and need fast cut, trim, and put them in order, and then apply a few effects, feel free to go hands-on with Sony Vegas Pro.
  • #8. Final Cut Pro

    Final Cut Pro is a very capable video editor that you can access on Mac to edit Sony Camera videos. As a member of the closed iOS ecosystems, it is exceptionally stable and won't easily go to crash like other professional video editors. It comes with all the bells and whistles for professional work. It can render videos at a super-fast speed, which enables you to get a real-time preview of your editing decisions on the high-resolution Sony videos.

    Final Cut Pro Sony Video Editing Software
    Final Cut Pro Sony Video Editing Software

    Why it's awesome?

  • It gives you the freedom to edit 1080P, 4K videos in ProRes, and Sony camera formats.
  • Rich Effects: 300 built-in special effects, transitions, and generators are available to create stunning output.
  • Color correction: utilize high definition video scopes to better control over the relative level of Luma, Chroma, RGB, or luminance in the clip.
  • User friendly. Well optimized for Mac OS. It offers us a clean interface and stable performance.
  • Who is that for?

  • It is for those Mac users who need to edit Sony videos and other types of videos very often. One-time payment of USD299 is a bit off expensive for occasional users.
  • #9. Adobe Premiere Pro

    Premiere Pro is Adobe's product to edit Sony videos with infinite tools in an effective manner. It has almost all of the standard and advanced video editing features we've talked about in this article already, such as, motion tracking, color grading, key framing effects, picture-in-picture, and masks. Premiere can edit HD, 4K Sony videos without installing an extra video converter thanks to it's good compatibility. The only downside, from my personal view, is it's not friendly for beginners. Newbie has to follow some tutorials to master all the bells and whistles. It is sold by subscription mode which costs you USD29.9/month (USD358/year). The high price keeps many people at bay. But anyway, it's still regarded as the best video editing software for people who have basic knowledge of film creation thanks to the complete non-linear video editing interface and the powerful feature set.

    Premiere Pro Sony Video Editing Software
    Premiere Pro Sony Video Editing Software

    Why it's awesome?

  • It has a feature of integration with other apps and services of the Adobe family so that you can get an integrated workflow.
  • Widely compatible: supports any camera footage in any format from 4K Sony videos to virtual reality.
  • A perfect blending of audios with the videos helps you to create a tremendous combination of background music with video.
  • Who is that for?

  • There are still many downsides like frequent buggy and crashes, import failure, output error and the high reliance on CPU. Thus, if you are running a robust computer, and got basic knowledge of video properties, you may start with the one-month subscribe of Premiere. It allows you to edit video and add many eye-catching effects to your Sony digital Camcorder footages in a flexible and efficient way. As for professional video editors and content creators like YouTubers and Vlogger, Premiere has every reason to top the checklist of best Sony video editing software.
  • Tutorial: How to Edit Sony Videos with the Best Sony Video Editor?

    Before editing the Sony recordings, we need to install VideoProc and launch it. Click Video > +Video to import the video file to VideoProc

    Step 1. Correct Color

    Add Effect to Sony Video
    Add Effect to Sony Video

    Click Effect to add fancy special effects like Mirror, CMYK, Lens Correction, Vignette, Sharpen and you can adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, gamma, saturation value by dragging the blue knobs.

    Step 2. Edit Videos

    Edit Sony Video
    Edit Sony Vide

    Click the Audio & Video tab, you can add audio delays, and adjust the playback speed of the video. Or rotate and flip the Sony recordings. As for editing options:

    • Click the Subtitle tab, you can add the subtitle file from the computer to your clips in the desired font, size, and color.
    • Click Cut. Delete unwanted footage in the beginning, end or middle of a sony video by dragging the green knob.
    • Watermark tab enables you to brand Sony videos with the YouTube channel name, timecode, and other logos.
    • Need to share the memorable Sony recordings online with the proper ratio rate to get the best viewing experience? Click Crop and then drag the dashed box to remove unwanted areas with custom or preset aspect ratio.

    Step 3. Export the Video

    Click Done, and then hit Run to export the video.

    Sony Video Editing Software FAQ

    1. Is there a Sony Vegas for free?

    Sony Vegas is not a free video editing program, but you can have a free trial on Sony Vegas Pro and other programs in the VEGAS family for 30 days. After the trial period, you need to pay for a product key used to activate the software.

    2. Is Sony Vegas good for editing?

    Sony Vegas is a decent software for editing videos in various types of formats. It offers you many shortcut keys to fast cut and trim your projects, as well as lots of nice effects to create compelling content.

    3. How much does Sony Vegas cost?

    The price tag of Sony Vegas Pro 17 is USD299. You can also acquire it by subscription at the cost of $16.67/month.

    4. What editing software do YouTubers use?

    The options of different YouTubers differ. VideoProc, Openshot, and iMovie are often found in creating simple content. Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and the free DaVinci Resolve are the choices for YouTubers to make creative videos.

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