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Review: Online Video Cutter Editor | Cut MP4 MKV AVI 4K Videos

You may have trouble in chopping down a long piece of video into a smaller one now or before. No one isn't a video-lover, however, nobody is willing to watch a video which is unprocessed and unedited to eliminate all the bad scenes and out focused clips! Similarly, watching an unprocessed video with all the unwanted and out focused clips is not joyful. Thus, if you have recorded your vacation trip or a birthday party in high quality video size (like 4K HEVC), it is important for you to process this video and make it a better one for watching and sharing!

There are several online tools, which offer a number of features such as video cutting, trimming, cropping, etc. You can use these online video cutters if you have a long video, which requires to be cut short and processed. However, if you use these online tools to process your 4K videos, the quality of your video after downloading the processed video will be deteriorated considerably! See our two tests below.

Test 1: Online Video Cutter- Cut Video By Soflo

One online cutter warmly welcomed by a majority of people for making their videos shorter online is developed by Soflo.

Here, you can choose your target video from your device/Dropbox/Google Drive, or add file by URL. Once the video is added, you can mark and cut out the unwanted clips from your video. After editing, select an output format and name your edited video.

Things you must know about this online video cutter:

1. If you edit your 4K video through your smart phone, it is recommended by the developers to download the edited video in MP4 format only. The question is, you may be in want for other formats namely .MOV, .MKV, .AVI, .AVC, .HEVC, .WMV, .M4V, .WEBM, etc.

Alternative for Online Video Cutter- VideoProc >>

2. The edited video may have slight quality loss by choosing Medium/High quality.

Slight Quality Loss under Medium/High Quality

3. Files bigger than 300 MB is not allowed to be edited properly, so it is not friendly to 4K videos editing. 4K videos are rather popular now, it has high resolution as well as big file size. A 30s 4K video may be more than 300MB. Looked this way, this online cutter places many limitations on 4K video editing a lot.

Cannot Cut Large File

Test 2: Online Video Cutter- Kizoa

Another online tool which can be used to cut your 4K videos is Kizoa. You can cut out parts from your video using this online tool. BTW, you can preview your edited video below downloading it on your device.

Though this online tool seems to be the right option to trim your 4K videos, it has some cons which you must know about.

Things you must know about Kizoa:

1. Before you use Kizoa to shorten your video, you have to resize or convert the 4K video into a small one for better editing.
2. 4K WEBM video can't be uploaded successfully. If you have a WEBM video, you may have to turn to another cutter.

Alternative for Online Video Cutter- VideoProc >>

Some Video Formats Are Not Supported by Kizoa

3. To share or use your created clips, you have to create a new account.

Created Clips can't be visited as a Visitor

Looking from the analysis of these two online video cutters above, you may hesitate and yearn for a go-to tool for solving all the editing problems easily. A set of ONE-STOP video editing software which you can use to cut and trim your 4K videos goes by the name of VideoProc.

Alternative for Online Video Cutter- VideoProc

  1. VideoProc can perfectly edit 4K videos from GoPro, action cams, camcorder, drones, smart phones, etc. With up to 20 video formats like .MOV, .MKV, .AVI, .AVC, .HEVC, .WMV, .M4V, .WEBM, etc. are allowed to be imported and exported.
  2. Various tools are there for you to edit - cutting, cropping, trimming, applying filters, removing noise, adding watermark, subtitles, and correcting fisheye effects.
  3. Hardware acceleration supported; hardware encoding/decoding aided. Fast processing at 120 ftps or 240 ftps without lagging or crashing.
  4. UE friendly, easy to manipulate; beginners-friendly.
  5. Re-sizing, merging, converting, cutting, splitting...whatever you want for social media platforms sharing, editing without quality compromising.
VideoProc User Interface

How to Cut a Video using VideoProc?

There can be instances where your video contains some unwanted clips or you might need to reduce the length of your video. In such situations, you can use the trimming feature of VideoProc and cut your video whenever required.

Before you go through this method, make sure that you have VideoProc installed on your device. Only 4 steps, you can make your perfect video clips.

Step 1 - Choose the video you want to edit.

Cut Videos - Step 1 and 2

Step 2 - Choose the format for output video.

Step 3 - Start video cutting.

Video Cutting

Step 4 - Export your Trimmed video.


This is all you need to know about VideoProc and how you can use this software as a video cutter. The steps involved in the above listed method are quite simple to understand and execute. Also, when you export your edited 4K video through VideoProc, the quality of your edited video is similar to your original 4K video!


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