Video Editing Solutions

VideoProc is an easy and fast video editor even for 4K/8K footages.

  • All practical editing features: cut, crop, merge, rotate, subtitle, deshake, denoise...
  • User-friendly interface: Grab how to use it in 10 minutes.
  • Various popular video formats available to output.
  • Level-3 hardware acceleration technology supported.

What Should a Video Editor Be Capable Of?

A good video editor should be handy, speedy and professional. It should not only be able to handle all kinds of footages, such as 4K UHD and high frame rate files, but also to product high quality projects. If you are a beginner, the ease of use should be an essential factor.

Top Free Video Editors 2020
Is there any good and free video editing software? Surely there is. Check our test and review of 14 free video editing softwares of 2020 for Windows, Mac, and Linux including Shotcut, Photos, DaVinci Resolve, Hitfilm Express, iMovie, Kdenlive, etc.

Reviews on Different Video Editing Software and Applications

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There are 15 tools to create slideshow with photos and music, including best free slideshow maker, online tools and professional software.
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Review of Top 10 (Online) Video Cutters Free
Full review of 10 best free video cutters software and online video cutters that helps you to find the one to trim video quickly, cut up video without re-encoding or re-rendering, or cut video by seconds or frame.
Cecilia Hwung May 15, 2020 Video Cutter Review
2020 Top 21 Free Video Croppers | How to Crop a Video
Cropping a video should be as easy as cropping a picture. This article introduces 21 of the best video croppers that you can trust. Also covers detailed guides on how to reframe footages on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Online.
Cecilia Hwung May 11, 2020 Review
Kdenlive In-depth Review | Will Also Look What's New in Kdenlive 19.12
Kdenlive, rated as the best open-source video editor, recently is updated with many additions and optimization on UI and performance. So what's news in the latest version? Any pros or cons? Here's my unbiased and in-depth review on Kdenlive.
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OpenShot Review: Best Quick Video Editing Software for Beginners
For video editing beginners on the budget, a free open-source video would be the best video editing tool. Here is a comprehensive review of OpenShot, which is capable of both basic and advanced editing, e.g keyframe editing, 3D titling, and chroma keying.
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Shotcut Full Review - Pros and Cons - Alternatives
Should you use Shotcut or any other free video editors? Is Shotcut good for quick editing on both Windows and Mac? Can you import sports videos into Shotcut for speed ramping? See our full review of Shotcut, with pros and cons and alternatives provided.
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iMovie Reviews - Best Free Digital Video Editor for Family Use
iMovie Reviews: free, easy to use, no water mark, with idecent templates, Movie is the ideal mate for both the elderly and little kids.
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CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Review - Best Sports Video Solution
PowerDirector 18 is best for creating and editing sports videos. In this post, we conduct an in-depth review of PowerDirector 18 and top 5 things you need to know about it.
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DaVinci Resolve 16 Review - Best Video Editing Software for Landscape Video
In this review, you will walk you through the evolvements of DaVinci Resolve 16, such as its pros and cons, price model, hardware configuration, interface, key features and more. Let's jump into in!
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 30, 2020 Review
A Full Review on Avidemux - Main Features, Pros & Cons and More
If you are starters who just step into the video editing industry, you won't want to miss Avidemux. As it is free and easy to use, Avidemux is mostly picked by beginners who are new to video editing.
Cecilia Hwung Mar. 30, 2020 Review
Hitfilm Express 14 Review - Best Free Video Editing Software for VFX Movies
In this guide, each detail and aspect of Hitfilm Express would be tested and displayed, like its pros and cons, how its interface is, how its features make the editing interesting and easy, how it differs from the similar products, etc. Check them now.
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Lightworks Review - Best Free Video Editing Software for Oscar-grade Films
In this review guide, we will show you every aspect of Lightworks, like its pros and cons, how its interface is, how its features make the editing interesting and easy, how it differs from similar products, etc.
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People Also Ask

