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The Best Music Video Editor on Windows and Mac

Shooting a video is easy. But the real deal starts when you edit those music videos by blending sound and images for making the end-users feel more emotionally connected with your content. This is why you need to bank on music video editors for adding a professional flair to your files. Today we are going to discuss five of the best tools which can help with your music video editing tasks. But first, we are going to take a look at the pre-requisites of a potent music video maker software.

Things To Look For While Choosing A Music Video Maker

1. It should be able to create a multi-camera sequence using audio synchronization.

2. Standard editing tools and keyboard shortcuts should allow users to cut between clips on a real-time basis.

3. The ultimate music video should have an option for being fine-tuned in the form of tone correction, color adjustment, etc.

4. The speed of clips should have the option of being modified to create a dramatic effect.

Best Music Video Editing Software For Mac & Windows Users

1. VideoProc


VideoProc serves as the perfect choice for music video making enthusiasts who wish to work on 4K footage without inflicting too much pressure on their system resources. Its streamlined interface helps users in getting their work done without the requirement of prior subject knowledge.


1. Supports full hardware acceleration which boosts up processing speed by 47 times while striking the right balance between file size and output video quality.

2. Provides users with the option of both upscaling and downscaling the music video as per their requirements.

3. Embedded audio video downloader helps in saving content directly from UGC sites of the local hard drive or YouTube.

4. Supports fast batch downloads of files to speed up the entire process.

5. Noise reduction and shaky video stabilization enhance the overall appeal of the music videos.

6. Running OS - Windows and macOS


1. Subtitles can be added easily to the music files.

2. Provides the option of resizing large 4K videos.

3. The final output can be saved in various formats for catering to a wider user base.


None reported by users.

2. Openshot


This multilingual music video editor is bound to delight all users with its intuitive interface. You can get everything done with simple drag and drop operations which further adds up to its lucrativeness. Unlimited layers and profound possibilities of audio mixing makes it a top pick of users who wish to create cinematic results.


1. Ideal for users who are starting out with the editing of music videos.

2. The main window provides users easy access to all the music video editing resources.

3. The preview window assists users in developing an idea about the results from beforehand.

4. Audio waveforms help in performing various audio manipulations for coming up with professional results.

5. The intuitive user interface helps out with its seamless operation.

6. Running OS - Windows, macOS, and Linux.


1. Does not impose any upper limit on the number of tracks that can be added to the timeline.

2. Has the option of adding text subtitles making it the best music video software.

3. 3D animation in the form of flying text, animated titles, lens flyers, and snow can enhance the ultimate look and feel of your music video.


Lacks adequate video tutorials.

3. Avidemux


This free of cost music video editing software has been specially devised for the beginners who wish to learn the tricks of the trade. Its easy interface makes working on the video editor seem like an absolute cakewalk. Users can perform basic editing functions and even add subtitles to the music videos for catering to the karaoke crazy population.


1. Task automation features help users in undertaking music video editing without having to incur any problem.

2. Projects can be arranged in a queue termed as Joblist which helps with bulk processing of videos automatically.

3. Custom scripts used by Avidemux helps users with the storage and application of configurations as per their preference.

4. Renders support all common video formats for opening up greater possibilities ahead of the users.

5. Images of a music video can be resized and sharpened while toggling with the audio volume of the files.

6. Running OS - Windows, macOS, and Linux.


1. Extremely simple software which can be used without any prior technical know-how.

2. Helps in performing basic functions like encoding, cutting and filtering.

3. Allows users to apply filters to the music videos for a professional look. .


Lacks the precision of peer music video editors.

4. Blender


If you wish to create music videos that might involve 3D animation, then Blender can serve as your best bet. This open-source program is completely free to use. Although it was initially designed as a 3D animation suite, it has gained massive popularity as a music video editor.


1. Supports audio syncing, mixing, scrubbing and even waveform visualization.

2. Offers speed control, transitions, adjustment layers, filters, keyframes and many more.

3. Users can benefit from its chroma vectorscope, luma waveform, live preview, and histogram displays.

4. Provides 32 different slots for adding images, videos, audios, and effects to the music videos.

5. Can deliver professional-grade results if you require fire, rain, smoke, crumbling building, cloth fluid or similar destructive effects in your music video.

6. Running OS - Windows, Mac, and Linux.


1. Helps users in performing video cuts and splicing to create a cinematic result.

2. Can even undertake complex tasks like video masking.

3. Flexible video editor which is meant both for advanced users and beginners.


The learning curve can seem to be pretty steep for first-timers.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

This music video maker software can suffice the requirements of both amateur and professional users seamlessly. You can easily turn unprocessed shots into highly cinematographic music videos using this non-linear tool.


1. Adaptive design helps users having varying skill levels in working with maximum efficiency.

2. Undergoes frequent updates for adding to the responsiveness of its platform.

3. Team members can make use of this music video editor for editing each other's projects without disrupting their workflows.

4. Integration with Microsoft team helps users in communicating with each other while editing the music video and that too without exiting the application.

5. Supports complex VR editing including exporting music videos to Google VR180 format for being shared over YouTube.

6. Running OS - Windows, macOS.


1. Offers premium grade audio and video editing possibilities.

2. Supports real-time editing of music videos.

3. Different video formats supported like HDV, HD, and Flash Video.


Has pretty resource intensive system requirements.

Final Words

With a large number of available options, it can be pretty difficult to find the best music video software which can help you with your work. But you are bound to feel the benefit from today's discussion. Although all the tools are equally brilliant, VideoProc stands out with its sheer versatility and ease of use.


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