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10 Best Free Video Making Software for Windows and Mac

Back to the days when I first came into this field of video editing, I asked people which video editing software can be the best one. There were a bunch of friendly people telling me going for applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Edius, etc. Guess most of you must have also seen yourselves in the same situation, right?

Well, these video making software is truly powerful, professional, and full of astonishing editing features, but they are just costing "a little" too much. Are there any video editing software that's free and good to use? No worries. In this guide, we have collected the list of best free video making software for you, each one with a detailed review, you can choose the one you prefer.

Why We Don't Recommend the Apps for iOS and Android?

Before you start with this list, you need to know that all the applications in this list are running Windows, or Mac, or both. There is no mobile app recommended in this article. This is because there are big gaps between the video editing ability of mobile video making apps and that of the desktop software. Most mobile apps only provide users with basic editing features. They may be enough for SNS sharing. But for some professional editing, they are not good options.

Here is the list of the best free video making software

1. HitFilm Express

Available for: Windows and macOS

Best for: Beginners and animation enthusiasts

HitFilm Express is arguably the best free video editing software on the market. In addition to basic video editing functions, you can also use it to make animations, 2D or 3D modeling, or add special effects. The software includes complete video editing functions, built-in 100 special effects, dynamic tracking, and other functions.

Visit HitFilm Express Official Site >>


1. 400+ effects & presets;

2. Up to 4K UHD/DCI at 8-bit pixel depth resolution supported;

3. 360 video editing features and effects;

4. 8 blur effects;

5. Color correction and grading;

6. 15 keying features and effects;

7. 4 lights and flares;

8. 2 particles and stimulation;

9. 2 audio transition effects and 13 video transition effects...


Free but filled with basic to advanced editing features, some of which may not even be seen in some paid video editors.


There are some toolkit packs needed to pay and for some specific jobs.

For the full knowledge of Hitfilm Express features, you can read this in-depth review guide on it.

2. DaVinci Resolve

Available for: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Best for: Advanced video editors and the color correction projects

The biggest uniqueness of DaVinci Resolve Studio lies in its color correction. And now, DaVinci Resolve has evolved to a powerful combination of Final Cut Pro + color correction + audition + motion + compressor. DaVinci Resolve's color grading uses the most advanced technology and does not interfere with the editing features and special effects.

Compared with HitFilm Express, DaVinci Resolve is not so good at video editing and animation production. If you are more inclined to color correction, DaVinci is your best choice.

Download DaVinci Resolve at BlackMagic Design >>


1. 8K editing;

2. Color correction;

3. Visual effects;

4. Audio post-production;

5. Image stabilization...


World-class color correction.


Video editing and animation production can do better.

3. Windows Movie Maker

Available for: Windows

Best for: Video editing newbies

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a small Windows built-in movie editing software. The interface of Movie Maker is kind of out of date but comes with a flexible timeline. It has relatively simple functions. It is a good option for small-scale home video processing.


speed up clip, change aspect ratio, add text, slow motion, snapshot, trim, cut, crop, split, edit audio, add transitions, etc.


Easy to use.


Only with limited and very basic video editing features.

Tip: Movie Maker is no longer available now. And the official also told us that "Windows Movie Maker, part of Windows Essentials 2012, is no longer available for download. Websites that offer free downloads of Movie Maker are not offering the real thing, and those downloads may contain malware, viruses, or hidden costs."

But if you are really into this kind of tool, there are still many Movie Maker alternatives you can choose on the market, for example, VideoProc.

4. iMovie

Available for: macOS

Best for: Video editing newbies


Even though Apple official claims that iMovie can help users to create Hollywood-style clips, the truth is that it only provides you with a few basic editing features. However, if you plan to simply process some family videos on your Mac, then iMovie should be your best option.


1. Trim and clip footage;

2. Add and edit transition;

3. Backgrounds;

4. Add and edit the audio file;

5. Picture-in-picture;

6. Playback speed adjustment;

7. Filters...


Easy to use.


There seems no tutorials available for users.

5. Lightworks

Available for: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Best for: Professionals

Before HitFilm 3 Express hit the market, Lightworks has always been the first choice for video editing enthusiasts. In 2011, it became an open-source software and provided free downloads. The only drawback is that the free version can only export 720p-resolution videos at most.


