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How to Make a Tutorial Video with VideoProc

Now Tutorial videos become more popular and play an increasingly important role in online learning. It is widely used to share professional guide or something new. We can easily find video tutorials for training, online courses, instructions, software demo on YouTube. Video tutorials are convenient and less expensive, so that get a wide range of audience. Hence industry experts, businesses and anyone who wants to share ideas prefer online video tutprials. In order to explain more clearly, presenters often need to show the operating steps on the computer screen when making tutorial videos. Below we will introduce how to make tutorial videos in detail. Please keep reading for more information.

What Should I Do Before Making Tutorial Videos?

1. Make a clear presentation plan.

All excellent tutorial videos start from a great plan. So learn more about what your audience concern most, find out solutions and outline your structure. Then try to make what you plan to show in the video well-organized.

2. Write a script.

A script will make your video smooth. Further, you can practice and improve your script to show your viewers a more impressive video.

3. Get your recording equipment ready.

When recording tutorial videos on computer, you need to connect your equipment properly, including computer, mouse, microphone and external webcam. Of course, you can also use your phone for tutorial video recording.

4. An easy-to-use screen recording software.

You are encouraged to download an easy-to-use recorder, like VideoProc, a multifunctional screen recorder. It is a PC-based screen recorder that records both computer and iPhone screen via a USB cable. Besides, it is also capable of recording the screen, webcam and voice simultaneously. More importantly, it is very easy to operate. Just follow the operating steps below.

Free Download VideoProc to Make Tutorial Videos in 5 Steps!

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Part 1. How to Make Step-by-step Tutorial Videos with VideoProc?

After downloading and installing VideoProc on your PC or Mac, you are free to go. Here's the rundown of guides and tips for video tutorials making.

Step 1: Open VideoProc Recorder and adjust recording settings.

Launch VideoProc and open "Recorder". Click the gear icon at the upper right corner to change the settings, such as recording quality, format, audio device and level, camera device, etc. After all the settings are done, go back to the Recorder interface.

VideoProc Recorder
VideoProc Recorder

Step 2: Start recording.

Choose a recording mode, Screen, Webcam or Screen & Webcam. Click "Crop" to choose the area you want to show. Then hit the red button "REC" to start recording.

Recording Settings
Recording Settings

Step 3: Add highlights during recording.

During recording, you are allowed to open Painting Tools (pressing "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T") to highlight what you want. For example, you are able to draw arrows or lines, or circle what you want to stress out, or type words, etc.

Step 4: Stop recording & export your file.

Hit "STOP" or using shortcut keys "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R" to stop and then export the file on the right sidebar. The supported formats include MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV and more.

Sop Recording
Stop Recording

Step 5: Edit the recorded tutorial video.

Load the recorded tutorial video to VideoProc. Trim off extra parts or clips where you made mistakes. Re-orgainize the video by cutting, splitting and merging. Adjust video speed and audio volum if necessary. You can also add watermark to prevent others from appropriating your video course. All of these features can be found in the editing bar and toolbox.

Edit Tutorial Video
Edit Tutorial Video

Tips: Also, you can convert the video formats supported by different video platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. by selecting output format in Target Format.

Part 2. Bonus Tips: Make Fabulous Tutorial Videos by Removing Green Screen

VideoProc also supports green screen during recording to integrate presenters into videos. It actually uses green screen instead of the real background first, and then replaces the green screen with other backgrounds. Let's see the detailed steps.

1. Get a real green background or a recorded video with green background.

2. Launch VideoProc > "Recorder" > "Screen &Webcam".

3. Tick the feature of "remove webcam background" on right side of the interface.

4. Change the "Color Value" as the same as the green background, and modify the green screen parameters, including similarity, smoothness, color spill reduction, and opacity.

Remove Green Screen
Remove Green Screen

5. Once settings finished, click "REC" to start and "STOP" to end your recording. Then export the video.

Bottom Line

VideoProc is a useful screen recorder, which supports recording screen, facecam, or both at the same time. Even the fantastic green screen feature is realizad by the software. During recording, paint tools are usable to make tutorial videos communicative. After recording, VideoProc is used to cut, trim, crop, convert videos. And with a clear interface, it is friendly to both beginner and pros. If you need to make tutorial videos, why not have a try with this powerful video editing software?


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