What is the best video editor for beginners?
1. OpenShot
2. VideoPad
3. VideoProc
4. FreeMake
6. Windows Movie Maker
7. Movica
8. Shotcut
More items... Jun 24, 2019
10 Basic Video Editing Software for Beginners | Pick the No.3
Does Windows 10 have video editing?
Yes, Windows 10 can help you with video editing, but it does not have a standalone app, like the iMovie on Mac. For now, the video editing on Windows 10 mainly relies on one of its built-in tools - Photos. Do not be fooled by its name, Photos app is also capable of video editing, not just for photos, Well, honestly, this is kind of confusing. Maybe we will see a separate app for video editing someday. And if you want know more about this built-in Windows 10 video editor, you can learn more in this article...Jun 20, 2019 Built-in Windows 10 Video Editor Tutorial [Full Steps to Create a Video]
How can I merge videos together for free?
Step 1: Simply open the VideoProc program, click 'Video' and then click '+Video' to load videos. Rearrange the order as per your need.
Step 2: Click the 'Target Format' button, scroll down and click 'General Video' to open the list. Search for 'MKV' here and double click it to add to the 'Target Format'.
Step 3: Tick 'Merge' button and 'MKV Multi-Track' option.
Step 4: Click the 'RUN' button to start joining multiple videos in a single MKV file.
Apr 19, 2019
Best Video Joiner: Trim and Join Videos of Different Formats
How do you take a clip from a video?
Step 1. Open VideoProc and click 'Video'.
Step 2. Click the '+Video' button to load your video file.
Step 3. When the video gets loaded then click 'Cut'. Here you will see two green knobs/markers on the video's timeline.
Step 4. Drag these knobs to set the cut time position. Once you select the cut position simply click '+Cut'.
Step 5. Repeat the process in Step 4 if you need to add multiple cuts in a single video. Click 'Done' when finished.
Step 6. Click 'Run' to start clipping your video.
Jun 21, 2019
Full Review of Top 10 Video Cutters - Online & Free
Blender Software Review: Is Blender A Good Video Editor?
Blender is famous for 3D modeling, but this free-open source program also has a powerful built-in video editor. We've made a comprehensive review for your reference if you are looking for a free video editor.
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Wish to edit video on Android with professional App? Zero editing experience user looking for best android video editor? Our top 10 pick have you covered.
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Video Editing Features, Tricks and Tips