1. Simple and intuitive user interface;

2. Cover a wide range of video formats;

3. World-class trimming for fast precision editing;

4. Multicam Editing;

5. Realtime effects with inbuilt presets;

6. Enhanced visual effect with Boris FX;

7. Text effects with Boris Graffiti;

8. Customizable interface...



Filled with advanced video editing features.


The free version only with 720p resolution.

Learn more about Lightwork at its official site and our full review guide on Lightworks.

6. Shotcut

Available for: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Best for: Beginners or users who do not like particularly complex operations

Shortcut Video Editor

Shotcut is a free open-source video making software, running across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Its features include support for a wide range of video and audio formats, the native timeline editing feature requiring no importing, up to 4K resolution support, and more.

[10 minutes reading]: Shotcut Tutorials for Beginners >>


1. Wide Format Support;

2. Multiple audio scopes supported, audio volume control, a large number of audio filters, audio mixing across all tracks, fade in and out audio and fade video from and to black with easy-to-use fader controls on the timeline;

3. Video effects adding and editing;

4. Basic to advanced video editing features...



4K resolution supported.


Very different interface design from other video making software.

7. Avidemux

Available for: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Best for: Beginners

Avidemux Main Screen

The most basic function of Avidemux is to help cut videos. With it, you can cut any part from a long video. Besides, it can also merge videos, add subtitle files to videos, add logos, change video sizes, crop video frames, flip frames, and add some simple special effects.


1. Support many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF;

2. Cut, trim, and crop;

3. Merge videos;

4. Add subtitles and effects...


Very simple to use.


Limited video editing features.

8. VSDC Free Video Editor

Available for: Windows

Best for: Advanced YouTube projects

VSDC Interface

VSDC Free Video Editor can be used to edit video files and create videos of any difficulty level. It can make and edit videos for you from greeting cards to the company profile, from family clips to commercial movies, etc. With it, you can cut and merge video files, apply sound and visual effects, add filters, create slide shows, add background music, and more. Using its powerful chroma key feature and some other advanced settings can upgrade your videos to the professional level. The software supports all common video and audio formats.

[7 minutes reading]: VSDC Tutorials for Beginners >>


1. Basic video processing features included, like trim, cut, merge, etc.;

2. Add subtitles, audio, filters;

3. Raw material can be imported from various devices;

4. Support HEVC codec;

5. Video converting, screen recording, and more built-in functions...


No watermark, fast exporting speed, supporting uploading edited file to YouTube (Which is the reason why we recommend VSDC as the best free video making software for YouTube).


Some pieces of news say VSDC is hacked to propagate Trojans.

9. VideoPad Video Editor

Available for: Windows

Best for: Beginners

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is developed by NCH software for home and professional video editing. It is quite convenient for the novices to perform video editing, previewing, adding special effects, adding subtitles, etc. There would be no problem for the beginners to get started with it. It is perfectly compatible with mainstream video formats, image formats, and audio formats.


1. Multiple options for video transition and effects;

2. 3D video editing and 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion;

3. Add text

4. Chroma key;

5. Import and mix music tracks;

6. Add sound effects;

7. Recording feature...


Super user-friendly exporting settings. User can burn the edited file to DVD, share online or directly to YouTube, save to PSP, iPod, iPhone or 3GP mobile phone, and more;

4K resolution supported.


Only running on Windows.

10. Blender

Available for: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Best for: 3D modeling and animation

Blender is an open-source cross-platform all-round 3D animation production software, providing a series of animated short film production solutions from modeling, animation, materials, rendering, to audio processing, video editing and so on.

Blender has a variety of user interfaces that are easy to use in different tasks, with built-in advanced video solutions such as green screen keying, camera backtracking, mask processing, and post node synthesis.

Blender is designed for media workers and artists all over the world. It can be used for 3D visualization, and can also create broadcast and movie-quality videos. Besides, the built-in real-time 3D game engine allows independent 3D interactive playback to be produced may. With Blender, players who like 3D drawings can make their favorite 3D models without spending a lot of money.


1. A full set of 3D tools, like modeling, UV-Mapping, texturing, rigging, skinning, animation, particle, physics, scripting, rendering, motion tracking, compositing, post-production, and more;

2. Cross-platform support;

3. High-quality 3D architecture brings fast and efficient creative process;

4. Basic video editing features...



Powerful 3D related features.


There are not enough basic video editing tutorials.


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