MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia: How to Animate Faces in Old Family Photos

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How to create animated faces video from old photos like those on TikTok and Twitter? Meet MyHeritage, a Genealogy company that has tapped on AI to broaden its services. People now can upload a still photo, and leave out the work for MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia, a service powered by D-ID to animate the face intelligently.

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia Helps You Animate Old Photos with AI

For some, this feature can produce some creepy results, with Statue of David rolling his eyes, and moves his head.

For others, it is a heartwarming feature. People who lost their beloved ones can once again meet their families in a life-like way, even if the AI-generated video is only 14 seconds long.

You can convert still photos to videos via MyHeritage online tool or using its app. Let's jump on the bandwagon now.

How to Animate Old Photos with MyHeritage DeepNostalgia Online

If you want to post the animated faces video to TikTok and Twitter, using MyHeritage Mobile App is more convenient. Jump to the tutorial in the following part.

Step 1. Visit

Visit MyHeritage AI Animation Page

Step 2. Click the Upload photo button.

  • Make sure the photo is at least 300x300pixels.
  • If your source photo is too small, you can use online photo editing tools to upscale the photo.
  • We have tested to upload dog and cat photos to the site, and find out they are not supported. MyHeritage will alert you that it failed to find faces in the photo.
MyHeritage Cannot Detect Animal Faces Currently

Step 3. Wait for the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia to finish analyzing and animating the photo.

  • You will need to sign up or register in to use this AI-based face animation tech.
  • If you have been using MyHeritage family tree service, and already have photos uploaded to the site, you can choose those photos to animate.
  • The process is automatic. When it's done, you can download the video..

Is MyHeritage Photo Animation Free

Based on our test, you can create one animated video from photos for free. If you have no desire to upgrade the account to Premium, make a good choice before uploading. Don't waste the free chance. Other user claims that they can upload five photos for free animation, but that might be the case before March 3, 2021.

MyHeritage Premium Plan

What is the Size of the Animated Photo from MyHeritage

The downloaded video is a 512x512 square video, regardless of the original size of your photo. For instance, you might have uploaded a 16:9 landscape photo of beloved ones, the downloaded video will still be the square-shaped video.

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia Not Working? Check Your Network Settings

It seems users from some regions cannot use the feature. Make sure you are not using proxy network settings.

How to Animate Old Photos with MyHeritage App

Besides its website-based AI tool, MyHeritage also has an app versions for iOS and Android.

Step 1. Download MyHeritage from iOS AppStore or Google Play Store.

MyHeritage Mobile App

Step 2. Sign up using one of the four options: your email address, Google accounts, or Apple account or Facebook account.

Step 3. Tap at the Photos icon from the main screen.

Upload Old Photos to MyHeritage App

Step 4. Select an old photo from your photos library.

  • If you don't have a digital version of the old family photos, you can use scanner app to capture the old photo.
  • If your old photos are scanned and stored on a computer, you can transfer photos to iPhone/Android mobile using DropBox, Email, or AirDrop.

Step 5. Tap the animation icon from the tool bar. Wait for the app to bring your old photo into life.

AI Animation in MyHeritage App

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