How to Add Subtitles to Video | 6 Free Easy Tips and Tricks
Wondering how to add subtitles to video? This post has gathered 6 different ways of subtitling and captioning along with the knowledge of subtitles.
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How to Crop A Video Online | No Watermark, No Sign-up, No Ads
How to crop video online no quality loss, no watermark, no sign-up, and no pop-up ads? Only 3 free online video croppers have passed our test. No.1...No.2...No.3....Learn more
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How to Crop a YouTube Video After Uploaded / While Uploading
You can crop a YouTube video in studio with YouTube Video editor, but the tags no longer works now, there are more ways covered in this post.
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Match Cut Definition, Editing Tips, Tools & Tutorial
Read this post to know the creative transition trick - match cut in the film-making, also know what tool to use and how to make a match cut by yourself.
Cecilia Hwung May 18, 2020 Match Cut
J-Cut vs. L-Cut: Editing Tips and Tricks for Beginners
J-cuts and L-cuts are professional video editing techniques and vastly used in films. This post uncovers the concept of J-cuts and L-cuts, its use in the film, the way to create a video with them, etc. Let's check it out!
Cecilia Hwung May 18, 2020 J-Cut vs L-Cut
Video Editing 101: Understanding the Concept of Jump Cut
This is the all-around guide on the definition of jump cut, top jump cut examples in film, how to utilize and disable jump cut, and much more.
Cecilia Hwung May 14, 2020 Jump Cut
How to Crop a Video on Windows 10 [Not Trim]
There are 4 ways to crop a video on windows 10, not trimming! Native way with windows movie maker requires some workaround, and it's actually zoom in your footage to crop unwanted area. For true cropping, please read on for effective and easier methods.
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How to Crop Video on Mac with/without iMovie? | 4 Best Ways
Mac has its priority video cropper, iMovie. This article is going to present a detailed tutorial of how to crop video on Mac with iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, QuickTime Player and Photos app on Mac.
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Top 4 Simple Ways to Crop [NOT TRIM] A Video on Android
How to easily crop the frame of a video on Android phone and tablets free? Using Google photos? Buil-in Gallery app? Third party video croppers? Online croppers? Here, we cover all of those methods, no watermark, no quality loss.... Learn more.
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How to Add Timecode to a Video/Movie on Windows and Mac?
This is an easy-to-follow guide about how to add timecode to video/movie on Mac/Windows and adjust its size/font/value/color/position.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 24, 2020 Timecode
How to Add Watermarks to Video Clips on Windows or Mac?
Need to create a YouTube branding watermark for your channel? Want to protect the copyright of recordings? Read this post to know how to put a watermark on your videos in seconds.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 24, 2020 Watermark
VLC Video Editing Tutorial - How to Edit Videos in VLC
One of the best VLC hidden features is VLC player works as free video editor. How to edit videos in VLC? Check this VLC video editing tutorial and use VLC to crop, rotate or speed up video.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 23, 2020 Guide | VLC
How to Add Text to GIF without Losing Animation
Looking for ways to add text to gif without losing animations? Want to control text timing? There are free tools to accomplish your task.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 16, 2020 GIF
VSDC Tutorial - How to Use VSDC Video Editor
How to use VSDC Video Editor 2020? Check this tutorial to cut, split, add text, rotate and mask video using VSDC easily.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 14, 2020 Guide | VSDC
OpenShot Tutorial 2020 - How to Use OpenShot Video Editor
This is a tutorial on how to use OpenShot video editor 2020 for beginners. Check the steps to crop/scale videos, rotate, add text, add transition, speed up, etc.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 14, 2020 Guide | OpenShot
Shotcut Tutorial - How to Use Shotcut Video Editor [2020]
This is a guide on how to use Shotcut video editorfor beginners. Check the steps to safely download Shotcut, add text, crop or split video, add transition, speed up or slow down video in Shotcut to create a movie for YouTube.
Cecilia Hwung Apr. 10, 2020 Guide | Shotcut
How to Make a Video Montage Free on Windows and Mac
How to make a video montage on Windows and Mac? Here is a detailed guide on video montage with free montage makers, Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.
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Bit Depth Definition & Comparison: 8 Bit VS 10 Bit
What is 10-bit video? What are the differences between 10-bit and 8-bit? Learn the two popular color depths/bit depths here.
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This article tells how to make a movie trailer in 5 steps easily and useful tips for making a successful movie trailer.
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How to make a video with pictures? Here we gathered 3 ways to make slideshows on Windows and Mac easily.
Cecilia Hwung Dec. 17, 2019 Video Making Tips
How to Make a Tutorial Video with VideoProc?
How to make tutorial videos? Just record your computer screen, edit the recorded video, and save to share your video tutorials online with this guide.
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Practical Post-Production Process of DSLR Video
As one of the most popular photographic apparatus, DSLR is welcomed and used for shooting by many photography enthusiasts. However, not all the photographers are satisfied with the raw videos they record. So most of them post-produce their works by rendering for the aesthetics's sake after shooting.
Cecilia Hwung Oct. 17, 2019 Knowledge
How to Edit Videos for YouTube to Gain More Views
Many people are willing to upload their videos to YouTube to get more viewers and sharing. A carefully edited video must help you gain more views on YouTube. But how to edit videos for YouTube? Check this practical guide and you will find what you want...
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 30, 2019 YouTube
A Wide Angle Lens Distortion Correction Technology by Google
Google worked together with MIT an algorithm to fix wide angle distortion issue on photos. Unlike AI technology devotes to repair grainy parts of a photo to reach its restoration purpose, Google's new technology runs different...
Cecilia Hwung Jul. 8, 2019 News & Information
What Is Non Linear Video Editing and How It Differs from the Linear One
In this WIKI page, we will share you all knowledge about non linear video editing, like what it is, how it differs from the traditional linear video editing, and more. Check them now...
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Best Way to Crop MP4 (MPEG-4) Video [Windows | Mac]
Crop MP4 (MPEG-4) video by changing its aspect ratio, popular format recommended to some Social Network Services, only 4 steps to get the best results.
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