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How to Crop A Video Online Free|No Watermark, No Sign-up, No Ads

How to crop video online free no quality loss, no watermark, no sign-up, and no pop-up ads? You need some online cropping tools to process one or two small videos for instant use, yet to find that Powtoon, Kawping, Clideo now all require that you sign up to continue cropping or to remove the watermark. Thus, hands-on tested several online video croppers, and we found out that the following three croppers 100% meet your requirements.

Part 1: How to crop a video online at online-video-cutter.com

Online video cutter covers the utilities of a cropper, cutter, trimmer, rotator, etc. Totally free and no watermark.

online video cutter crop a video

Step 1: Drop a video file to the working panel directly without signing up.

Step 2: Locate a frame where you want to make sure that certain parts can be removed from the original video

Step 3: Click "Save" button on the right lower corner and then wait for the Download button to show up.

Step 4: Simply click the Download button to download the cropped video.

In the meantime, you can trim and rotate the video the way you like and even choose the quality settings to force it not re-encoding and remaining the same quality as original. For a single video cropping tool online, i'd say that online-video-cutter.com might be the best of its kind at this moment.

Part 2: How to crop a video online at Video-crop.com

At Video-crop.com, you can move the edges of each side for the video for not-so-precise video cropping. It totally depends on your eyes when moving the dotted lines. Simply click the lock button to keep the current aspect ratio. No padds will be added.

Video Crop Online Tool

Step1: Open the site and upload your file to the processing panel.

It may take a while to load the video.

Step 2: You can drag the white dotted lines from top/bottom/left/right to crop the frame of the video.

Step 3: Click Transform Video button and wait.

Step 4: Click download result button to get the cropped video offline.

Cons of Video-crop.com:

  • There's no specific cropping dimensions that you can refer from, nor preset aspect ratios to do a quick cropping.
  • There's no timeline where you can drag to certain frames of the video. Video-Crop.com jumps to present several frames of a video on its own understanding. So, there's no way to locate to a specific frame for cropping, you've got to listen to it.
  • Part 3: How to crop a video online at ezgif.com

    Ezgif offers both a graphic crop tool and a pixel crop tool for those who prefer entering specific parameters manually to crop. Users can also lock the aspect ratio to one of the presets to make the video square, 4:3, 16:9, 3:2 and many more. Upon cropping, you can also choose to encode the file in MP4 H264/AAC.

    Ezgif Online Cropper

    Step 1: Drag and drop a video to the processing panel and click upload. Or you can click "upload" to select video file directly.

    Step 2:
    Select an area for cropping in the graphical crop tool or input pixels in the corresponding dimensions.

    Step 3:
    Click to confirm and download the video by hiting Save button

    Cons of Ezgif.com:

  • No progress bar - you cannot pause, fast-forward, backward, or pinpoint to a single frame for cropping.
  • No voice control – you cannot mute the video during cropping
  • Part 4: Online Video Croppers vs Offline Video Cropping Software

    Although cropping videos online could be seemly burden-less and quick as you do not need to download a concrete piece of software for the work, the fact is due to the need for network connection, video cropping online could be slower than your imaginary during uploading, processing and downloading.

    Parameter items

    Crop Video Online

    Crop Video Offline



    No need.

    File size restriction

    Yes. 100Mb-500Mb

    No restrictions.


    Limited input and output quality choices.

    Up to 4K input and output video resolution.

    Processing speed

    Comparatively slower due to unstable network issues.

    Comparatively faster with hardware acceleration tech.

    Advanced cropping features


    Motion Crop/ Smart Crop.

    Multi-task & batch cropping


    In the stable offline environment, one can load multiple video files for batch cropping and further editing.

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    Totally up for Online-video-cutter.com in this roundup. But you'd better bookmark all the three sites for a rainy day. When massive users are gathering to one online site, concurrency issue can halt you from processing or downloading a video file.

    Have we missed some great online cropping sites? E-mail us.


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