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The Best Simple Video Editor for Everyone [Learn It in 5 Minutes]

Break-through advancements in the field of technology is introducing us to new and improved features in the field of video editing. Gone are the days when you needed pro-level editing knowledge to create exquisite works of art. Modern day even simple video editing software can offer a bundle of functionalities which can help you unleash your fullest creativity in a seamless manner.

But for people not knowing the fact, one of the biggest roadblocks in video post-production process is still the sheer complexity of most video editing tools. First time users can often be seen complaining about the steep learning curve associated with acclimatizing themselves with the confusing features for even simply cutting out a scene.

If you have been facing similar problems till now, then you are in luck today as we are going to tell you exactly how to overcome the same.

The best video editors are definitely the ones which can simplify the entire process for you. Everything starting from installation to receiving frequent updates need to happen in such a manner that it doesn’t bother your normal workflow. It also needs to provide users with one-tap access to basic video editing features like crop, cut, merge, rotate and many more. A similar feel should also exist in the advanced editing hemisphere coupled with a self-explanatory interface. This should help you in applying color correction effects, correcting lens distortion, stabilizing shaky footage, speeding up footage, adding force subtitle and a lot more without having to spend much time or effort behind the same.

Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with VideoProc, a simple video editor which can serve as the ultimate nirvana of all beginners trying out their hands in the field of video editing whether as a hobby or for garnering experience.

Home Interface of VideoProc
Home Interface of VideoProc

Why VideoProc Can Be the Best Simple Video Editor

1. Friendly User-Interface
The first thing which is bound to delight you about VideoProc is its extremely user-friendly interface which can cater even to the non-techy crowd in a brilliant fashion. The minimalist interface makes use of soft tones which clearly demarcates between different menu items. You can explore the options by simply changing the output folder. Lack of ambiguity in the menu and button design presents a self-explanatory picture to users who can make the most out of this intuitive video-editing tool.

2. Easy to Operate
There will be NO dozens of tedious steps you need to follow for editing your video with VideoProc. Once you are done with its one-step setup, you can take on all video editing projects by just following the steps mentioned below:

  • Run the program in your Mac/Windows computer and choose the 'Video' option from the interface.
  • In the next step, you can import the source file by pressing the '+Video' button. You can add multiple videos simultaneously by clicking the '+Video Folder' button.
  • Once the file has been added, you can take your pick amongst the different options of Effect, Watermark, Crop, Cut, Subtitle and Rotate.
  • Ultimately, you need to click on the 'Run' button to finish your editing job.

3. Possessing All Necessary Editing Features
In spite of being very easy to use, VideoProc packs in a sonic punch in terms of intuitive features some of which have been listed down below:

  • You can split or merge numerous video into a single file.
  • Videos shot with GoPro are vulnerable to shaky footages. This is where the 'Deshake' option of VideoProc comes in to remove all signs of shakiness and stabilize the video content.
  • Unwanted sounds of wind can also be removed from the video using the 'Denoise' feature.
  • Captured videos can be converted into various formats such as AVI, WMV, WEBM, M4V, MP4, MOV, DivX, MPEG2 and 3GP.
  • You can use this 4K video editor to compress 4K videos without undergoing any quality loss.

4. Being Professional
VideoProc supports Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Technology. This is a state-of-art technology which utilizes hardware acceleration for 4K/HD video processing, video decoding and video encoding. It thus enhances video conversion speed by 47 times while bringing down CPU usage. This breakthrough technology helps in keeping the CPU temperature at around 45 degrees centigrade which in turn adds up to the longevity of various peripherals. VideoProc makes use of Level-3 Hardware Acceleration which leads to more efficient processing of 4K videos and brings down all risks of CPU overheating. It becomes possible to crop, cut, stabilize and shrink files without having to recalculate or reconstruct the original video frames time and again. This process keeps on running at the background while you concentrate on your video editing work in a seamless manner.

Final Words

4K video processing can be a pretty lengthy process, if you fail to get hold of a simple video editor. This is why it is advisable to proceed with VideoProc which can guarantee a smooth editing as well as video playback experience. Its intuitive built-in tools can streamline the entire video processing drill which makes it ideal for beginners. You can primarily proceed with its free trial version and opt for the licensed one if you feel at ease using the same. So why not give it a try now?


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