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Top 3 Paid & Free HD Video Editor: Edit 1080P Clips Losslessly on PC|Mac

You surely know why it matters to have a decent HD video editor. You take a sip of coffee, sit down comfortably on your chair, and ready to edit some 1080P video shot by your DSLR camera on Mac. The frequently choppy playback issue and crash of video editors already annoyed you a lot. After a full day of messing around, the editor exported the video slowly. However, the output result turns out that all your work is a waste of effort – the hd pictures are horribly lag, and apparently you have suffered a costly loss in resolution.

Now what? Don't worry. In this post, we will introduce the top 3 best 1080P video editors, and each enables you to edit HD videos fast without loss in quality. Before getting the ball rolling, let's dig deeper on why you need a good HD video editor.

Most of the HD videos recorded by DSLR cameras or any prosumer level devices are in the H.264 codec. It is a sort of lossy codec which is good for saving storage space on the hard drive and reducing the pressure on bandwidth when transferring content, but extremely unfriendly for processing and editing. In addition, editing 1080P HD videos in most editors needs not only a strong CPU. If your pc can't give many resources to the HD video editor you use. It may also result in choppy playback. On top of all, your HD video may be transcoded in the process of editing. And the changes in the video format, bite rate, sample rate are the major culprits of losing quality.

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Part 1: Top 3 Best Video Editors to Edit HD/UHD Videos on Windows and Mac



VideoProc can easily handle HD (high-defenition) video editing of either 4K or 1080p. This prominent versatile HD video editor can suffice almost all your editing requirements. It has a vast number of input and export options, thus allows you to edit HD videos in nearly all mainstream formats including H.264, HEVC, MP4, MOV, VOB, AVI, MKV and more. The interface of VideoProc is simple and beginner friendly so that you can cut, trim, crop, rotate, add subtitles, add watermarks, deshake, denoise your 1080P footages in just a few clicks. Aside from that, it supports hardware acceleration which enables you to process HD videos even in a poorly built computer.

Supported Platforms: Mac and Windows

Complete HD video editing toolkit: trim, cut, crop, flip, merge, add effects, de-shake, de-fish, remove/add watermarks and more.
Built-in downloader and recorder: grab HD video/audio/subtitle from 1000+ UGG website, and record your screen at one click
Support of GPU acceleration: process HD and UHD video at speed of 47X faster than real-time play
Widely supported formats: 420+ compatible output format options give you complete control over the 1080P video encoding process

It is a linear hd vide editing software



As typical open-source software, Openshot allows you to edit 1080P footages without costing a penny. With it, you can not only do some basic editing work like trimming, cutting, merging your videos, but also adding transitions, 3D titles, 3D animation effect to your HD footages. Also, Openshot supports a large array of output video formats including GIF, H.264, HEVC, MJPEG, MPEG-2 and etc. There are also presets video properties that could be applied for better viewing experience on YouTube, etc.

Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac, and Windows

3D animation
Multilingual working space
Unlimited video tracks and video tracks can be added

The interface of this software is not intuitional
Barely acquire supports from technical assistance
Color information loss when editing ProRes video

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a serious HD video editor and highly rated by many advanced users. It goes compatible with 4K, 8K, and even VR videos, so absolutely not a problem to process 1080P videos. You can customize your workspace to fits your personal preference. It offers a complete toolkit and numerous options to edit HD videos, add effects, adjust images and audio quality which enables you to convert plain clips to cinematic level high-definition video.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac OS

The interface is easy to cooperate with for pro users
The Lumetric Color panel allows you to apply color correction to the hd video fast with ease
It can coordinate with Adobe series products including Photoshop, AE and etc

It is a space and resource hog that can only work smoothly on a well-built computer
Subscribe mode costs you USD19.9 per month, namely USD 238 per year
There are many bugs like A/V out of sync, import failure and etc
Take beginners and occasional - users steep learning curve to master it

Part 2: How to Choose Among the Top 3 HD Video Editors as a Beginner or Pro User?

To choose the best HD video editor from these 3 top-rated editing tools, always start by asking yourself:

1. What format your hd videos are in?

There isn't a video editor that goes compatible with all formats, but HD videos in our hard drive may be various. For example, the iPhone takes 1080P videos in MP4 formats, high-definition movies downloaded from YouTube, for most of the cases, are in WebM formats. If you need to cope with various types of HD videos or are not sure what the format your video is in, then better to choose Premiere Pro or VideoProc. Both of them stand out for their compatibility with a large range of formats.

2. Do you have adequate knowledge of basic HD video editing?

Yes: Any of the 3 would be okay
No: VideoProc
All 3 listed HD video editors allow you to adjust video properties on the resolution, bit rate, and frame rate, etc. But VideoProc comes with a straightforward interface and rich preset which helps you take avoid quality loss caused by incorrectly setting in video parameters.

3. What's your computer configuration?

A strong CPU and graphics card can spare more resources for video editing. That is to say, a high-end PC can run lots of 1080P video editors smoothly. Otherwise, pick up VideoProc or Openshot as your helpers as they are lightweight HD video editors. What is worthy to re-mention is that being benefits form the support of GPU acceleration, VideoProc can run smooth like butter even on a poor-built PC.

4. What are your required editing features?

If all you need to do is cropping, cutting, trimming, merging HD videos, do not bother yourself with any daunting software like Premiere Pro. VideoProc and Avidemux will allow you to get the job done easily like walking in the park.

Free Download VideoProc to Edit Any HD Videos Fast with Ease


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