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Create and Customize Your Own Video with Easy Movie Maker

Every holiday season with the family, you have spent quality times together and may have recorded those precious memories by camera. After a wonderful long-trip, the memory card of your action camera, smartphone, and other portable devices may have run out of space as you have collected several GBs of photo, video and audio files during the whole trip.

It's time to tidy those files up and free the storage space of your devices back home! With tons of similar photos and hours of long videos, it's time-consuming to go through them one by one and decide whether to take this or leave that. You may feel happy for the middle of your recording file, be disappointed about the starter, and want to make some adjustments at the end. Have you thought about make all those photo, audio, video files into a video which represents you well, make it your own video? There are tens of hundreds of movie makers out there, how do you know which suits you the most? Here, in this post, we'll walk you through some easy movie makers that are easy to create and customize the video of your own. Continue reading.


Kizoa is a free and open-source movie maker online. Users can first pick up the scenarios they create for, then make films in educational, work, social media modes. The movie made by basic free membership has several limitations such as maximum 1 minute duration of movie downloaded and shared, HD 720p resolution of downloaded movie, export movie with watermark in Kizoa logo, and 1 GB storage space ONLY. To break down those restrictions and for more features, users have to pay for the premium membership to upgrade (starter, creator, professional, business, features endowment vary from membership to membership). iOS users can free download its mobile application in the Apple App Store (iOS 9.3 or higher version required).


    Basic Features
  • Add texts, effects, transitions.
  • Download the content into video file.
  • Post to social media - Facebook, YouTube, or share via email.

  • Easy to use.
  • Make movie for different purpose of use.
  • Assorted templates available to be chosen from.

  • File uploading speed very slow. (*May require for powerful internet connection.)
  • Unable to cut off video clips or trim unwanted parts.
  • Can't upload MP3 or any music files.
  • Other limitations on basic membership.

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If you want to make precise video cut or trim unwanted parts of your video, here's the best workaround for you >>

#CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Ultimate

PowerDirector is one product developed by CyberLink Inc.. It provides users with disparate templates that can meet users' different needs under different scenarios. With its ready templates and creative design packs classified by holiday, travel, action, romance, others, etc., users can create their own video for various uses. One of its predominant feature is 3D movie making, users can make 3D movie in this 3D movie maker. Apart from processing 720p, 1080p videos, 4K, 8K video import, preview, and decode are now allowed in PowerDirector.

PowerDirector is supported by Windows, Mac, Linux. Nowadays, it has released its mobile application, so both iOS (require for iOS 11.2 or higher version) and Android users can get it free from the App Store.

CyberLink PowerDirector

    Basic Features
  • Add texts, effects, PiP objects, transitions, audio scrubbing.
  • Chroma keying available.
  • File format available to set by devices/profile types.
  • One-click to online social media - YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, niconico DOUGA, etc..

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Disparate templates archive categorized by different purpose of use.
  • Export video content in different file formats.
  • One-click to post to social networks sites.

  • File formats limited: unable to upload .webm file extension in PowerDirector.


iMovie is one mobile application developed by Apple Inc.. It is much loved by Apple device users as it is very convenient to use. This consumer-level video editing tool helps in importing both stills and videos in a straightforward manner. It presents excellent tools for color grading, media organization, narration, green-screen effects as well as adding soundtracks in digital movies. Apple users can freely download iMovie application through the App Store.


    Basic Features
  • Set video duration length by cutting and make smooth transitions betwwen clips.
  • Add credit rolls, custom cast names as well as studio logs to create cinema-like trailers.

  • User friendly interface.
  • After edit on iOS device, users can sent their work to macOS device and reedit it again.
  • Easy share option to social platforms - Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

  • Large storage space consumed on iDevices.
  • Cannot directly import videos shot using HD cameras.
  • Only runs on iOS and macOS, Windows and Linux uses are not access to it.
  • Limited video format support by iMovie - not compatible with WMV, MKV, FLV, DVD, AVI, Blue-Ray videos.


VideoProc is one user favored product developed by Digiarty Inc.. Fully empowered by Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Technology (Intel, NVIDIA, AMD), this versatile video processing software can batch encode, decode, convert media formats into your desired ones like greased lightning. In fact, there are more than 370 import media types and over 420 export file types supported by VideoProc, and the list is on the rise. It is supported by Windows OS (win 7 or higher) and macOS (macOS 10.6 or higher).

As a versatile video editor, VideoProc can not only batch process your video but customize them according to your needs - it can precisely cut the whole video length into several clips by seconds; crop the video by exact aspect ratio; or breathe new life into the video by customizing brightness, contrast, saturation, bit rate, resolution parameters.


    Basic Features
  • Cut, trim, crop, add filters, add texts/watermarks, and a lot more.
  • Deshake and denoise video footage taken by action cameras (GoPro), drones (DJI).
  • Save and contain the video in different file types.

  • Batch processing videos in a rapid speed.
  • Free convert vdieo format with no limits.
  • Built-in video enhancement and special effect features help users in creating professional grade results.
  • Most user-friendly interface serves as the best bet for amateur users who are trying to learn the tricks of the trade.

  • No ready-to-use templates provided.


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