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Quick Fix Kizoa Online Video Editor Site Down - Any Best Alternaives?

Open Kizoa.com and you get "ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED". Is Kizoa down? Or just not working temporarily?

Yes indeed, Kizoa.com - the free online movie maker, video maker, and slideshow maker website connection is down globally with no official explanation for days. Users are worried and in the meantime complaining about its long out-of-service status, lagged support without emergency plans, and prem members cannot even find a refund channel!

"Kizoa has long been my favorite online video editing tool to merge videos together. It is experiencing severe global service down issue. What can we do?"

"At this point (2 days no Kizoa) I need idea when, I have work that needs to be done I wz 75% done & now I may have to use an alt platform & start over. I have paid to be a prem life member & I dont know what to do here. I have nvr seen a co with DNS issues go on this long."

"So do I. Days b4 Christmas & FREE DVD promotion of children's book The Christ of Christmas is halted; forcing cancellation of ltd time Shopping Spree slated 2launch yesterday. Aftr 18hrs of no reply from kizoa support, I came here to Twitter. I too have paid 4 life membership."

Kizoa connecxion down DNS error

Explanation: DNS Kizoa Connexion Down Always Possible for Online Video Editing Services

What is causing this Kizoa temporary outage? What Kizoa is suffering from is actually Domain Name System error, AKA, DNS error. Generally, DNS issues could be small ones caused by TCP/IP software, which can be easily solved via rebooting your computer. However, severe DNS connection issues can be provoked by Internet Provider issues and Malware attacks. And for that, we can barely do anything, but wait the official website switch.

Anything related to network can be unstable, and the infection could be dramatical like this Kizoa DNS case. Online services always have the drawbacks regarding uploading/transcoding/downloading speed, file format/codec restrictions, unstableness, privacy issues, high network environment request, and hidden risks of file corruption, file missing/deletion. To choose an online video editing tool, just choose them wisely.

1. Kizoa Online Video Editor/Maker Limits in Input:

Although uploading files on Kizoa is not unbearably slow, and there's no strict limit on input file size and formats, large videos in 4K and 8K at 60 fps can still be a nightmare, and you will still be forced to use Flash in your browser.

2. Kizoa Online Video Editor/Maker Limits in Basic Tools

Kizoa does not provide enough basic tools. The absence of seperate video, audio, image, text tracks and timeline has limited its usage as a complete editor.

The brighter side is, unlike Adobe Premiere, althout Kizoa.com is down, it is simple and replacable. It can be easily replaced by loads of other free video editor alternatives, online and offline. And again, for those who need to edit/recreate LARGE videos or deal with big and urgent video projects, we do not recommend that you use online video maker tools!

Official Solution: From Kizoa.com to Kizoa.app, Kizoa.it, Kizoa.es|Not Working Partially Solved

It seems that Kizoa had moved to another new site to let users get back to online video editing - Kizoa.app, Kizoa.it, Kizoa.es - just sign in with your previous account and you are good to go.

However, Kizoa.it login issue with previous account, Kizoa not working and too glitchy issues keep poping up. And some of the users still cannot create new movies or edit videos. "It's not fully back. It still won't work in Italy, France or Timbuck, too" - reported by Twitter users. And you will have to enable legacy Flash player to proceed your urgent work. Again, these kind of online video editing tools are still exposed in network dangers. Use them wisely.

Solve Kizoa Connection Not Possible Issue: Best Kizoa Video Editing Alternative - VideoProc

VideoProc is a master in video transcoding and combination with almost all the editing features Kizoa can provide. It converts incompatible codeccs to compatible ones, online videos to offline, 3D to 2D, DVDs to digital. And offers editing utilities including trimming, merging, spliting, video to GIF, subtitle insertion, video effects, etc. It is a perfect offline Kizoa alternative to cover all your previous demands.

Download VideoProc to Edit Videos Flexibly and Safely Offline without Any Limit:

Tutorial: How to Combining Videos together Using VideoProc

Step 1: Simply open VideoProc, click 'Video' and then click '+Video' to load multiple videos in any different formats. Rearrange the videos order as your need.

Step 2: Now in the 'Target Format' bar, click 'General Video' to open the list. Search for your ideal format as the 'Target Format'.

Step 3: Now put a check on the 'Merge' button and then the 'MKV Multi-Track' option appears. Put a check on this option also.

Best Kizoa Alternative
Merge Videos with Kizoa Alternative - VideoProc

Step 4: Click the 'RUN' button to start combining multiple videos together.

Note: MKV container format could be a great choice as it contain unlimited tracks of videos, audios and subtitles.


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